Molehill Mountain Episode 72 – Animal Crossing: Happy Campers


Because that’s a far better name than “Pocket Camp.”

  • 9:41 – EA and demands for high Metacritic scores
  • 28:54 – Xbox One’s backwards compatibility would have arrived sooner if Microsoft didn’t have to spend a bunch of time and resources removing its ill-advised always-on DRM
  • 39:46- Nintendo details Animal Crossing for mobile devices

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:30 PMManCan you say “hey man.” in the first five minutes?

6:31 PMAndrew EisenSure.

6:48 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

6:59 PMAndreas Protopapashello!

7:00 PMAndrew EisenHello all!

7:03 PMAndreas Protopapaswhat a manly name

7:03 PMSuperMetalDave64hey man, looking forward to next Saturday

7:04 PMWarren LewisHeya!

7:05 PMSuzvi​Message automatically held for review, hidden by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:06 PMSuperMetalDave64Looks like we’ll be playing Odyssey

7:06 PMAndreas Protopapasdid you lock it away somewhere and threw away the key?

7:06 PMSuperMetalDave64exactly, it’s about a 12 hour game to go through

7:07 PMSuzviNahh I’m playing u seem cool I’m going to subscribe

7:07 PMSuperMetalDave64then the end game stuff is a lot more collecting stuff for many more hours

7:07 PME. Zachary KnightI am here. I don’t have an invite on Hangouts or in my email.

7:08 PMSuzviInvite me

7:08 PME. Zachary Knight​Message automatically held for review, hidden by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:08 PME. Zachary KnightThat is my gmail.

7:08 PMSuperMetalDave64what always works for me is Direct Message via Twitter

7:08 PMAndreas Protopapasever thought of doing a public hangout? might get a little too crowded though..

7:09 PMWarren LewisI remember back in October 2001, I picked up Grand Theft Auto III for the PS2. I didn’t have a PS2, and wouldn’t have one until my birthday. Jan 17, 2002.

7:09 PMManCan you say “Hey man”?

7:09 PMWarren LewisThat wait was killer!

7:10 PMSuzvi​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:11 PMSuperMetalDave64Naughty Dog words

7:11 PMSuperMetalDave64be nice lol

7:12 PMWarren LewisI’ll be there. Some. Depends on work schedule.

7:13 PMAndreas Protopapasis it extralife[dot]org?

7:14 PMAndrew

7:14 PMlittlegittelshoot, I need my laptop charger!!!! eeek

7:15 PMSuperMetalDave64should be fun

7:15 PMSuperMetalDave64Will your sister be serving beer? lol 😉

7:15 PMlittlegittelsuper fun!

7:15 PMlittlegittelwhat be your poison SMD??

7:15 PMeathdemonbest bet you kill them all

7:16 PMSuperMetalDave64l don’t drink much honestly, I’m just kidding lol

7:16 PMSuperMetalDave64snacks are cool

7:16 PMlittlegittelI am a hostess with the mostess. worry not

7:17 PMSuperMetalDave64coo

7:18 PMeathdemonouch

7:18 PMAndreas Protopapaswhich is harder? 30 burpees or 30 burps?

7:18 PMSuperMetalDave64burpees for sure lol

7:19 PMSuperMetalDave64I do the Insanity Max 30 workouts 5 days a week, it takes months of practice to get your endurance up

7:19 PMeathdemondid you see the kataku article on the EA stuff. the game fell in to dev hell

7:20 PMlittlegittelI used to do Insanity, the full length ones

7:20 PMlittlegittelkiller.

7:20 PMSuperMetalDave64wow, yeah it’s hard work

7:20 PMSuperMetalDave64I don’t have time for 45-50 minutes a day

7:20 PMSuperMetalDave6430 works for me

7:21 PMlittlegittelI agree whole heartedly. I hated the length. I need to get back into the DVD thing.

7:21 PMlittlegittelneed to clean the basement and make room first, tho

7:22 PMeathdemonamy hanning

7:23 PMeathdemonthe studio was in a bad shape, and bleeding talent

7:24 PMeathdemonfrostbite is good for battlefeald/battlefront bad for everything else

7:24 PMeathdemonbioware has been having the same truble

7:24 PMeathdemontrouble

7:25 PMeathdemonf medicritic

7:25 PMeathdemonf review scores

7:25 PMSuperMetalDave64everyone watching, give Andrew a like button hit

7:26 PMeathdemonEA should let studios that want to to use UE4

7:27 PMSuperMetalDave64The problem with Metacritic is that they now allow for Fanboy websites to take part. Nintendo Life is one of them, they have been guilty of giving all Nintendo games over blown scores etc

7:27 PMeathdemonsometimes I hate accountants. yes using your own engine in theory saves you 1 million, but in real world added way more time/cost

7:31 PMAndreas ProtopapasDavid Prowse?

