Molehill Mountain Episode 46 – Bandai Namco Fears PETA


Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of game developers like a potential complaint from PETA and its ilk.

Oh, by the by, it’s another Andrew solo show!  Yay?

2:00 – Announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL

15:15 – Super Bomberman R doubles frame rate by halving resolution

24:00 – Atlus updates Persona 5 streaming guidelines

31:06 – Kangaroo character cut from Tekken 7 due to fear of animal activists

As is often the case, the last hour of the show is simply chatting with the viewers about this and that.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:
6:58 PM13Ucubei cannot smell cinnamon

6:59 PMchezwezwhere is zachary

6:59 PMLakster37no EZK this week?

7:00 PMchezwezwhos is in the corner

7:00 PMJäñā 170Hi

7:00 PMCecil475Hey Andrew.

7:00 PMchezwezwoo made you look

7:00 PM13Ucubeliar.

7:00 PMCecil475B00! I’d rather watch this!

7:01 PMjordan thompsonif you use you now service you can have video guests

7:01 PM13Ucubethere’s a cinnamon smell

7:01 PMLakster37that shadow is his creepy hanging stuffed animal pole

7:01 PM13Ucubethere’s a gittle

7:02 PMCecil475I have friends in Sweden who has already seen the new Guardians movie.

7:03 PMjordan thompsonit’s just a regular gallows in there

7:03 PMeathdemonI wish they would let the 3ds die

7:03 PMNick BradleyI wont be buying one, but I think it looks well made

7:05 PMlittlegittelThere is no Gittle, only Zuul

7:05 PMLakster37blue and oragne? are they like the switch neon colors?

7:05 PMjordan thompson3ds,3dsxl,new3ds,2ds,2dsxl where’s my 1ds and 4ds god

7:06 PM13Ucubegittle and brother need to need to do fashion police for breath of the wild. sooooo, many outfits

7:07 PM13Ucubei am the keymaster!!

7:07 PMLakster37have they officially stopped making old 3ds/2ds units?

7:07 PMjordan thompsonremember when they tried to make the gameboy micro a third Piller HA…. that is all

7:08 PMCecil475But they just don’t have the resources!

7:08 PMCecil475says them.

7:10 PMLakster37I got one, it is pretty nice

7:10 PMCecil475and easier to leave on the bus. (micro)

7:10 PMjordan thompsonNintendo: more NES classics, or a new SNES classics, no no people want a 3ds without the 3d dial… oh we’ll name it the 2dsxl

7:10 PMSeiruffAndrew can I call you on Skype

7:10 PMSeiruffI wanna talk about laser discs

7:11 PMLakster37(actually, lots of people I talk to DO want a 3ds without the 3d mode)

7:12 PMjordan thompsonpeople upstairs: this guy talks to himself every Saturday for an hour… we’ll be weirder we’ll show em

7:12 PMchezwezall your boyfriends had small penises?

7:12 PM13Ucubemore balloon animals!!!

7:12 PMSeiruffThis would be an awesome call in show just saying

7:14 PMSeiruffWill you please pull down your pants and spread your ass cheeks and cough for us?

7:15 PMSeiruffPlease disregard that comment

7:15 PMLakster37you’ve got your medical procedures mixed up

7:15 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyMaybe they have more 2ds variations to show off at e3

7:15 PMI Love Woodchucks Society2ds xl lite

7:15 PMI Love Woodchucks Society2ds xl micro

7:15 PMCecil475*cough*

7:15 PMI Love Woodchucks Society2dsxl 2

7:16 PMSeiruffI feel like I’m the only one that thought the 2dsxl was completely pointless other than for nintendo to milk more money from its die hard fans

7:16 PMLakster37increased stability

7:17 PMjordan thompsonsorry this just popped in my head/ during the WHAT MY NEIGHBORS​ DON’T​ KNOW, guy in front of window: well that’s a crotch

7:18 PMSeiruffI liked bomberman 64

7:18 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyBomberman story mode was pretty much impossible for me to beat until the update


7:19 PMLakster37can you choose which you want with the update?

7:19 PMNick Bradleyhave you decided when youre going to try and get a switch?

