Nitro Game Injection #137: Amazon Brigade (Ladies of Games Special )


The ladies are in the spotlight on this episode as Kyle and Larry pay tribute to the females of the gaming world. From Tomb Raider and Super Metroid to Popful Mail, the guys talk about some of the greatest women in games, and listen to some awesome tunes from Metroid Metal, Mega Ran, Darangen & Destiny, Sixto Sounds, analoq, and more!


1. Danimal Cannon – Lucca (arrangement from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )
2. Metroid Metal – Brinstar (arrangement from Super Metroid [SNES] :: )
3. EmptyMy – Adventure is in the Air (arrangement from Tomb Raider [PS1] :: )
4. Tomohiko Kishimoto, J.D.K. Band – VOLCANIC ZONE (arrangement of ‘Battle’ from Popful Mail [PC Engine] :: )
5. VikingGuitar – Creeping Fog (arrangement from Silent Hill 3 [PS2] :: )
6. Malcos, Red Tailed Fox – I Don’t Fight Boys (arrangement of ‘Chun-Li Stage’ from Street Fighter II [Arcade] :: )
7. Mega Ran – Aerith (arrangement from Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: )
8. Darangen, Destiny – To Hold You Again (arrangement of ‘Lufia’s Theme’ from Lufia & The Fortress of Doom [SNES] )
9. Pot Hocket – Solitude in Arlia (arrangement of ‘Theme of RENA’ from Star Ocean: The Second Story [PS1] :: )
10. Yoko Shimomura – A.Y.A. [Theme of AYA Primary Mix] (arrangement from Parasite Eve [PS1] :: )
11. Select Start – Celes’ Theme (arrangement from Final Fantasy VI [SNES] :: )
12. Joshua Morse – Sparkle (arrangement of ‘Emerald Mist’ from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia [DS] :: )
13. Sixto Sounds – Chaotic Heart (arrangement of ‘Raine’ from Tales of Symphonia [GCN] :: )
14. Machinae Supremacy – The Great Giana Sisters (arrangement from Great Gianna Sisters [C64] :: )
15. Corran – The Valkyrie Mvt. 1: Behave Irrationally (arrangement from Valkyrie Profile [Ps1] )
16. analoq – Wanta Phanta (arrangement of ‘Boss Dungeon’ from Phantasy Star [SMS] :: )

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