7:31 PMAndrew EisenThat was the guy in the Darth Vader suit.

7:32 PMeathdemonme1,2,3, da1,2 were all built in ue3

7:32 PMSuperMetalDave64David Prowse was also the guy fighting Luke Skywalkter, not James Earl Jones

7:32 PMSuperMetalDave64*walker

7:33 PMeathdemonwhy in the world would you ever put a game dev studio in sf you deserve to fail for that

7:33 PMAndrew EisenYep. Jones = voice. Prowse = suit. Shaw = face.

7:34 PMAndreas ProtopapasChristensen = fail

7:34 PMSuperMetalDave64rice a roni is the san francisco treat

7:34 PMeathdemon“talent” is there, but they would move if offered a job

7:35 PMSuperMetalDave64lol

7:35 PMeathdemonI still say its dumb that ea is forcing frostbite down peoples throat

7:35 PMeathdemonwhen will ea learn its a bad engine for none fps

7:36 PMeathdemonjust use uber

7:36 PMeathdemonah before uber ok

7:40 PMCodeNameZhi guys

7:40 PMAndreas Protopapasremember that guy with shades presenting it in e3?

7:40 PMlittlegittelI played Kinect

7:40 PMCodeNameZhow you all doing

7:40 PMlittlegittelThe dancing games

7:40 PMSuperMetalDave64lol, you waggled your body instead of a Wii remote for Just Dance

7:41 PMSuperMetalDave64I never liked Kinect personally

7:41 PMlittlegittelI think I did dance central

7:41 PMSuperMetalDave64ah ok

7:41 PMCodeNameZRemerber when Micosoft say “The Xbox is the kinect” it was pre launch of the X1

7:41 PMlittlegittelI did not do the ones of the glowing people

7:41 PMSuperMetalDave64did you try Kinect Sports?

7:42 PMlittlegittelNope. I do my sports on wifi

7:42 PMlittlegittelWifi!?

7:42 PMlittlegittelWii

7:42 PMSuperMetalDave64huh?

7:42 PMSuperMetalDave64oh ok

7:42 PMCodeNameZMilo?

7:42 PMAndreas ProtopapasProject Milo

7:43 PMCodeNameZMilo was the 360 kinect tech demo

7:43 PMAndreas ProtopapasCheck out Fru

7:43 PMSuperMetalDave64lol

7:43 PMAndreas Protopapas“FRU is a puzzle platformer that features an innovative use of Kinect, in which your silhouette becomes a “portal” between two worlds.”

7:43 PMAndreas Protopapasit’s weird

7:43 PMSuperMetalDave64Kinect Stalker 2.0

7:43 PMKayla Cook​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:44 PMeathdemon500, the ps3 was 600

7:44 PMCodeNameZAnyone remerber when the Kinect was Project Natal?

7:44 PMAndreas Protopapasyou can quickly see what it is about, on frugame[dot]com.. there is a handful of weird gifs

7:44 PMSuperMetalDave64Backwards Compatibility

7:44 PMSuperMetalDave64and it’s actually amazing

7:45 PMSuperMetalDave64I’m jealous

7:45 PMCodeNameZWell to be honest sharing games on PC is overcomplicated as hell

7:45 PMlittlegittelCoffee EZK. have some

7:46 PMlittlegittelWithout caffeine I don’t remember my own name

7:47 PMSuperMetalDave64Microsoft announced 12 games for OG Xbox BC, and what makes me a tad jealous is that it has Dead to Rights, Prince of Persia Sands of Time, Red Faction 2 and BloodRayne 2, which were also on Gamecube

7:47 PMSuperMetalDave64which means that Xbox One has Gamecube BC before Switch does

7:47 PMSuperMetalDave64lol

7:47 PMCodeNameZDid you hear some people got Sonic Forces early and now there are leaks everyware some people posted even major plot poins

7:47 PMAndrew EisenBloodrayne 2 wasn’t on Gamecube. I remember because I liked the first one and was bummed it didn’t get the sequel.

7:48 PMAndrew EisenCodeName – No, but I heard the demo stops after a minute.

7:48 PMSuperMetalDave64ah

7:48 PMSuperMetalDave64the first game was

7:48 PMSuperMetalDave64I see

7:48 PMCodeNameZwell you have a min to beat a stage in the demo

7:48 PMSuperMetalDave64ok so three games from Gamecube

7:49 PMeathdemonlets be far, most modern games requires you to be online now anyways lol

7:49 PMAndreas Protopapasand all of this was because of the Wii

7:51 PMlittlegittelPocket Camp will be owning my life soon.