7:19 PMSeiruffI don’t know what the irate gamer is talking about or why his hair is so long in this episode

7:20 PMalex THE greathi

7:21 PMkratos3821we knew right from the get go , that the switch was outdated hardware

7:21 PMjordan thompsonBomberman must have a hell of a time at TSA

7:21 PM13Ucubeget the KITTENS

7:22 PMCecil475I’m fine with multiplayer as long as they don’t ignore Single player. I’m looking at you, Grand Theft Auto V!

7:22 PMSeiruffNintendo is nothing but disappointments anymore

7:23 PMLakster37I mean… your hair IS longer than last week…

7:23 PMSeiruffThat star Fox game was the last straw for me. They Ruined what could have could have been amazing game with bad gimmicky controls

7:24 PMCecil475*hands*

7:24 PMCecil475just kiding

7:24 PMCecil475kidding I mean

7:24 PMjordan thompsonmarvel vs Capcom infinite and Injustice 2 opinions

7:25 PMLakster37“all your base” level of bad?

7:25 PMeathdemonI still stand by atlus us not care, its just atlus jp

7:25 PMeathdemonno not that bad

7:26 PM13Ucubeisn’t wd40 a degreaser?

7:27 PM13Ucubegrease is better

7:27 PMlittlegittelWD40 is amazing and can be used for everything. Most recently I used it on the hood of my car where my nieces put stickers thinking that it would be funny to decorate the car for

7:27 PMlittlegittelApril fools. I could have killed them. But, WD40 worked. it would also work on Brother’s chair

7:29 PMSeiruffAndrew what does your house smell like?

7:29 PM13Ucubesome people?? dumbness is widespread

7:30 PMeathdemonagain sega jp, not sega us that is important to point out

7:31 PMGFY AHHey Andrew

7:31 PMjordan thompsonlove how your sister is in the next room on the chat rather than sitting next to you…. effort?

7:31 PMlittlegittelnext time the girls have math problems, I’ll just spray them with WD40. They’ll ace their tests for sure. hahaha

7:32 PMGFY AHYou Had One Job videos are great.

7:32 PM13Ucubedegreased and disciplined

7:32 PMJoey Jojo Jr. ShabadooWHAT

7:32 PMjordan thompsonshe wants a cat … not sure if I trust her with WD-40

7:33 PMGFY AHLove Tekken

7:33 PMSeiruffI thought this show was about truckin

7:34 PMCecil475Animal rights losers.

7:35 PM13UcubeAndrew…Do you prefer Dragon Warrior 2 or 1? I know you love 3 and 4, but 2 seems to never get the love it deserves.

7:35 PMSeiruffAndrew I came in my sister and now I’m worried she’s pregnant. I thought you might have some advice for obvious reasons.

7:35 PMCecil475Someone, please think of the virtual kangaroos, lol.

7:36 PMJoey Jojo Jr. Shabadoonote to self, leave dog to fend for itself

7:36 PMCecil475@Seiruff: You should worry.

7:37 PMjordan thompsonvegans think we toucher chickens… have you ever tried to catch a chicken it’s hard … ever ran after a lettuce heads no you can’t that plan is stuck in the ground… vegans sick F_(&$

7:38 PMCecil475Meanwhile, kicking turtles in Mario… Someone think of the virtual turtles!

7:38 PMGFY AHSad

7:39 PMSeiruffMr. Hard lol

7:39 PMjordan thompsonwhat I love is these characters have been around forever and only now they are questioned … WHAT!!

7:40 PMkratos3821strwet

7:40 PMGFY AHMay be PETA need more money?

7:41 PMLakster37to be fair, maybe they are worried about zoo kanagroos?

7:41 PMLakster37apparently a few weeks ago a rhino in a french zoo was killed for its ivory…

7:42 PMkratos3821in street fighter you kick a bears behind!

