Nitro Game Injection #155: Bad Enough Duke (Manly Special )


Are you a bad enough dude or dudette to listen to Nitro Game Injection?

Kyle, Larry and Slider celebrate the non- apocalypse heralding the release of Duke Nukem Forever with a slew of tracks in tribute to the characters of gaming that ooze macho testosterone. Slider talks about her Vegas trip that caused her to miss the epic Megas interview last week, while Kyle recounts his Video Games Live experience (best concert ever. GO! ) and brags about meeting some of the most legendary VGM composers ever.

Video Games Live, GaMetal, MetalvaniaX, VikingGuitar, Chromelodeon, ULTRANOMICON, EvilHorde, Ailsean and more artists provide tracks for this episode. Grab it!

Also, check out Kyle’s crappy Let’s Play of Metal Slug 3 here.

1. GaMetal – Grabbag 2011 (arrangement of ‘Grabbag’ from Duke Nukem 64 [N64] :: )

2. Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, Crouch End Festival Chorus, Tommy Tallarico, Steve Vai, Chris Kline and Marcus Henderson – Halo Suite (arrangement of tracks from Halo [XBox] :: )
3. VikingGuitar – They Call Me Axe Battler (arrangement from Golden Axe [Arcade] :: )
4. MetalvaniaX – A Belmont’s Curse (arrangement of ‘Dwelling of Doom’ from Castlevania II: Dracula’s Curse [NES] :: )

5. Chromelodeon – The Parasprinter (arrangement from Ninja Gaiden II [NES] :: )
6. Ryan8bit – Ninjas Kidnapped My Tuner (arrangement of ‘Stage 2’ from Bad Dudes [NES] :: )
7. Tomoharu Iwasa – Lonely Wolf (arrangement of ‘Guile’ from Street Fighter II [Arcade] :: )

8. ULTRANOMICON – MORTAL KOMBAT: Verb Your Noun! (arrangement from Mortal Kombat [Film] :: )
9. Gerard Marino – God of War II Main Titles (from God of War II [PS3] :: )
10. Protricity – Light ‘Em Up (arrangement of ‘Midnight Wandering’ from Metal Slug 3 :: )

11. Norrin Radd – Demon of Celestial Origin (medley arrangement of Contra [NES] :: )
12. Random Encounter – Clash at the Big Bridge (arrangement of ‘Clash on the Big Bridge’ from Final Fantasy V :: )
13. CarboHydroM – Desperate Chase (arrangement of ‘Blazing Phoenix and Dragon’ from Lifeforce/Salamander [NES] :: )

14. Evil Horde – Hangarmageddon (arrangement of ‘E1M1’ from DooM [PC] :: )
15. ambient – Groove On (arrangement of ‘Keep the Groovin’ from Streets of Rage [GEN] :: )
16. Entertainment System – Ragnarok Canyon (arrangement from Battletoads in Battlemaniacs [SNES] :: )

17. Ailsean – A Walk with Death (medley arrangement of Castlevania, Castlevania II, and Castlevania III [NES] :: )
18. A’, Namihei – Two Head Dragon (arrangement of ‘Double Dragon Brothers Theme ~Ryuichi & Ryuji Appear~’ from River City Ransom [NES] :: )
19. Prince of Darkness – Paragon is an Asshole (arrangement of NFL on FOX Theme :: )
20. Inverse Phase – Duke NES’em 3D (arrangement of ‘Grabbag’ from Duke Nukem 3D [PC] :: )

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