Molehill Mountain Episode 49 – Mario Kart Needs More Road Rage


This week, Nintendo made a reasonable localization decision. I know, we were surprised too!

28:17 – Nintendo replaces obscene gesture in Mario Kart 8

34:26 – No Destiny 2 on Switch because the game is online-only

39:52 – World of Tank devs are using copyright in order to censor harsh criticism

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:50 PMWarren LewisHeyo! Got the image changed? It’s showing the Molehill Mountain logo.

6:50 PM13Ucubeso exciting to see you fixed the Avatar

6:51 PMAndrew EisenYeah, I asked Scott, the artist, to make a widescreen version so that it centers better as a video thumbnail.

6:52 PMAndrew EisenI’m in a super foul mood. Let’s see how well I hide it on the podcast!

6:55 PM13UcubeJust remember to boot that weirdo

6:55 PMWarren LewisHey, EZK.

6:56 PM13Ucubeplaying Mario sunshine while watching

6:56 PMGFY AHHey guys

6:57 PMGFY AHWhy?

6:58 PM13Ucubeyou guys might be surprised how much gamecube games sell for on ebay

7:00 PMGFY AHok thanks Andrew

7:03 PMeathdemonhi

7:04 PMGFY AHHey Andrew have you play Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 1 and 2?

7:06 PMeathdemonwell it will be out on pc in 5 days

7:10 PMeathdemonnah metriod other m was just bad

7:12 PMeathdemonif it doesnt control well, how is it a good game?

7:13 PMeathdemonit was a bad control set up, atleast for me

7:15 PMeathdemonI am a gameplay first gamer, and control layout matters to me. if the control set up is not great, and I cant change it, I will dock the game heavily for it.

7:16 PM13Ucubeim using your phrase…holy biscuits am i cursing my head off trying to get through this 3d sandblock race to the top for the shine sprite. omg, this game

7:16 PMNightmare Ninjawhat did i muss?

7:16 PMNightmare Ninjamiss

7:17 PMScottyJayManKid Icarus uprising controls are the worst

7:17 PMNightmare NinjaI’m confused

7:18 PMGFY AHnever play Kid Icarus uprising is it fun ScottyJayMan?

7:18 PMeathdemonfuck flash, it can go die in a fire

7:19 PMeathdemonthe only site ?I visit that still uses flash is cruchyroll, and I wish they would switch to htm5

7:23 PMeathdemoncheating in sp fine, bann them in pvp

7:23 PMNightmare Ninjaagree

7:24 PManime momoBooo!

7:24 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsTyranitar was my favourite Pokemon when I was a kid.

7:26 PMeathdemoniv calcs are fine, that isnt cheating

7:26 PManime momoGet off the stage Pokémon go is lame and I’m fat

7:28 PMNightmare NinjaSilent Hill Go

7:28 PMeathdemonabout as good as zelda moble game

7:28 PMNightmare Ninjaoh yes that rumor

7:29 PMNightmare Ninjashould we even listen to them

7:29 PMGFY AHmoble games are not my thing

7:29 PMeathdemonits from wsj, they have a good track record

7:30 PMeathdemonat least with nintendo

7:30 PMeathdemonspirt tracks?

7:30 PMeathdemonstyle

7:30 PMNightmare NinjaHow would a zelda moble game work?

7:30 PMNightmare Ninjamaybe

7:30 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsSwipe to hack at stuff.

7:30 PMScottyJayManSwing your phone like a Wiimote!

7:31 PMNightmare Ninjasame

7:31 PMNightmare NinjaA zelda film would be epic

7:31 PMeathdemonthe witcher may be getting a netflix show

7:31 PMGFY AHthe 80’s

7:32 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsThe Witcher Netflix show was confirmed.

7:32 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsI think.

7:33 PMeathdemonthat is a smart change, unexpected from nintendo

7:36 PMEnzo ZamudioSpeak in your deepest voice possible

7:37 PMEnzo ZamudioPlease speak in your deep voice

7:37 PMEnzo ZamudioDo

7:37 PMEnzo ZamudioIt Andrew

7:38 PMeathdemondevs shouldnt lie about it, but people should stop asking about switch ports

7:38 PMEnzo ZamudioSpeak in a deep voice for longer than that

7:39 PMNightmare NinjaI agree that was a BS reason

7:40 PMScottyJayManThat is horsecrap! I’ve use my phones hotspot with Mario Kart works great

7:40 PMEnzo ZamudioYou deep voice soothes me 

7:41 PMScottyJayManI’d love to play Overwatch on the Switch

7:41 PMeathdemonnot gunna hjappen the switch’s cpu isnt good enough for overwatch

7:41 PMEnzo ZamudioDeep voice!

