Molehill Mountain Episode 76 – Hey There, Lonely Boy


Another solo show!  I didn’t think I had enough material for 30 minutes but I ended up yammering for two solid hours!

  • 0:41 – I have more thoughts on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • 53:53 – I rant about net neutrality
  • 1:03:40 – The Avengers: Infinity War trailer left me cold
  • 1:17:55 – The Super Mario cereal looks gross

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:02 PMTrilinkhey all

7:06 PMOni64I hope Rareware makes a come back someday.

7:09 PMTrilinkAndrew, what do you think Retro Studios are working on? I have a theory, their new game ran into development issues and subsequently moved to the Switch towards the end of the Wii Us lifecycle

7:10 PMOni64Retro Studios should close their doors. It seems like Nintendo aren’t funding anything lately lol

7:11 PMOni64but im sure its going to be a Donkey Kong Country game.

7:12 PMTrilinknot against a new DK game, but would prefer Retro have a crack at another IP or one of their own

7:12 PMOvo cash tv​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:14 PMTrilinkTropical Freeze wrapped up late 2013 but didn’t release till Feb 2014

7:15 PMOni64Nintendo will probably assign another IP of theirs.

7:16 PMTrilink​[message retracted]

7:17 PMaddictedtochaosMakes sense they usually have Directs early in the year.

7:18 PMLyricallyCI think their saving Retro’s next game for E3

7:21 PMTrilinkyeah I absolutely agree, Tropical Freeze is definitely one of the best 2D platforming games, extremely underrated game. I wouldn’t mind seeing this ported to the Switch in the near future

7:21 PMjordan thompsonhey Andrew wanna have a drink with me I had a loonng night

7:22 PMaddictedtochaosI will say that I do hope the rumor of Soul Calibur 6 coming to Switch is true.

7:22 PMeathdemonwe will know e3

7:22 PMOni64I doubt they will revisit their canceled projects from the early gamecube days. They had a RPG in the works called Raven Blade

7:22 PMeathdemonmario maker deserves a switch port

7:22 PMLyricallyCRare only surprising game for Microsoft was viva pinata

7:23 PMTrey Ahzzeno more Wii U ports to switch

7:23 PMTrilinkmaybe underexposed is the a better word haha

7:23 PMOni64m,]

7:23 PMjordan thompsonalready downing a glass of wine you’re late to the party

7:25 PMLyricallyCHey Andrew? Do you think Playstation 4 can regain interest in 2018? For them to have a moderate 2017 in gaming, I don’t feel like they delivered a lot of talk about games except Horizon

7:25 PMLyricallyCAnd Hellblalde

7:27 PMOni64Grabbed by the ghoulies has some weird controls, but its a okay game.

7:27 PMSeakkennedAny debut reviews coming anytime soon in the near future?

7:27 PMOni64the music and art style are Rare

7:27 PMeathdemonI am still a bit disappointing that metriod prime 4 isnt by retro

7:27 PMjordan thompsonneed a nap just not in the mood to hang sorry

7:28 PMaddictedtochaosAgreed, God of War will deliver.

7:28 PMaddictedtochaosLost legacy

7:28 PMeathdemonlost legacy

7:28 PMeathdemonihellblade was on pc too

7:28 PMSeakkennedThe Lost Legacy

7:29 PMTrilinkI think you should consider making a best of Square Enix Video Game names haha

7:29 PMeathdemondo not care abourt the x, I care about 60 fps too much

7:30 PMaddictedtochaosNo Xbox as well

7:30 PMLyricallyCnope Monster Hunter World is coming to One

7:30 PMeathdemonits ps4, than pc a bit later

7:30 PMeathdemonyup its xboiox as well

7:30 PMLyricallyCMonster Hunter World is coming out for both systems in January

7:31 PMeathdemonyup

7:31 PMeathdemonits mha

7:31 PMSeakkennedAcademia

7:31 PMOni64I only played Monster Hunter on the PS2. Its was okay.

