Molehill Mountain Episode 48 – Andrew Is a Sick, Sick Man


The show must go on, horrible allergy attack be damned!

1:45 – The pros and cons of Bethesda’s Prey demo

8:41 – Bethesda still thinks trademarks mean you own words

18:36 – Greybox adds OST to physical version of RIME to justify higher price. Digital version will be cheaper, but not in Australia.

25:22 – Square Enix says bye-bye to Hitman dev IO Interactive

35:11 – Remedy’s Alan Wake to be delisted in wake of expiring music licenses

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:
6:56 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

6:58 PMeathdemonwhat switch game do you want them to reveal at e3? me its a mario maker port

6:59 PM13Ucubeyou’er live.and i didn’t have to refresh

6:59 PMGFY AHHey

7:00 PMeathdemonyou say that ezk, nut nintendo has done nonesense stuff before

7:00 PM13Ucubei lost 6 ebay auctions for GameCube games in the last 4 days in the last 20 seconds

7:01 PM13UcubeI have a desire to play a COLOR VERSION OF METROID 2

7:01 PMTheGypsyBrigaderip Andrew

7:01 PMGFY AHWhat about a Nintendo rhythm game?

7:03 PMeathdemonthe ps4 version has imput lag. the pc and xb1 version is better

7:03 PMeathdemonprey is great btw

7:03 PMGFY AHWhat GameCube games are looking for 13Ucube?

7:04 PMeathdemonyes it only have the first hour

7:04 PMjordan thompsondid you hear there’s going to be a game released along with war of the planet of the apes, I hope it’s a third person shooter where you can choose what side you want.

7:05 PMSeiruffhey andrew

7:05 PMeathdemonthe ps4 has confermed input lag btw

7:06 PMSeiruffhello andrew

7:06 PMeathdemonpc is 20 to 30 seconds

7:06 PMSeiruffhey andrew

7:06 PMSeiruffandrew hi

7:06 PMSeiruffandrew

7:07 PMSeiruffhey there andrew

7:07 PMSeiruffandrew hello

7:07 PM13Ucubeare you like 12 dude?

7:07 PMSeiruff14

7:07 PMeathdemonall the music stuff is fixed in the final game

7:07 PMSeiruffandrews

7:08 PMGFY AHlol

7:08 PMSeiruffhey buddy

7:08 PMSeiruffandrew hello

7:08 PMSeiruffdg


7:09 PMeathdemonprey isnt for everyone its a imersive sim. its about learning how to bend systems to your advantage


7:10 PMeathdemonpolygon pointed out that they have to be agressive becouse of how us trademark law works sadly

7:14 PM13UcubeDid McDonald’s tm the Big Mac? Could they have sued Nintendo for using little Mac in Mike Tysons punchout for confusion?

7:16 PMGFY AHLazy people

7:16 PMjordan thompsongame developers today : l™ and™ (cause logic)

7:20 PMeathdemonswitch tax. carts are not cheap

7:20 PMeathdemonretailers dont like it when digital is cheaper sadly

7:21 PMjordan thompsonto get a chip to taste that nasty takes talent = talent not cheap

7:21 PMeathdemonI am not joking if a major publisher try that gamestop/wallmart wouldnt carry the game

7:21 PMScottyJayManAustralia only had 1 tax, the GST

7:23 PMjordan thompsonAustralia, games cost more and ultra censored I don’t see how the PAL regions survived this long

7:23 PMGFY AHIs Gamestop still in businss?

7:23 PMeathdemonI havent bought a physcal game in years, but I am pc, and last time I did it was with amazon becouse I hate gamestops marketing

7:24 PMScottyJayManGetting game from US eshop would be more expensive

7:24 PMeathdemonyes, but they wont survive more than a few years

7:24 PMScottyJayManAUS eshop cost includes gst tax, us eshop doesn’t

7:26 PMjordan thompsongameco anyone

7:26 PMeathdemonthey lost 43 million on hitman though, so I dont blame square

7:28 PMjordan thompsonI remember a Hitman game did a ad deal with version and had a secret product reveal for version hidden in the game

7:28 PMCalGore94Doesnt help final fantasy 15 took 10 years and didnt even sell that much

7:28 PMeathdemonpc version only sold 615k and thats eposode 1 which is only 15 bucks

7:29 PMGFY AHLet’s hope Final Fantasy 7 remake is good

7:30 PMeathdemonhitman was a immersive sim. that most likely cost 60 to 80 mil to make

7:31 PMeathdemonif they sold the first epasode for 15, meaning they get 10. I could see not turningg a profit

7:31 PMjordan thompsonmy mom’s been working for the product development team for version since the 90s I got to test all the prototypes, I gotta play with the TV phone before it was showcased in the iron Man film

7:31 PMCalGore94Such a shame the new deus ex was such an amazing game, we most likely wont get a sequel for a awhile

7:32 PMjordan thompsonI meant Verizon

7:36 PMeathdemonif cod doesnt do as well as last year, which was down 50%, I could see cod going away. overwatch has 30mil+ and owned by the same company

7:37 PMeathdemonalan wake came out before digital was big on consoles. they werent expecting to sell it this long after release

7:43 PMeathdemonit wont be lost, the coppy is staying on steam

7:44 PM13Ucubewhats the difference between the 2.99 and 3.99 franchise?

