Nitro Game Injection #104: Mario Super Show (Mario Special featuring Phlogiston )


It’s an all-Mario special as NGI celebrates the forthcoming release of Super Mario Galaxy! The hosts talk to Eirik “Phlogiston” Suhrke about his projects and chiptune netlabel II, Akumu suffers the effects of a power outage, and Kyle attempts to hold the show together solo while talking about a pair of classic Mario arrange albums straight out of Nintendo. Check it out!


Super Mario Bros. Super Show – Intro
The OneUps – Super Mario Sunshine – Isle Delfino
bladiator – Grand Valse Mario
Low-tech Son – Dr. Mario – Fever
CarboHydroM – Super Mario 64 – Penguin Cap
Tendo – Super Mario Land
Fumapero – Super Mario Bros
Asuka Ota & Hajime Wakai – New Super Mario Bros. – Walking The Plains
The Advantage – Super Mario Bros. 2 – Overworld
New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra – Smash Brothers Melee Arrange – Dr. Mario
dimmer – Super Mario Bros. – Underworld Rock
Nitro Game Injection – Interview With Eirik “Phlogiston” Suhrke
Norrin Radd – City Smasher ~ City Smasher
Norrin Radd – Battaglia Dietro la Cascata
Norrin Radd – City Smasher ~ Cyborg Mission
xoc – SMW: Goldinium Edition – titlescreen
xoc – SMW: Goldinium Edition – castle+castleboss
xoc – SMW: Goldinium Edition – specialworld
Usa – Mario Kart 64 – A Sunny Winter’s Day
Aokiba – Super Mario Bros
The Blackseed Boys – Super Mario Land – A Journey Through Nightmario Land
Dorothy’s Cafe – Super Mario Bros 3 – 1-2
Eru – Super Mario RPG – Battle
Koji Kondo – Super Mario Galaxy – Theme
Nintendo – Super Mario Galaxy – Egg Galaxy
Mr. – Super Mario World
analoq – Super Mario Bros. 3 – aquacadence
Germania Monte Mario – Super Mario Bros. – Sea
Mario Freaks Orchestra – Super Mario Land – Mario Adventures II
Sadao Watanabe – Super Mario World Arrange Peaceful Kinoko-World
Kazumi Totaka – Fortress Boss
Jellyfish – Nintendo: White Knuckle Scorin’ – Ignorance Is Bliss
Jonas Tunander (Bitpop ) – Super Mario Bros 3 – Overworld 2
Spartan Marching Band – Mario Medley
Da Oto Raifu – Super Mario Bros 3 – Hammer Bros
S.S.H – Super mario Brothers – Main Theme
Jredd – New Super Mario Bros. – Mushroom Maddness
Dorothy’s Cafe – Super Mario Land – Shooting Stage
Genshi no Hanayome – Super Paper Mario – Count Bleck’s Prophecy
Grospixels – Super Mario Bros 2 – Ending Theme
Eric’s Little Shack – Donkey Kong
The Big Band of Rogues (Tokyo Cuban Boys Jr. ), Shigeo Nukita – Super Mario 64 – Opening Theme ~ Overworld Theme
Tendo – Super Mario USA
Dr Fruitcake – Mario’s Tropical Paradise
xoc – SMW: Goldinium Edition = end credits
YOU – Super Mario World – Ending
Super Mario Bros. Super Show – Do The Mario

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