7:32 PMeathdemonyup only very very large channals are exempt

7:33 PMaddictedtochaosNot yet, rumors have Bandai Namco making Metroid.

7:33 PMeathdemonI dislike other m’s controls, have never been a fan of the wiimote

7:33 PMOni64Its a new team. My guess a in-house team like NST but maybe not them.

7:34 PMOni64NST made Metroid Prime Hunter

7:34 PMLyricallyCDid you ever have an arcade life and wish you can go back to three games that never came to consoles?

7:36 PMLyricallyCThe aiming in Other M was only for the missles

7:36 PMLyricallyCwhen you pointed it

7:36 PMTrilinkyeah that control scheme for other m was pushed through by Sakamoto the creator of Metroid not Team Ninja

7:37 PMOni64Who ever is working on MP4, I assume they are going to use the Unreal Engine 4.

7:38 PMaddictedtochaosL.A. Machine Guns was awesome.

7:39 PMOni64There was a Wii port of L.A. Machine Guns

7:39 PMeathdemonhave you ever played any of the legend of heroes games?

7:39 PMLyricallyCSega did the Jurassic Park game

7:39 PMSeakkenned​[message retracted]

7:40 PMTrilinkdo you think there will be another golden age of gaming? I miss the 90-00s era of gaming, game manuals, no season passes or day 1 patches & an abundance of creativity from across the industry

7:40 PMOni64They still have the Jurassic park arcade at Chuck-E-Cheese

7:40 PMaddictedtochaosWill take another industry crash for that to happen.

7:41 PMTrilinkI’ understand why season passes, micro transactions and patches are done in the modern age, but I’m not the biggest fan of those practices especially when companies abuse them to no end

7:41 PMSeakkennedJurassic park was fun,it made you feel like you were in a real car going through the park.

7:43 PMaddictedtochaosPatches are good and bad, great that something can be fixed if need be but bad when used as a crutch.

7:43 PMeathdemonjust avoiud the AAA and you will find we have more diamonds than ever

7:45 PMeathdemonwhat do you think of that politician for Hawaii seguesting legislation to regulate loot boxs?

7:47 PMeathdemonfrom

7:47 PMOni64I remember photo booths in the 90s

7:47 PMOni64that was probably the last era of them

7:49 PMTrilinkWhat do you think Platinum Games are working on? I know they are working on a Switch game, but not heard from them since Nier Automata released and Scalebound got cancelled.

7:49 PMSeakkennedWhat are your thoughts on the Net Neutrality situation?

7:52 PMeathdemonmy hope is, its scares the esrb and the indastry in to self regulation, but I dont have much faith in that

7:53 PMTrilinkI wouldn’t mind if they came out with, a sequel to Bayonetta 2 or Wonderful 101, but a new IP would be cool

7:53 PMeathdemongive me a nier Automata 2 personaly

7:53 PMaddictedtochaosHopefully new IP after Bayonetta 3.

7:54 PMOni64scalebound looked bland

7:54 PMOni64no real direction

7:58 PMTrilinkI was really interested in Scalebound, yeah it looked rough at times, but Hideki Kamiya for me has never directed a game I didn’t enjoy playing

8:00 PMLyricallyCWhen are they suppose to have a vote on net nneutrality

8:02 PMOni64agreed lmao punchable

8:04 PMSeakkennedYea I didn’t like that guy either

8:04 PMOni64lol

8:06 PMTrilinkAndrew Eisen immune to all reactions, except when you felt the Joycons for the first time :p

8:07 PMSeakkennedI don’t like the way Thanos looks now.

8:07 PMOni64off course reaction videos are staged/fake. Or maybe the content creators are on a high dosage of Adderall

8:10 PMSeakkennedThe old Superman theme is the best superhero theme ever,John Williams really knocked it out of the park.

8:12 PMTrilinkyeah John Williams Superman theme was fantsstic

8:15 PMTrilinkhaven’t seen the latest avengers movie :/

8:15 PMaddictedtochaosDanny Elfman’s Batman theme was great too.

