Molehill Mountain Episode 45 – Scar Wars


EZK and Andrew discuss Nintendo, Star Wars and Marvel TV shows.  You know, the important stuff!

19:07 – What if Nintendo allowed indie devs access to their IP?

32:34 – Did the NES Classic Edition have to die so that the SNES Classic Edition could live?

34:52 – Kylo Ren’s facial scar in Last Jedi doesn’t line up with the wound he received in Force Awakens. How much do we care?

50:30 – We discuss the first trailer for the Cloak and Dagger TV show

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:54 PMWarren LewisGotcha, loud and clear.

6:54 PMWarren LewisSo, to speak.

6:59 PM13UcubeI made it i made it

7:00 PME. Zachary KnightSorry 13. We have only 10 minutes or so left. 😉

7:00 PM13UcubeBreath of the wild has become an OCD collection fetch questothon

7:00 PME. Zachary KnightJust kidding. You are right on time.

7:00 PM13Ucubeyou had me going

7:01 PM13Ucubeis it vid live yet

7:01 PMeathdemonwhat are the other 5?

7:01 PME. Zachary KnightRefresh

7:01 PM13Ucubegot it


7:02 PMWarren LewisHi all!

7:03 PMjordan thompsonhey everyone so I haven’t been by in forever, been dealing with college and producing my new book, lifes been a b!+(#

7:04 PMCodeNameZhi guys

7:04 PMeathdemonbe interested in seeing what you think of KADO: THE RIGHT ANSWER

7:05 PMCodeNameZPlaying tokyo mirage sessions I need to say its sad people only know the game because of censorship

7:06 PMeathdemonlol

7:08 PMCodeNameZAlso I feel tokyo mirage sessions will be the next Xenoblade, I think in a year or 2 you will be only able to find the disc version on ebay for $0-$90

7:08 PM13UcubeI need help. Hyperkin RetroN 2 looks ridiculously pixelated. Want to play my dragon warrior 3. Is there a fix???

7:08 PMjordan thompsonhave you heard of retropalooza in Arlington TX it’s in October this year, I’m definitely going, would be awesome to see you there

7:11 PMCodeNameZYou have an editor? How much you pay that person?

7:12 PMCodeNameZBallruto? Sounds like a porn parody of Naruto

7:13 PMeathdemonhow did you miss avatar back in the day? its one of the best western cartoon’s ever

7:14 PMCodeNameZFriza: The planet will blow up in 5mins *3 episodes later they are still fighting on the planet*

7:16 PMCodeNameZfrieza*

7:17 PMeathdemonthere arent crunchyroll and funi did a deal last year to share thjeir stuff

7:18 PMCodeNameZI am playing censured and if I dont know if it is censured I would never notice

7:19 PMeathdemonweird thing is both netflix and amazon are starting to do seassonal anime

7:19 PMkratos3821Oklahoma the land of nothingness

7:21 PMjordan thompsonyou haven’t seen the basic cable version of the walking dead have you …. uhhh

7:21 PMCodeNameZoh yea the black smog over the breasts?

7:22 PMeathdemonthey dis little witch acadamia last seasson

7:22 PMeathdemonit was short, than made a second short, than a full seasson

7:23 PMCodeNameZBut what really bothers me in TMS is the charather Barry he should be an american but you can cleary hear a Japanese guy reading the English text

7:23 PMCodeNameZWell Minecraft is an idie game and they have the right to use Nintendo IP

7:24 PMeathdemonthe more positive example of that is the 2 zelda games by capcom

7:24 PMCodeNameZSEGA developed F Zero GX and AX

7:24 PMCodeNameZGX GAMECUBE AX Arcade

7:26 PM13Ucubeaxiom verge

7:26 PMCodeNameZaxiom verge

7:27 PMCodeNameZSorry for beeing a bit late

7:27 PMCodeNameZRemerber the story *30mins later* whats the name of the game?

7:27 PMScottyJayManNintendo should just allow Sega to make a Sonic game set in the mushroom kingdom. No need for Mario, Sonic rescues the princess from bowser, but typical Sonic levels.

