Nitro Game Injection #110: Winter Madness (Holiday Special featuring Liontamer, Mae, and Akumu Audi )


Beginning a special series of NGI episodes, not one, but two guest co-hosts stepped into the limelight this week: Community guru, former radio show host and blogger Liontamer of VG Frequency and Mae, who’s heading up Around The World: The Super Dodge Ball Project at Overclocked ReMix, join Kyle for a winter-themed show. The tables have turned and Audun “AkumuHau” Sorlie, live from America, gets thrown into the NGI Hot Seat, and the co-host “Triple Threat” review 8bitpeoples’ The 8bits of Christmas and Konami Kukeiha Club’s Salamander Pro-Fusion. Don’t miss this absolutely jam-packed episode!

Note: This recording may sound a bit rough due to connection issues with Liontamer during the show. Bear with it: They clear up eventually.


ViViX, MintJam – Gran Turismo – Moon Over The Castle )
Ruinzfate – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town )
tefnek – Contra – Snow Field (OC ReMix #1355 )
Rize – Mega Man 6 – Blizzard Rock
Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda – Ice Dungeon (Skies of Arcadia Original Soundtrack )
Jun Senoue – Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy…for Icecap (Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack )
Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Takayuki Aihara, Yasuhisa Watanabe – WHITE FIELD ~ Snow Mountain Stage (Street Fighter EX2 PLUS Original Soundtrack )
Ohamo Kotetsu, Matamata & Akira – Zeigo Village ~ Fine Winter Weather (Lighting Legend Original Soundtrack )
The OneUps – Super Mario World Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride (OC ReMix #888 )
Demetori – Snow Bros. – Stage 1 ( )
the prophet of mephisto – O Come, O Come, Emanuel (EX Mix ) (An Overclocked Christmas )
Atlus – Wendy’s House (Snowboard Kids 2 Original Soundtrack )
Kenji Eno – 03 Sketch #2 ~ Snow theme (D2 Sketches )
Interview With Audun “AkumuHau” Sorlie
SnappleMan – Dead Batteries (http:/ )
Aokiba – Mega Man 3 ( )
Mintjam [a2c] – Final Fantasy V – Main Theme
Ashane and Zoast – Secret of Mana – Winter Madness (Dwelling of Duels May 2007 – Sixth Place )
Shogo Sakai – Snowman (MOTHER3+ )
Darangen – Killer Instinct – Deck the Claws ( )
Dale North – Christmas NiGHTS MerryLittleChristmas (OC ReMix #487 )
Geoffrey Taucer, The Prophet of Mephisto, PriZm – Xenogears – A Star Freezes Over
Mazedude – Ice Climber – Snow Cone Heaven (OC ReMix #1176 )
Kanon – pure snows (White Wind )
Kenji Ito – Final Fantasy Christmas
hally – xmas songs plastic sputnik arcade punk remix ( )
Konami Kukeiha Club – Power Of Anger (Salamander ~ Pro-Fusion )
Justus Johnston – Perfect Cherry Blossom – Icy Peaks (OC ReMix #1569 )
Mariko Nanba – WHITE ACROPOLIS ~SNOWY PEAK~ (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Original Soundtrack )
Junkie XL – Snow Park NZ (Music from SSX Blur )
Magical Trick Society – F-Zero – White Land ( )
Azu – Final Fantasy 5 – Clash on the Big Bridge )


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