7:43 PMjordan thompsonjust wait just wait … vegans: you can’t hit virtual kangaroo. then a virtual puppy neck snapping sim game will come out and they say it’s art…. because irrationality

7:44 PMGFY AHIt’s for fun xD

7:45 PMjordan thompsonyou need to watch Mario from Seth mcfarlens cartoon callamidy

7:46 PMjordan thompsoncan you react to it in the stream

7:47 PMeathdemonmost devs should handle it the way yoko taro did. he was asked about 2B’s look and he said I like prity girls lol

7:47 PMeathdemonthe lol part was mine

7:48 PMjordan thompsonwait till tekken makes a female Roger then we’ll get the feminists and Peta upset

7:48 PMTheRiverAnduinAndrew, posters on Miiverse who posted TMS#FE with the decensor hack have had their accounts banned

7:48 PMGFY AHstreet fighter x tekken has a bear

7:49 PMTheRiverAnduinoff topic sorry

7:49 PMjordan thompsonuh hu uh hu

7:49 PM13Ucube…Do you prefer Dragon Warrior 2 or 1? I know you love 3 and 4, but 2 seems to never get the love it deserves.

7:50 PMeathdemoncampare that to kojims’s thing. they ran with his excuse, but had almost no where to go with his

7:52 PMkratos3821Nintendo “thinking backwards since 1996”

7:53 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

7:54 PMjordan thompsonas you were sitting down Nintendo all I could imagine Infront of you was baby versions of Reggie and iwata sucking from pacifiers, playing with blocks and giving dumb looks

7:55 PMTheRiverAnduinsome japanese Switch games have english subtitles because of region free, maybe more developers will include them and only release one version worldwide

7:55 PM13UcubeNintendo doesn’t understand the INTER in internet. they thought we wouldn’t find out

7:57 PM13Ucubein a way, dragon warrior 1 is in 2

7:58 PM13Ucubethank u for answering my question

7:59 PMMax thebirdcagehiv

7:59 PMMax thebirdcagehi

7:59 PMScottyJayManLooks like they’ll be a Megaman collections 2, with 7-10 in it. PS4, xbone and Pc, but no mention on switch or 3DS

8:01 PMGFY AHThat would be cool for Mega man games but who know

8:02 PMMax thebirdcageIs that they replace the lack of imagination with vulgarity

8:02 PMTheRiverAnduinandrew did you play The Twin Snakes on Game Cube?

8:02 PMlittlegittelMetal Gear V is the one with the “build your face, even tho we won’t use it” right?

8:03 PM13UcubeThe reason emulators have a Fast Forward. Silly prologue!

8:05 PMjordan thompsonhe’s a theory what if this was reality, let’s say videogame characters where real and we’re like extreme actors and when not working on games they lived in our society and when there series dies cont.

8:05 PMjordan thompsonwhat kind of jobs would they get

8:05 PMeathdemonif you want weird McDonald’s has 2 anime shorts made lol

8:06 PMTheRiverAnduinoh Andrew Quiet has an all gold body paint camo unlock, and with venom Snakes Tuxedo camo i can imagine playing as 007

8:06 PMjordan thompsonsorry for all the miss spelling

8:06 PMkratos3821Nintendo “where big aaa 3rd party games has no place”

8:07 PMTheRiverAnduinps1 lacked a z-buffer, what the n64 had that helped the system render 3d better

8:07 PMeathdemonstill better than a system with 40MB carts. j/k I loved my n64

8:08 PMjordan thompsonif the 4ds was a thing “using the 5 sences as a selling factor” who would you promote it ?

8:08 PMjordan thompsonhow

8:12 PM13UcubeAndrew…You are going to love Breath of the Wild mr Dress up!!!

8:12 PMTheRiverAnduincrossdressing Link

8:13 PM13UcubeFluffy

8:14 PM13Ucube64 adjective fluffy

8:15 PMScottyJayManThat Ocarina of time frame rate …..😳

8:15 PM13UcubeI like doing stuff with my fx chip!!!

8:16 PMGFY AHWhat do you mean 13Ucube?

8:16 PMTheRiverAnduincapcom fit Resident Evil 2 on a 512Mbit cart

8:17 PMEnzo ZamudioCan you speak in your deepest voice ease

8:17 PMeathdemonthe switchs are still sold out

8:18 PMEnzo ZamudioPlease speak in a really deep voice

8:19 PM13UcubeTechnically, you need to buy 4 amiibo AND DLC for the complete game

8:19 PMEnzo ZamudioPlease speak deeply

8:19 PMTheRiverAnduinhow many video games does everyone have? I have including physical and digital copies I have close to 1200 games.

8:20 PMScottyJayManDo you think Disney characters will appear in MvC infinite, like Darth Vader?

8:20 PMlittlegittelWhen you own Animal Crossing, you only need one game. Boom!!!

