Molehill Mountain Episode 51 – All the News That’s Fit To Podcast


Nintendo’s online service might not be as fully featured as its competition but hey, at least it will be cheaper!

15:52 – Nintendo details pricing and features of its paid online service

25:55 – Voice chat headset for Switch is overly complicated

34:24 – Valve announces the price of Steam Direct

46:20 – The ethical implications of relabeling retro carts

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:50 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

6:50 PMGFY AHHey Zachary

6:57 PMeathdemonwhats up

6:58 PM13Ucubewhich baten kaitos is better? origins or that other long name

6:58 PMeathdemonrip normal pokemon games. did you see how much pokemon go made for them?

6:58 PMNightmare Ninjahey everyone

6:58 PMNightmare Ninjahi Andrew

6:58 PMGFY AHHey 13Ucube

6:58 PMNightmare Ninjagreat review, Andrew

6:58 PM13Ucubesup gf

6:59 PMGFY AHhey Nightmare

7:00 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew, hear about an indie dev sold a trailer?

7:00 PMNightmare NinjaTook sorry

7:01 PMNightmare NinjaHe asked for a trailer and didn’t pay the guy twho made it

:02 PMeathdemonthey didnt do it with x/y

7:02PMGFY AHCrystal

7:02 PMNightmare NinjaA topic for another podcast, I’ll send you the video that talked about it

7:03 PMeathdemonit was green in japan

7:03 PMNightmare NinjaMy first Poemon game was Blue

7:03 PMNightmare NinjaPokemon

7:04 PMNightmare NinjaDarn you keyboard

7:04 PMeathdemonnow the switch is a thing, we no longer have a need for pokemon staduim

7:05 PMNightmare NinjaI like Yokai Watch

7:05 PMGFY AHnever play Yokai Watch

7:06 PMNightmare NinjaYokai Watch 2 fixes what was wrong with the first game.

7:07 PMlittlegittelEZK, I keep telling Andrew that I want to watch motion capture. I need to know who’s ass that it!

7:07 PMNightmare Ninjalol

7:07 PMlittlegittelis

7:07 PMNightmare NinjaI finished 1

7:08 PMNightmare NinjaYet to play 2

7:08 PMNightmare NinjaAnd I got it day 1

7:08 PMNightmare Ninjano spoilers lol

7:09 PMeathdemonshe is a witch physcics dont apply

7:09 PMNightmare Ninjatrue

7:10 PMNightmare Ninjahello Andrew’s sister.

7:11 PMlittlegittelHello Ninja

7:12 PMNightmare NinjaWhat do you think of her being in Smash?

7:13 PMNightmare Ninjawhat? that’s it?

7:15 PMNightmare NinjaThat’s lame

7:16 PMeathdemon…. dont know what it is with zelda and pingpng

7:17 PMNightmare NinjaThat is weird

7:18 PMGFY AHFor the WiiU or 3DS?

7:18 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “2017 and still damage controlling”


7:19 PMeathdemonwounder which bayanetta version sold better wiiu, or pc pc has sold 176k

7:20 PMNightmare NinjaIt sold okay on the wil u but yeah the PC sold more

7:20 PMeathdemonif true thats kinda said

7:21 PMeathdemonif we do, it wont be on a nintendo platform

7:22 PMNightmare NinjaI want a The Wonderful 102

7:22 PMeathdemonsome think they will kickstart bayo 3

7:23 PMeathdemonhave you seen the stitch headset…………… dam nintendo f u I will stick with discord kkthx bye

7:25 PMGFY AHYes i hear about the headset for the stitch lane. lol

7:25 PMNightmare NinjaI have to agree that headset is a joke

7:25 PMeathdemonswitch

7:26 PMeathdemonthey changed that

7:26 PMNightmare Ninjayeah that they did

7:26 PMeathdemonits now a libry of nes games, but still……

7:27 PMBornDistractedI wont expect too much for the Nintendo service…

7:27 PMNightmare NinjaWhich I’m fine with

7:28 PMeathdemonits still only nes, so no thank you

7:28 PMNightmare NinjaThey still doing VC

7:29 PM13Ucubei think based on the ebay prices, gamecube games are what people want

7:29 PMBornDistractedi agree sir andrew

7:29 PMNightmare NinjaYeah

7:29 PMeathdemonw/e I am spoiled on pc not havibng to pay for mp, so what does my opinion matter

7:30 PMGFY AHWhat are you playing now 13Ucube?

