Nitro Game Injection #115 – Hot Seat: Audun “Akumu Audi” Sørlie


In the first of Nitro Game Injection’s new interview series (which will be appearing ocassionally interspersed between the regular program ), former NGI co-host Audun “Akumu Audi” Sørlie details his work on the new VGMdb Podcast(that he will be hosting with VGMdb Staffer Carl Larson, his meeting of legendary game music composers, and other activities in and out of the game music scene. 


[0:40] Larry introduces the show(?! ), and Audi
[1:16] Kyle displays a small flash of ego
[2:48] Audi confirms attending MAGFest 8, praises most of the MAG7 concerts (not including

Armadillo Tank )
[4:54] Audi getting back in the game music scene, and meeting game music composers over the past

[7:30] Announcing the VGMdb Podcast details, how it came about, and what to expect from it
[20:45] Audi details the story of how he met Takenobu Mituyoshi at the Chris Huelsbeck Tribute

concert Symphonic Shades ( )
[25:52] How Mitsuyoshi influenced Audi’s interest in video game music
[28:43] More on VGMdb, its influence on the game music community and the industry
[33:15] Extra details on the VGMdb Podcast
[40:50] Talk of a chiptune podcast, to cover that aspect of the community
[48:40] Show closing

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VGMdb –
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