7:44 PMjordan thompsonAlan wake : limited deaf edition

7:46 PM13Ucubesmartass. how did i know you’d say that

7:46 PM13Ucubelol

7:46 PMeathdemona stand alone expantion

7:47 PMeathdemondid you see the massive ransomware attack that happened yesterday

7:47 PM13UcubeI’m playing gamecube and old wii games in my backlog now

7:48 PM13UcubeI’ve never played mario sunshine or luigi’s mansion

7:48 PM13UcubeBTW. ebay auctions suckkkk

7:48 PMeathdemoncrazer thing have happened andrew

7:49 PMjordan thompsonI’m guessing​ it’s a survival horror with a camera function, those aren’t to common to Western society though in Japanese they’re are very popular

7:49 PMGFY AHLuigi’s mansion is great 13Ucube

7:49 PM13Ucubeit seems pretty cool. i like dark moon

7:50 PM13Ucubei’m waiting for mario sunshine to ship. I lost about 6 auctions before i finally gave up and did a buy it now

7:50 PMGFY AHnever play dark moon

7:51 PMeathdemonsega said they are planning more ports of older gameas

7:52 PMeathdemonmy dream, and it will never happen, is a pc port of skies of arcadia

7:52 PM13Ucubehe called you pigmeat

7:52 PMjordan thompsonhad project x zone since October but I’ve been playing Pokemon sun, sh!t takes forever to play god.

7:53 PM13UcubeDamn your Clout again Andrew. You and your clout

7:55 PM13UcubeHeadline: Andrew’s Clout ruins Anime

7:58 PMjordan thompsonanime is ruined for me so Im gonna base all anime and it’s likeability on the anime reviews of an indie YouTube (it’s the internet, expect brilliance? then your dumber than the people on it)

7:58 PMeathdemonI have been watching black butler

7:59 PMeathdemonstar fox zero polygon did not finish

8:00 PMeathdemonlast sports games I played were the nba/nfl street games

8:00 PM13UcubeHoly crap! If I want a loose copy of skies of arcadia, I can have it right now for the bargain of EIGHTY FLIPPING DOLLARS!!!

8:01 PMeathdemonidn if your paid to review games, you better give a good reason for not finishing it

8:02 PMjordan thompsoni could imagine someone today reviewing 1979 Alien, and only after watching the first 30 minutes then complaining about the pace, it’s called ambiance nimrod

8:02 PMGFY AHPeople don’t have time anymore

8:04 PMeathdemonI have seen large parts of all of them, and sevral of them in full.

8:05 PMjordan thompsonone word, the ten commandments (i know I said like five words or something, don’t give, I’m a free spirit, sue me)

8:05 PM13Ucubenemesis

8:05 PMeathdemonI watched nemesis in theater’s

8:07 PM13Ucubeinsurrection was the one with the face

8:08 PMjordan thompsonstar trek 20: it’s star trek we know you’ll watch it so give us your money already

8:09 PMGFY AHStar wars 4,5,6 are the best for me

8:09 PMjordan thompsonstar wars 32: it’s star wars you know the deal ships go pew pew and sabers go (saber noise)

8:10 PMeathdemondc does good video games, bad movies, marval good movies bad games lol

8:10 PM13Ucubejordan needs to right teasers. I’m friggin sold

8:12 PM13Ucubespeaking of your kids. they are awful quiet this week

8:12 PM13Ucubeoh, i just remembered. we all are supposed to buy zach a wii u.

8:13 PMjordan thompsonIndiana Jones 5: he’s older, in the desert, there’s an artifact somewhere, no aliens we learned our lesson

8:15 PMGFY AHIt belongs in a museum! Ha ha ha

8:16 PMjordan thompsonJurassic Park 5: it’s dinosaurs, we’ve done this gimmick 4 times, not much changes Dino’s attack days are ruin not sure why you come back but the money’s nice

8:18 PMGFY AHThanks bye

8:18 PM13Ucubeyou guys are awesome

8:18 PM13Ucubevote for zach anyway

8:19 PM13Ucubebtw, your twitter still says you are currently running for congress

8:19 PMjordan thompsonmolehill mountain podcast 48: it’s gaming news there’s billions of these types of shows, you chose this one shows your character

 8:21 PME. Zachary KnightYeah, I am lazy and haven’t changed it.

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