8:20 PMkratos3821marvel vs capcom will follow the same street fighter 5 business model.

8:20 PMGFY AHI have a 100 Games oh so

8:22 PMjordan thompsonkeleigh is a rare sweet treat to the Andrew esien channel like Andrew making a skit doesn’t happen often … she’s in the house is it to much to ask if she comes on camera and says a quick hello

8:23 PMNightmare Ninjahello

8:24 PM13Ucubeno, you get outfits Mr outfits

8:24 PMlittlegittelThis is Andrew’s show, not mine. I am happy to say hi to you however Jordan, and thank you for the compliment. Even when I am not here, I watch this show and spend time in the chat anyway

8:25 PMeathdemonin steam alone I have 148

8:25 PMjordan thompsoncool have fun

8:25 PMNightmare Ninjaabout 50 for me

8:26 PMeathdemonI havent been to a gamestop in years, and it apears alot of people arent shopping there anymore

8:26 PM13UcubeThere are 4 sets of clothes that you get from Amiibo

8:27 PMjordan thompsonever played star wars episode 3 video game multiplayer it has a Jedi fighting game attached to it probably the best one out there to bad that never got a push

8:27 PMNightmare NinjaI saw that

8:28 PMkratos3821the last game i bought at gamestop was red dead redemption

8:29 PMlittlegittelRed Dead Redemption is AWESOME

8:29 PMlittlegittelnever played the UNdead redemption one though

8:30 PMjordan thompsonif Nintendo ever came out with a aromascope console “utilizing the 5 sences” how would you market it

8:30 PM13UcubeDid you prefer shadowgate over deja vu, Andrew?

8:30 PMeathdemonits a big deal becouse conflicts in eve take months

8:31 PMkratos3821the rdr ending was too predictable , you can see it coming after a few missions

8:31 PMeathdemonthats part of eve btw. truolling, scamming, steal is a ok so long as you dont hack its do what you want sandbox

8:32 PMlittlegittelwell sure, it is predictable. But…it’s call Red Dead REDEMPTION. There is only one place to go

8:32 PMjordan thompsonI’d like to get your opinion on my last question

8:32 PMCecil475All My Children, all through my childhood up until 2011 when it went off the air.

8:33 PMCecil475It had been going on for over 40 years

8:34 PMlittlegitteljiggly pudding!!!!!!

8:34 PMLakster37don’t taste the game carts!

8:35 PMGFY AHWho need porn xD

8:35 PMNightmare NinjaSorry, What did i miss?

8:35 PMkratos3821the switch is close to become a sex toy ….. senran kagura for switch anybody?

8:36 PMNightmare Ninjaabout senran, did you see my comment?

8:36 PM13Ucubeyes

8:37 PMCecil475I have that game. Death awaits you there. GameFaqs have a guide to all the deaths. Shadowgate, DejaVu and Uninvited.

8:37 PMjordan thompsonhas something in a game you’ve like most of the way though made you hate it by the end

8:37 PM13Ucubegeneral hospital

8:38 PMNightmare Ninjait’s in the video

8:38 PMNightmare Ninjaabout that game

8:38 PMCecil475Both General Hospital and All My Children were both created by Agnes Nixon, and took place in the same fictional ‘universe’

8:38 PMNightmare NinjaIt’s a dating sim from what the guy said

8:39 PMCecil475Hell N0!

8:39 PMCecil475XD

8:39 PMjordan thompsonwhen the revolution breaks out and I need to understand politics I’ll come to you since I didn’t watch the news today

8:39 PMGFY AHThanks Andrew take care

8:39 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:39 PMNightmare Ninjabye

8:40 PMkratos3821rock n’ roll hall of fame 2017 inductions

8:40 PMCecil475Squeek!

8:40 PMkratos3821hbo

8:40 PMNightmare NinjaI’ll jin in the next one

8:40 PM13Ucubealways enjoy molehills

8:40 PMNightmare Ninjajoin

8:40 PMCecil475Better that the White House thing.

8:40 PMjordan thompsonwhat ALL the amime

8:40 PMCecil475Good night Andrew!

8:41 PMkratos3821nite nite everybody , sleep tight

8:41 PMCecil475night!

8:41 PMCecil475Good thing too. My Chromebook is almost dead.

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