7:30 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew, they did say that the VC is still coming

7:31 PMOwO cringe Is my pupperHello

7:31 PMBornDistractedespecially for only 20 dollarts

7:31 PMGFY AHhey OwO

7:31 PMOwO cringe Is my pupperOnly 11 ok

7:32 PMNightmare Ninjaah okay

7:34 PMNightmare NinjaI never use voice chat so this doesn’t matter to me

7:35 PMeathdemonms lets you plug in to the controler

7:35 PM13UcubeTo get friends you connect on cup with a string to the back of the switch and the other end plugs into a bamboo rod that goes under your fingernails. Now with switch, IT’S EEEASY to play with friends

7:35 PMeathdemonI think sony does too

7:35 PMkratos3821Nintendo “making mistakes since 1996”

7:35 PMGFY AHHappy and sad at the same time! xD Ha ha ha

7:36 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

7:36 PMBornDistractedlol

7:37 PMlittlegittelI love it Cube!!!! hahaha

7:38 PM13Ucubeif i have to enter another damn friend code, i’m going to change my name to a friend code

7:38 PMeathdemonlets be fair andrew rabids was not a valid prodiction becouse that was leaked months ago

7:39 PMNightmare NinjaIt’s good

7:39 PMNightmare Ninjanever had problems with ARMS

7:40 PMNightmare Ninja“Bad Ass” Princess

7:42 PMeathdemon$100 per game, better than greenlight which was $100 for all games, still should be higher imho

7:45 PMNightmare NinjaEathdemon, you get games on Steam?

7:45 PMkratos3821Nintendo “sabotaging themselves since 1996”

7:46 PM13Ucubedon’t you get valve’s attention by releasing an unfinished game and get like a 90% refund likelihood

7:46 PMNightmare Ninja$100? Really?

7:47 PMeathdemonsadly steam is globel including contries with very low wages, so……. they cant charge as much as I would like

7:49 PMeathdemonunlikely andrew, they want to have michines do it. they truly want a hands off aproach

7:50 PMeathdemonI am glad they moved away from giving igf winners a free ticket on to steam

7:50 PMNightmare NinjaI hope they be able to stop the crappy games

7:51 PMeathdemonvalve is adding a way for devs to give curators games, which will cut down on key fraud, and will hurt g2a, and that is a win win

7:53 PMMixtape TroyLast time I was this late Zachary’s connection quality was potato.


7:55 PMNightmare NinjaI never understand that

7:56 PMNightmare Ninjabut yeah it’s his games so he can do what he wants with it

7:56 PMNightmare NinjaAs long as he doesn’t sell it

7:59 PMGFY AHyes for SNES games your right Zac

7:59 PMNightmare NinjaYeah I agree Zac

7:59 PM13Ucubeis Lost Kingdoms 2 for gamecube worth playing?

8:00 PMNightmare NinjaNever heard of that game

8:01 PMNightmare NinjaIs there places that make very good DVD covers?

8:01 PMGFY AHit’s a little bit like Yu-Gi-Oh cube

8:03 PMGFY AHRe Tree Sawad everyone

8:03 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew, I send you a video about what I was talking about

8:04 PMlittlegittelNot that I don’t love the show, cuz I do, but yay for only an hour. Cuz now, back to Bayonetta!!

8:04 PMNightmare Ninjaawsome!

8:04 PM13Ucubebuy

8:04 PM13Ucubebye

8:04 PM13Ucubeby

8:04 PMNightmare Ninjabye

8:04 PMlittlegittelG’night y’all

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