NEW SHOW: Charles Kilbourne’s Game Jams debuts on the KNGI Network Monday, Jan. 8th at 10 AM Eastern!

Another new host approaches the KNGI Network, bringing his own style to the morning hours: Welcome to Charles Kibourne and his show Game Jams! He has previously hosted the show on KPISS.FM, which you can check out archives of here. His announcement is below:



“Hi, I’m Charles Kilbourne and I’ve been hosting a video game music show on the Brooklyn, New York based Internet radio station since June. I have joined the KNGI Network in hopes of reaching an audience that is specifically seeking out video game music. I’ll be introducing myself with my first show on KNGI Monday, January 8th 10AM Eastern! The debut show will feature sets of music inspired by the spirit of all the other shows on KNGI, along with my commentary and analysis of the shows. I hope to see you all there!”