Nerdapalooza 2009

Nerdapalooza is an annual two-day music concert featuring chiptune artists, video game cover bands and remix artists, hardcore hip-hop, and more. The event is directed by the Nerdapalooza crew, which includes John Carter, Michael Evans, and Game Music 4 All Administrator Anthony “genoboost” Ruybalid. The concert will be July 11-12th, 2009, at the Orlando International Drive Resort Holiday Inn. The show will feature performances from Dual Core, I Fight Dragons, Krondor Krew, Beefy, Superpowerless, and many more. New acts are being added often, so watch  Nerdapalooza’s official blog for updates.

Nerdapalooza also has a UK counterpart, created and organized by co-host of GM4A’s Letters Vs. Numbers Podcast, Stevie “MisterB” Brunton. A 2009 date for Nerdapalooza UK has not been scheduled at this time.

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