Nitro Game Injection #1: Yellow Dart Radio


The very first episode of Nitro Game Injection! Except it was called Yellow Dart Radio for this episode. Includes The Mario Block, with tons of Mario-related music!


Masahiro Andoh – Gran Turismo Moon Over the Castle

Crush 40, Paul Shortino – Sonic Adventure 2 E.G.G.M.A.N. (Robotnik’s Theme )
A.S.H. – Guilty Gear XX Pride and Glory
Hajime Hirasawa – StarFox Corneria
Tom Wedge – Monster Truck Madness 2 The Graveyard
Pastiche – Sonic CD – Sonic Boom (Credits )
Elliot Sumner, Tim Swan – Destruction Derby Car Selection

Project X – Flashman
Project X – ProjectX2 Intro OC ReMix
Project X – Stage Select

Benefit – Legend of Zelda Rap
Daknit, Bard of Tarot – Ecco in Time
Megadeth – Duke Nukem
SysteManiac – Final Fantasy VI Magitek Fear Factory

Jun Senoue – Sonic Adventure 2 Supporting Me (Requested by Soulknight )
Crush 40 – Sonic Adventure 2 Live and Learn
JAXX – Sonic The Hedgehog Green Beginnings
Super Mario Excitebike – Race Theme
Strong Bad & The Kinda Long Haired Band – Circles
Shinobu Amayake – Stunt Race FX – Bonus Trax
Nex – Super Mario RPG Bobble Head Inspiration OC ReMix
Vomitron – Contra
Scholar and Physician – Super Mario Bros. Dirty Mix OC ReMix (Requested by Species8472 )
Timberwolf – Stunt Race FX Deep Sewer Buggy Boom (Requested by Timberwolf )
Classic Smack – StarFox, Uniracers Andross’ Unicycle

Cursor – Super Mario Bros. 3
Benefit – Super Mario Bros. Warp to World 69
Blue M – Super Mario Copy
Group X – Mario Twins
Jellyfish – Super Mario Bros. Ignorance is Bliss
Brad Smith – Super Mario Bros. Aquatic Interlude OC ReMix
Game Over – Super Mario Bros. Heavy Mario
Koji Kondo – Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island Bowser Battle
C24C – Super Mario Bros.
Dale North – Super Mario Bros. 3 Swingin’ Porno Mix OC ReMix
Dimmer – Super Mario Bros. Underworld Rock OC ReMix
DJ Clue – Super Mario Bros.
Injury – Super Mario Bros. 8-bit Eighties OC ReMix
MS Mehawich – Super Mario Bros. The Italian Plumber OC ReMix
Insomnic – Super Mario Bros. 2 Insomnic OC ReMix
McVaffe – Super Mario Bros. 2 Phazeremix Rag OC ReMix
zyko – Super Mario Bros. Brothaz 4 Life

Nex – Neon Genesis Evangelion The Simple Things (Requested by Nex )
ailsean – Final Fantasy VI Terra In Black OC ReMix
Naoto Shibata Project – Dracula Battle Perfect Selection Illusionary Dance
Jellyfish – Super Mario Bros. Ignorance is Bliss (AGAIN! )
Rize – Castlevania Circle of the Moon Rude Awakening OC ReMix
Sonic The Hedgehog – They Call Me Sonic (Requested by Soulknight )
Captain Jack – Dance Dance Revolution The Race
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix – Smoke

Dennis St. James, Winger – Daytona USA 2 Battle on the Edge
Darkesword – Sonic The Hedgehog Her Azure Eyes OC ReMix
Benefit – Warp to World 69 (AGAIN! )
Space Cowboy – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Metro House Speedway

Ozma – Tetris Korobeiniki
Shadow of Twighlight – Zelda Metal
Ryan8bit – Excitebike The Bike Excites Me
Retaliation – StarFox Korneria

Rosencrantz&guildensterN – Phantasy Star 4 Phantasy is a 4 Letter Word OC ReMix
Rize – Legendary Wings Legendary Strings OC ReMix
Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Space Mutiny Mix
Mattias Holmgren – Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily Haunts Flashman OC ReMix

The Minibosses – Mega Man 2

Nex – Tetris Russian Roulette (Requested by Nex )
Masahiro Andoh – Gran Turismo Moon Over the Castle
Masato Nakamura – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Metropolis Zone

Shinobu Amayake

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