NGI 8th Anniversary Extravaganza! All-Request Anniversary, GameFuel Crash Course Redux, Slider, Christopher Tin, Akumu and more!

Next week kicks off a very special week in the history of KNGI: The 8-year anniversary of Nitro Game Injection! Larry is taking off for PAX East, so on Sunday, March 13th at 3 PM Eastern, KyleJCrb will be joined by a very special guest co-host, NGI fangirl Slider-Chan! On Monday, March 14th at 9 PM Eastern, Kyle will be hosting an extended episode of GameFuel: Crash Course #2, taking another random whirlwind trip through the KNGI music collection! On Tuesday, March 15th at 9 PM Eastern, it’s the official anniversary of Nitro Game Injection, and it will feature a playlist of requests from you, the listeners, as well as guest co-host Akumu and other special guest appearances! And finally, on Sunday, March 20th, we will be joined for an interview by Grammy award-winning Civilization IV composer Christopher Tin! OH EM GEE exclamation points! It is a huge week for NGI, so don’t miss out.

To make your requests for the NGI Request Special, just email us at [email protected], post a comment on this article, or throw in your comment on the NGI Facebook page.

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