Comiket 73

Hey people:

The Japanese doujin event Comiket is upon us soon, and there will be many exciting new releases from well known names. Here’s a few of those said releases:

Magical Trick Society – Energy Force -GRADIUS & SALAMANDER-
Pretty much self explained by the title, JEET Singh’s new project is a Gradius series doujin.

MintJam X Vivix – R
MintJam teams up with Godspeed for a new maxi single, which includes RESISTANCE, a theme song for an upcoming doujin game called Yakou Senki Viner

Ese (Jesus is Dead ) – Rock n Roll Overload
Ese who at C72 released a Rance doujin cd is back with a new cd with a blend of various game arrangements that are sure to be hard rocking

It’s going to be a very good Christmas for doujin, with both MAGFest and C73 around the corner.

Comiket 73 will run from December 29th to December 31st.

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