Nitro Game Injection #156: Octave Theory (featuring Abadoss )


The classically-trained Abadoss joins Nitro Game Injection and planned to crash the show, but even the most carefully-laid plans can be easily be ruined by a certain Oji.

The crew discusses Nobuo Uematsu’s new band Earthbound Papas, as Kyle admits that he screws up in not making this episode Father’s Day-themed. Larry also spills the beans on his proposal to “The Lady” Paige, and gives his advice on how all men should propose to their ladies: “if you want the shock, you need to wait a long time!”  They also feature two tracks from University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra from their freshly released 2011 Spring session, the top tracks from Dwelling of Duels’ Sony Month,  as well as music from doujin artists PHOENIX Project and Live House S.S.H., and more!

Abadoss give Slider her art challenge this week, and this is the result: FF9 Art Nouveau!

1. Earthbound Papas – Metal Hypnotized (Original work :: )

2. PHOENIX Project – Yearnings of the Wind ~ Longing of the Wind (arrangement of ‘Wind Scene’ from Chrono Trigger :: )
3. Bit Rat – Wanted (Original work from Test Subject 2 :: )

4. Abadoss, DragonAvenger, Nutritious – My Child (arrangement of ‘In a Dark Sleep…’ from Xenogears [PS1] :: )
5. Meng-Feng Su, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra – Vamo’ alla flamenco (arrangement of Final Fantasy IX [PS1] :: )

6. Gamer Symphony Orchestra – You Have Died of Dysentery (On the Oregon Trail ) (arrangement of Oregon Trail Deluxe [PC] :: )
7. Gamer Symphony Orchestra – Angel’s Fear (arrangement from Secret of Mana [SNES] :: )

8. Scaredsim – Follow the Wolf (arrangement of Okami [PS2] :: )
9. thesamareaye – Railway Chase (arrangement of Mega Man X4 [PS1] :: )

10. Jake “Virt” Kaufman – DEFENSIVE LINE – Lurk in the Darkness (arrangement of Ketsui Kizunajigokutachi [Arcade] :: )
11. Live House S.S.H. – Steel Squad [Raw Guitar – Ver2.0] (arrangement of Segagaga [DC] :: )

12. C64 Orchestra – International Karate (medley arrangement of International Karate [C64] :: )
13. Falcom Sound Team jdk – The Ice Waltz ~Ice ridge of Norita~ (arrangement from Ys :: )

14. halc – My Friend Mudkip (arrangement of ‘Dewford Town ~ Surfing’ from Pokemans Ruby/Sapphire [GBA] :: )
15. Toshinori Numata, Ryuichi Katsumata – The SIM Magic: Experience MODE (arrangement from SimCity 2000 [PC] :: )
16. Kiminori Atsuta – Space Harrier Main Theme (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Space Harrier [Arcade] :: )

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