Molehill Mountain Episode 87 – Publishers and Politicians


It’s like they’re trying to piss us off.

  • 0:00 – Monster Hunter World’s DLC is grossly overpriced.
  • 10:18 – YouTube’s recommendations algorithm sucks.
  • 28:38 – Game developer uses malware as DRM. It goes about as well as you’d expect.
  • 41:34 – ESA doesn’t want you to enjoy anything it can’t make money off of, bemoans it sees no revenue from admission fees of museums displaying video games that have long since been end-of-life’d.
  • 56:28 – Konami is monetizing extra save slots. Seriously.
  • 1:02:38 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ educational spin off saddled with unnecessary censorship.
  • 1:09:26 – Politicians are being dumb about video games. Again.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:48 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

7:00 PMaddictedtochaosHello

7:02 PMaddictedtochaosAt least it isn’t as bad as DOA 5 with its nearly $700 of cosmetic DLC.

7:02 PMScottyJayManAt least it’s not $10 for extra save slots like Metal gear survive

7:07 PMfroilen13I’m I’m stonend and watching . lots of fun on ice wick you saying

7:16 PMlittlegittelshoot, i need a full time job, I’ll watch videos

7:16 PMfroilen13can’t have a single guy per country . when is gonna take a break?

7:19 PMfroilen13you tube is not making any money . why spend more money into it? Google might not want to do that

7:26 PMScottyJayManBritbart has been hit hard by this type of activism, so there’s hope

7:26 PMDejaVoodeuxwhoa now… dear friends please tell me. is this the molehill mountain show, epipsode 87 with andrew eisen and friends???

7:27 PMDejaVoodeuxbreetbart

7:40 PMlittlegitteloh no!!!

7:40 PMlittlegitteloh, better.

7:40 PMScottyJayManAndrews now affected by DRM!

7:41 PMWyatt Venturagood video

7:56 PMlittlegittelthat was a hell of a dramatic reading EZK. NICE

7:58 PMaddictedtochaosThat is weird even by Metal Gear standards.

7:58 PMlittlegittelso like when red dead redemption had the UNdead redemption remakey thing?

8:01 PMlittlegittelpokemon go did that shit. RUDE

8:02 PMfroilen13imagine if the other game the one you need to find coins to go backwards charge micro transactions?

8:02 PMScottyJayManI think you’re thinking of Resident evil mercenaries for 3DS. Only 1 save which can’t be erased, so would devalue reselling.

8:07 PMScottyJayManWhen young, I thought The David in Michelangelo’s Davis was his dong

8:08 PMfroilen13there are teaching sex stuff to children in schools why bother about it

8:08 PMScottyJayManThis is America we’re talking about here, ya all are prudes

8:09 PMScottyJayManOr a leaf floating around

8:11 PMaddictedtochaosThis started in 1993 with Mortal Kombat, and this won’t be the last time it comes up.

8:20 PMaddictedtochaosOn top of the state sales tax.

8:23 PMScottyJayManPerhaps guns should be taxed, I’m sure they cause quite a number of mental health issues

8:27 PMaddictedtochaosIt the politician mindset of “something must be done, this is something, therefore I must do it.”

8:28 PMScottyJayManDoes everyone in Rhode Island sound like peter griffin?

8:34 PMScottyJayManMario Maker would be perfect for this

8:34 PMaddictedtochaosMario maker as well

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