Nitro Game Injection #100: Milestone


The first show with Akumu is over and went very well, some mistakes here and there but overall an enjoyable show! We feature reviews of The Kode Secret’s UUDDLRLRBAStart, and Press Play On Tape’s Run Stop Restore. We also take a look at the artist Aokiba, who makes music under the moniker Fuckin Go My Way. so download and enjoy, it’s the first show so it has it’s quirks and errors, but overall we hope you enjoy.

Notes from the show:

  • First show with new co-host, Akumu
  • Discussion about what doujin is and how it works
  • Kyle turning off his microphone in the middle of the show
  • Akumu does a feature on Fuckin Go My Way

Review scores
Kyle – 7/10
Akumu – 7/10

Run Stop Restore:
Kyle – 9/10
Akumu – 8/10


Synthetic Vs The Antidote – Gran Turismo 4 Kicks – Moon Over The Castle (GTs Theme Long Remix )
Mintjam – Ignition on
Mintjam – Energy Drive
Yuji Takase – Turbo Outrun – Rush A Difficulty
CarboHydroM – Zelda 2 – Toward The Downfall
norg – Skate or Die – I Got 5 Skateboards Right Here
Game Over – Punch-Out!! Little Mac’s Confession OC ReMix
Avaris – Super Dodge Ball Breakbeat Market
Scinicade – Air Man Ga Taosenai
Fumapero – Dr. Mario
The Jawas – Legend of Zelda – Zeldaddiction
Ashane, Zoast, pingosimon – Starcraft – Progcraft
Fuckin Go My Way – Rockman 3
Fuckin Go My Way – Mach Rider
Fuckin Go My Way – Mother
Fuckin Go My Way – Kung Fu
Fuckin Go My Way – Okkusenman (Original Instrumental Version )
The Kode Secret – Killer Instinct
Press Play On Tape – Tiger Mission
Dorothy’s Cafe – Super Mario Land – World 1-1
virt – Metroid – Space Pirates
RyoLion – Chrono Trigger – Dignity Ark
8 Bit Instrumental – Sonic 2 Casino Night Zone
goat – Castlevania 3 – Froggy Mosh
BrainCells – MegaMan – FireMetal
Magical Trick Society – Super Mario Bros. 2 – Overworld BGM
Jellyfish – Nintendo: White Knuckle Scorin’ – Ignorance Is Bliss
analoq – Sonic the Hedgehog sonik special OC ReMix
Powerglove – Super Mario Bros. –  Mario Minor
LuIzA, CarboHydroM – Tales of Symphonia – Strike of The Devil’s Axes
Crow’s Claw [Taka] – Final Fantasy 5 – Burning Big Bridge
Pino – Castlevania – Symphony Of The Night – Dracula’s Castle
FAT – Legend of Kage
Magical Trick Society – Cadenza: Phoenix Wright Arrange – The First Victory

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