7:28 PMjordan thompsonindie developer : yacht games / grade A developer : Nintendo / just sh!t : Phoenix games “don’t ask”

7:30 PMCodeNameZSo you mean like Retro studio is now? The last news we got from them was that they got new offices…. thats all

7:31 PMTartToothI doubt Nintendo would ever do that.

7:31 PMCodeNameZSwitch music 😉

7:33 PMCodeNameZWell at least Nintendo is not Square, if they are we would get Breath of the Wild on the Switch 2

7:33 PMjordan thompsonAndrew Andrew Andrew are you reading this, are you continuing to read this, I just wasted your time, JK I’ll stop it

7:34 PMGFY AHMay be nintendo hates are money?

7:35 PMScottyJayManWonder boy 3 just came out on switch

7:35 PMjordan thompsonhave you heard of Phoenix games, I’ll just say “snow white and the seven little boys”

7:35 PMeathdemonexk what do you think of the snes suff

7:35 PMScottyJayManAnd Kamiko on Switch is pretty good

7:36 PMCodeNameZWell I dont get it why Konami used Unity for Bomberman R, I mean Unity is usually used for multiplats not really for exlusives

7:36 PM13UcubeYou can have your poyo and tetris too

7:37 PMeathdemonlike I said ltp,earthbound, and crono triger becomes a insta buy for me

7:37 PMWarren LewisI’d have to take off work, so I can get up early and stand in line if there is a SNES Classic.

7:37 PMeathdemon]the switch is still sold out

7:38 PM13Ucubefor the headaches I am going through Andrew, I’m offering you money for your NES. I’ve been at this over a month

7:38 PMjordan thompsonagain I say Reggie is just swimming in a bank vault full of NES classics, I haven’t been proven wrong yet

7:38 PMCodeNameZWhy not just make a NES themed Switch with 30 build in Virtual Console games you get your NES classic but you can do much more

7:40 PM13UcubeIve already had to return 2 from eBay that don’t work and now this Hyperkin RetroN 2 looks like crap

7:41 PMGFY AHWhat about a RetroN 5 13Ucube

7:41 PMjordan thompsonlove how people dysect a teaser “I swear that one floating rock in the lower left corner has a deeper meaning, I got it that rock is a decent of windu, I don’t know you make since out of it.”

7:41 PMCodeNameZSomeone needs to give Star Wars fans a hobby

7:42 PMCodeNameZAnd shitting on the people making Star Wars is not a hobby

7:42 PMCodeNameZPlaying Wii U games is a hobby

7:42 PMScottyJayManJust a flesh wound.

7:43 PMjordan thompsonoh there pulling a looper snoke is kylo from the future to train his younger self …. wait crap I spoiled looper

7:44 PMeathdemonemo ran, instead of kylo ran

7:45 PMCodeNameZWell if that was in Star Wars I would watch the movie

7:46 PMeathdemonthe jedi order goes though this so much, you would think they would let the order just stay deads

7:46 PMeathdemondead

7:47 PMjordan thompsonOMG like it would totally be impossible to learn the light and dark side at the same time ….kadur

7:48 PMeathdemonif I were the republic, I would make force use illegal

7:48 PMCodeNameZStorm truppers makes no sense, they are the best of the best most elite force there is….. and you never see them hitting something, if it was real life everyone would be dead

7:48 PMCodeNameZBy the Storm Truppers

7:49 PMjordan thompsonit’s purtty

7:49 PMeathdemonwho know suppressing emotions was bad?! just every psychologists, so are the jedi the sw version of the anti vaxers

7:50 PMCodeNameZGee how I miss spelled troopers 2 times

7:51 PMGFY AHIt’s all good CodeNameZ

7:52 PM13UcubeANY OTHER ACTOR could have made Anakin a better character

7:52 PMCodeNameZI dont get it why DV build the Death Star in the first place, it is huge, cost to much to control, you can fire once every 24h why not just built milions of nukes with that money

7:52 PMjordan thompsonif they do a hermit obi wan stand alone film I wanna see a scene of obi wan having nightmares about a mangled Anakin

7:53 PM13UcubeI mean Hayden was horrible

7:55 PMCodeNameZNew Warrior? like Ninja Warrior 😉

7:55 PMCodeNameZjk

7:55 PMjordan thompsonfor the castlevania show I wanna see some punch a brick and it turn into a turkey leg

7:56 PMeathdemonis there a market fot teens on tv? I assumed youtube owns their souls lol

7:57 PMeathdemonfor

7:57 PMjordan thompsonArchie is a teen crime drama, I swear if the peanuts becomes a fantasy lord of the rings rip I’ll freak

7:59 PMjordan thompsonGarfield becomes a bubby cop show

8:00 PMCodeNameZOne question for you guys, would you like to see Nintendo letting the Switch to use external hard drives even if it is only for dock mode

8:01 PMGFY AHI don’t think Nintendo would do that.