7:42 PMeathdemonno destiny 2 is platform only play

7:44 PMNightmare NinjaI played this game before

7:44 PMeathdemonits f2p

7:44 PMNightmare Ninja80 bucks?!

7:45 PMeathdemonworse yet, it only fires premium ammo

7:45 PMNightmare NinjaWho would buy this foe 80 bucks?

7:45 PMNightmare Ninjafor

7:46 PMNightmare Ninjaoh

7:46 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsIt better shoot rainbows.

7:47 PMNightmare Ninjaor gold

7:47 PMeathdemonyup they threatened coppyright claim on him

7:48 PMNightmare Ninjaokay that is BS

7:49 PMeathdemonjim sterling is going to cover this on the jimqusition

7:51 PMJubaJubaJubbaJams-cough- Nintendo -cough-

7:52 PMGeneral Wevebwemenanijaihuihellooo

7:56 PMeathdemonworld of warships is same company

7:57 PMeathdemon1 e3 prodiction from each of you? me, mario maker port for switch

7:59 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsI’d consider getting the Switch if there is another Smash Bros for it.

7:59 PMeathdemon99.995% sure smash will be ported

7:59 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsI’m fine with a port. Never played the WiiU one.

8:03 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsA new F-Zero would be nice.

8:03 PMeathdemonlol

8:05 PMeathdemonyes I do

8:05 PMeathdemonso early spring?

8:06 PM13Ucubehave a really stupid question, does the switch have a touchscreen? i know i can look this up

8:07 PMeathdemonnah it will do better than wiiu, jap devs seem to be all in, and they werent for the wiiu

8:07 PMjordan thompsonam I really late or just extra early for the next show

8:09 PM13Ucubethis is the final tamping down of the top of the molehill

8:09 PMeathdemonits still sold out in the us, wtf nintendo how bad are they at supply chain managment

8:10 PMjordan thompsonjust got back from alien covenant, my alien fanboyness trumps molehill mountain, get some aliens and I’ll marry you, just messing with you I could only catch the 7:00 imax and it’s a long movie

8:10 PM13Ucubeandrew, if you got a disc copy of Breath of the Wild for 40$ and bought the DLC, would you buy it

8:10 PMeathdemon285k, not bad would sell way more if supply was there

8:11 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsPokemon MMO. I’d buy the Switch so fast.

8:12 PMeathdemonthe switch tax is real

8:12 PMeathdemonthat is why carts are bad

8:13 PM13Ucubei’m predicting a Tales game for switch

8:13 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsI would love that. I had my eye on Valkyria Chronicles for years but never got to it.

8:14 PMeathdemonplatnuim is hinting at a new game

8:14 PM13Ucubeif you predict things that you know, you shouldn’t be wrong

8:14 PMjordan thompsonat this rate Nintendo is just waiting for the generation that knew f zero to die out , then as the last human that knew about it dies off they make f zero 2200 on the Nintendo Wii switch u 64

8:15 PM13UcubeDo you think the Japanese version of the Twinelle has less clothes?

8:16 PMeathdemonhere is a idea a track maker for mario kart?

8:16 PMeathdemonyeah I know it would never happen

8:16 PMjordan thompsonyou think a smash kart racer could work

8:16 PM13Ucubezelda maker

8:17 PMeathdemonofcourse it is……… nothing else to buy on the switch

8:18 PMeathdemonI want a new sonic and sega allstar racing transformed

8:18 PM13Ucubewhat was your favorite mini game in nintendo land

8:19 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsI liked Split/Second. That only racing game I actually bought myself.

8:19 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsThe*

8:19 PM13Ucubemetroid blast

8:20 PM13Ucubeyes

8:21 PMjordan thompsonif you hade to make a up to date sequel to the original donkey Kong arcade game how could you make it new and fun but in the vain of the original

8:22 PM13Ucubethe playstation version of frogger was a great game. It was true to frogger but did more

8:22 PMeathdemondo you think nintendo will reveal gc vc on switch at e3?

8:22 PMjordan thompsonisn’t donkey Kong vs Mario like the arcade kinda

8:23 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsFor the Gameboy Advance? I had the first one.

8:24 PMeathdemon​[message retracted]

8:24 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsMario vs Donkey Kong. That’s what I had.

8:24 PMFat Ember​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

8:24 PMjordan thompsonI pray for the people who write the guides for dark sould

8:25 PM Fat Ember was banned by Andrew Eisen.

8:25 PM13UcubeICE HOLE

8:25 PMGFY AHRe Tree Sawad everyone 😀

8:26 PM13UcubeThank you for answering all are questions

8:26 PM13Ucubeour questions

8:26 PMjordan thompsonI gotta go anyway, got my stand up act in about an hour

8:27 PMjordan thompsonI watched a bit of sanya the evil sounds ok you should look into it

8:28 PMJubaJubaJubbaJamsSo much anime. I can’t keep up.

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