8:18 PMTrilinkAndrew, is there a single game franchise you would like to see make their way to the Switch that traditionally hasn’t been on a Nintendo console before?

8:18 PMaddictedtochaosI’ll try it at least once. Plus an amiibo.

8:18 PMSeakkennedI’m going to definitely try it.

8:19 PMMike J.Lucky Charms is great eaten by the handful. 😃

8:19 PMaddictedtochaosThere were Nintendo cereals in the early 90s.

8:20 PMSeakkennedI tried marshmallow fruity pebbles today,i liked it.

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosWhat if it were an entry from a franchise that was built exclusively for the Switch?

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosYakuza 1 and I think 2 were on Wii in Japan.

8:22 PMTrilinkYakuza such an amazing franchise, maybe we’ll get those exclusive Japanese HD Wii U ports of the first two games haha

8:22 PMSeakkennedI didn’t know about them either,until today lol

8:22 PMSeakkennedSounds tasty

8:23 PMMike J.Eww

8:24 PMTrilinkI dunno wasn’t Disgeae 5 for Switch the best version of the game because it was essentially was the GOTY edition? that series traditionally hasn’t been on Nintendo consoles

8:25 PMaddictedtochaosDisgaea 1 came to DS.

8:25 PMTrilinkoh wow had no idea that it came to the DS

8:25 PMaddictedtochaosSame developer

8:26 PMaddictedtochaosThe DS version has Prinny commentary.

8:28 PMTrilinkOnimusha needs to definitely a make a comeback

8:28 PMaddictedtochaosThe developers have been too busy making Souls games.

8:29 PMSeakkennedWhat the hell is that a shadow of next to your shelves? I see it every video you make,it looks like a hobo clown with a caterpillar body wearing boxing gloves.

8:30 PMaddictedtochaosTrolling for the sake of trolling.

8:30 PMTrilinkwho knows man, people are weird and starving for attention nowadays they’ll troll just for attention

8:31 PMSeakkennedO cool,that was really bugging me lol

8:31 PMTrilinkI remember you had some trolls on your charity stream a few weeks back

8:32 PMTrilinkmaybe its to elicit a reaction from you?

8:35 PMTrilinknot the same line of thought, but err bondage and weird sexual festishes exist, so its not unusual for some people to also be happy about trolling or acting like asses?

8:36 PMTrilinkOccam’s razor – maybe their drunk?

8:37 PMMike J.I forgot all about Jack T.

8:37 PMKoko the ArabianAndrew what is your next switch game?

8:39 PMSeakkennedWho is Jack T.?

8:42 PMSeakkennedWhat do you hope dlc pack 2 will be about?

8:42 PMTrilinkI remember your mom being a gamer, have you shown her the Switch? just wondering what an older gamer would think of it since my parents aren’t gamers sadly :/

8:42 PMaddictedtochaosEventually Zelda will be a Nintendo Select.

8:44 PMTrilinkyeah that’s true, they may include the DLC since New Super Mario U was bundled with Luigi U for the Nintendo Selects range

8:47 PMTrilinkYes DLC 2 – Champions Ballad needs to have the ability to play from the perspective of the champions, forgot about the missed opportunity in Skyward Sword with Zelda!

8:47 PMKoko the Arabianthe first dlc was kinda fun because it was challenging

8:48 PMTheRiverAnduinAndrew is your ps4 HDD full yet?

8:49 PMTheRiverAnduinmine is full and now I have to choose what games to be installed

8:50 PMaddictedtochaosHe means trial of the sword

8:51 PMKoko the Arabianno, I mean the trials

8:51 PMKoko the Arabianbut I agree with u

8:53 PMaddictedtochaosUpside all the Splatoon dlc is free.

8:53 PMaddictedtochaosAgreed

8:54 PMSeakkennedThanks for talkin with us for so long and answering all of my questions,much appreciated.

8:54 PMTheRiverAnduinI have Splatoon on Wii U found a copy for cheap

8:59 PMSeakkennedSomething anime related

8:59 PMSeakkennedAcademia

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