8:01 PMGasKanOnFireI thought that Nintendo said that it would be HDD support would be added later.

8:02 PMCodeNameZThat is like watching “Agent from Shields” and hopping to see the Avengers there

8:02 PMeathdemon“eventually”

8:02 PMGFY AHnever mind

8:03 PMjordan thompsonneeding those bombs on the plane

8:03 PMGasKanOnFireCan’t Grant Ward stay dead!?

8:03 PM13UcubeDude, it’s much more likely that you will be playing Breath of the wild and getting Fing SEEDS aaaahh seeds

8:04 PMScottyJayManDon’t forget your massive dog

8:04 PMCodeNameZLets try to play Breth of the Wild but Pokemon Go style

8:05 PMScottyJayManAnd she’s now become her meme

8:06 PMCodeNameZYou move Link with the analog and you run in that direction Link is going

8:07 PMGasKanOnFireLOL Karen. She is a mortgage commercial and she is wearing a onesie that have shorts instead of full pant legs.

8:08 PMjordan thompsonseems like marvel is scraping the bottom of the barrel all we need now is full fledged versions of blade, throg, Howard the duck, Astro dog. wait one of these seems out of place and way more badass

8:09 PMCodeNameZIs there a Superhero movie moment you wanted to punch someone because you cannot belive how stupid it was

8:11 PMCodeNameZHouse acting like a crazy person? So nothing new

8:11 PMCodeNameZI dont get it why Marvel is refrencing Howard the Duck that much it just seams so random

8:11 PMjordan thompsonchaning Tatum is still on the number one spot for playing Gambit in the future, Andrew please fix this not sure how but you can get it done right

8:12 PMCodeNameZThey refrences Howard the Duck in the phineas and ferb and the Avengers crossover episode

8:13 PMjordan thompsonI trust you more but thats not what I implied

8:13 PMCodeNameZMan of Steel does not have a moment 90% of the movie was stupid

8:14 PMCodeNameZThe only thing I liked about Man of Steel was the begginig so before Kal El comes to earth

8:14 PMGasKanOnFireStorm asking the lightning question. Was my top worst comic movie moment.

8:14 PMeathdemonstill upset at dc for messing up the animated version of the killing joke.

8:15 PMjordan thompsonmarvel films, DC films even dark horse, where’s my freakazoid and powdered toastman movies

8:15 PMeathdemonmy fav xcom cartoon is still xmen evolution

8:16 PMScottyJayManAny of you guys getting the Disney afternoon collection games?

8:17 PMjordan thompsonimagine if Logan held onto the classic suite in his old age and at some point he had no close and that was his only choice the theater would burst in laughter

8:17 PMCodeNameZ*in a classroom* “The name of Georges Washington wife was Martha” *Batman jumps in* WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME

8:17 PMeathdemonthey added a crepy love story that was not needed

8:18 PMjordan thompson“clothes”

8:19 PMCodeNameZI want Pepsiman to return as a game

8:19 PMCodeNameZNo joke

8:20 PMCodeNameZThere is a Did you Know gaming video about Pepsiman

8:20 PMeathdemonfreakazoid was just weird

8:20 PMGFY AHThanks bye

8:20 PMjordan thompsonlike when I suffered through secret life of pets cause ever five minutes they’d say Katie 50 times in a row, which happens to be my long distance girlfriends name

8:21 PMGasKanOnFirequestion

8:21 PMCodeNameZAsk it than

8:21 PMGasKanOnFiregg

8:22 PMGasKanOnFireI can remember all the facts to ask the question so I withdraw 🙂

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