Nitro Game Injection #139: Daytona (featuring Mega Ran )


Mega Ran! Really, we had Mega Ran on the show. LISTEN TO IT!

Also, it’s the Daytona 500, but neither Kyle or Larry are too concerned about it and would rather play racing games than watch the real thing. The guys also welcome back the return of housethegrate, Kyle completely screws up the source of a remix that he SHOULD know easily, and they check out an exclusive track from the upcoming Super Dodge Ball remix album Around The World.



1. Koichi Namiki, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Y. Ito – Let’s Go Away (from Daytona USA [Arcade] :: )
2. Dignity – Inner Demons (arrangement of ‘Vampire Killer’ from Castlevania [NES] :: )
3. 3R2 – Tao Is Taokaka (arrangement of ‘Catus Carnival – Taokaka’s Theme Song’ from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger [Arcade] :: )
4. WillRock, Protodome – Im in ur green hill, eatin ur mushrooms (Medley arrangement from Sonic The Hedgehog [GEN] and Super Mario Bros. [NES] :: )
5. Ese – Slam Shuffle (arrangement from Final Fantasy VI [SNES] :: )
6. housethegrate – Heroes Fall (medley arrangement of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link [NES] :: )
7. Aki Järvinen – Central park metal remix (arrangement from Last Ninja 2 [C64] :: )
8. Leene – Recital Of Gonzalez (arrangement of ‘Gato’s Song’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )
9. TJ Nekko – I’m Taking It All Back (arrangement of ‘Password Screen’ from Goonies II [NES] :: )
10. Cheap Dinosaurs – Tagalog (Original work :: )
11. CarboHydroM – Nemesis (arrangement of ‘Final Boss’ from Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Wii] :: )
12. Mega Ran – AVALANCHE (feat. Barret Wallace ) [arrangement from Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: )
13. Mega Ran, Storyville – 8 is Enough (arrangement of ‘Galaxy Man Stage’ from Mega Man 9 [XBLA/PSN/Wii] :: )
14. Kenichi Tokoi – Asteroid Coaster Act 1 (from Sonic Colors [Wii] :: )
15. Prince of Darkness – Hot For Rock Shuffles (medley arrangement of Uniracers [SNES], Sonic Adventure [DC], Twisted Metal [PS1], and ‘Hot for Teacher’ by Van Halen :: )
16. Maniac #9 – Don’t Forget Your Valentine (arrangement of ‘Be Absentminded’ from Tales of Phantasia )
17. ergosonic – Big Blue Ballin’ (arrangement of ‘Team Shadow’ from Super Dodge Ball [NES] :: NGI Exclusive )

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