7:51 PMlittlegittelIt’s been fun having friends, but goodbye social life

7:51 PMCodeNameZPocket Camp sounds like a teen wanna to be funny

7:51 PMCodeNameZI pre registrare for Pocket Camp

7:52 PMSuperMetalDave64From what it looks like, it will be micro-transactions to speed up certain things in Animal Crossing, but you can still play the game for free completely

7:52 PMCodeNameZIf you have the e reader + gba + special gamw cards you can get exlusive items in games

7:53 PMlittlegittelYes, always a way to spend real money. Meanie-heads

7:53 PMSuperMetalDave64I like spending fake money better

7:53 PMSuperMetalDave64lol

7:53 PMlittlegittelI will play enough tho that I’ll never have to spend my own monies

7:53 PMlittlegittelYes, fake money, agreed

7:54 PMSuperMetalDave64yup lol

7:54 PMCodeNameZWhy people hate Tom Nook?

7:55 PMlittlegittelI will gladly erase Pokemon for Animal Crossing. And that is saying something

7:55 PMCodeNameZI got Dont Starve its $5 on the Wii U eshop, its hard as hell but cannot stop playing

7:57 PMSuperMetalDave64So you are saying that Pokemon can Go?

7:57 PMlittlegittel😝😝😝

7:57 PMlittlegittelHilarious

7:57 PMSuperMetalDave64😉

7:58 PMCodeNameZPokemon Go can go screw itself while jumping in a pit full of sharks with lasers on they head

7:58 PMlittlegittelYou’re so poetic, Z

8:00 PMCodeNameZI call dips on Kitty than

8:00 PMlittlegittelI love KK.

8:00 PMlittlegittelEvery girl pines for musicians

8:01 PMCodeNameZHe is taken, he is married with music

8:02 PMCodeNameZIn New Leafs there is dream mode, what basiclly you can visit everyones town but you cannot change anything, you cannot even visit the shops

8:03 PMCodeNameZNew Leaf*

8:04 PMCodeNameZIts on mobile 90% of people I know have they phone always online

8:05 PMlittlegittelI need a new phone anyway, my battery doesn’t make it thru the day anymore. Pocket camp can be my impetus

8:05 PMSuperMetalDave64I just got the Samsung Note 8 a couple weeks ago

8:05 PMSuperMetalDave64most amazing phone I’ve ever had

8:06 PMlittlegittelI’ll have to take a look

8:06 PMSuperMetalDave64yeah you should, it’s awesome

8:06 PMSuperMetalDave64just a tad expensive, but if you have a plan it’s about $35 a month or so

8:07 PMlittlegittelBoom. I need good battery for my gaming. And sports

8:07 PMCodeNameZSometimes you oponnent wont move sometimes it will. Its kinda random

8:09 PMCodeNameZAdvance War?

8:10 PMCodeNameZI think Kirby would fit on mobile casuals love Kirby

8:12 PMCodeNameZkirby canvas curse and the Wii U game was touch screen only

8:13 PMSuperMetalDave64Mental tricks, the game is “Free” but hey you can spend as much as you want to go faster…..

8:15 PMCodeNameZThat is what I dont like with mobile gamers. They spend $250 to get an used Samsung phone but they are cheap to spend $10 to get a game

8:15 PMAndreas Protopapasit was recently on sale for $5

8:16 PMCodeNameZ3mins for a new try? It is usually 30mins

8:18 PMAndreas Protopapasdid any wii u games have microtransactions?

8:18 PMAndrew EisenI don’t believe so, no.

8:18 PMAndrew EisenSome paid DLC though.

8:18 PMCodeNameZThat free to play Namco Bandai game on Wii U have it

8:18 PMCodeNameZI forgot the name

8:19 PMCodeNameZIt was a 4 player coop game

8:19 PMAndreas ProtopapasI think at some point it’s ine itable to start seeing microtransactions on consoles

8:19 PMAndreas Protopapasinevitable*

8:20 PMCodeNameZIt have microtrasaction

8:20 PMAndreas Protopapasif it makes devs more money

8:21 PMCodeNameZPeople on mobile also get bored of games faster so they like to have the option to delete and instaling new games whenever they want

8:23 PMCodeNameZDiana likes to shows off

8:24 PMSuperMetalDave64good show guys

8:24 PMSuperMetalDave64glad I stayed around

8:24 PMlittlegittelYay dress!!!!

8:25 PMAndreas Protopapasthanks for the show

8:25 PMCodeNameZSo Andwer you are a good magictian you make the Mario manual disapear

8:25 PMCodeNameZAndrew*

8:26 PMCodeNameZWith or without a bra?

8:27 PMAndreas Protopapasdo a number from mary poppins too

8:27 PMSuperMetalDave64great

8:27 PMCodeNameZAndrew is a naughty one

8:27 PMSuperMetalDave64I’ll be streaming live with a man wearing a bra

8:27 PMSuperMetalDave64lol

8:28 PMSuperMetalDave64I mean dress lol

8:28 PMAndreas Protopapas9pm CET (central european time) i guess

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