Molehill Mountain Episode 42 – The Nicki Minaj Special


This week’s show is all about Nicki Minaj, from our favorite video to the time she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and Andrew somehow failed to notice!

0:06 – Minaj à Nicki

13:40 – A moment of silence for Mad Catz who is no longer with us

19:17 – PETA takes issue with milking minigame in 1-2 Switch

39:52 – Cards Against Humanity threatens to buy and publish Congresspersons’ browser histories if FCC privacy protection rule is repealed

57:17 – Twitter hears cries of “egg” accounts harassing people. Fixes it by removing egg image.

1:02:16 – Warner had a fun damage control week with a box art misprint saying LEGO City Undercover required a download bigger than the actual game

The last 45 minutes of the show is just a rambling free for all!

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

5:39 PMCecil475Hi guys.

6:35 PMeathdemonadult swim wins April fools

6:37 PMAndrew EisenOh? What did it do?

6:39 PMeathdemonless up a joke, more of a surprise, but still.

6:41 PMAndrew EisenWant to like that show. So much incredible thought, craft, imagination and intelligence in the writing but I honestly can’t stand it.

6:41 PMeathdemondont mind it, but not huge fan ether, but still a good way to win April 1st.

6:47 PME. Zachary KnightHello

6:48 PME. Zachary KnightSaturdays and Sundays just aren’t good days for me when it comes to April Fools. I am just way too busy to be able to follow anything.

6:50 PMeathdemonadult swim have come a shockingly big in the games industry as a leading indie publisher, with a very very good track record

6:55 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

6:55 PMAndrew EisenReferring to something specific?

6:56 PMkratos3821after a few big aaa announcements , it’s obvious that nintendon’t gonna have aaa support

6:57 PMAndrew EisenWho is damage controlling and how?

6:58 PMkratos3821that’s slogan for t-shirt

6:58 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “who’s damage controlling and how?”

6:59 PM13Ucubeyoutube policies suck

7:00 PM13Ucubethey don’t give live announcements for your channel

7:01 PMeathdemonstar wars battlefront 2

7:01 PMeathdemongiven how switchs are selling, I hope they kill off the 3ds

7:03 PMeathdemonsounds like you should have used your gps lol

7:04 PM13UcubeIs the third stamina wheel worth building or should I just get hearts?

7:06 PM13UcubeAah yes, Attention Deficiency

7:09 PMeathdemonandre I sent you a tweat, I would like to hear you and ezk reaction to it, I found it funny.

7:10 PMAndrew Eisen…

7:11 PM13Ucubebtw, thanks for getting Daytona stuck in my head

7:13 PMMixtape TroyDid Andrew come out as gay?

7:14 PMeathdemonI think 11 or something

7:15 PMMixtape TroyI expected something like that from you today.

7:17 PMMixtape TroyYeah Apr 1st

7:18 PMLakster37😭 I knew it! they were actors!

7:18 PMMixtape TroyTruman?!

7:19 PMLakster37I bet you don’t even live in Oklahoma, do you?

7:19 PMMixtape TroyAndrew you’re a liar.

7:19 PMCyberjinI hire actors too, but for friends

7:19 PMMixtape TroyYou’re way to lean and handsome to be a lush

7:20 PMMixtape TroyWho’s Mad Cats?

7:21 PMLakster37I think that’s the first time I saw EZK without a hat

7:21 PMeathdemongood riddens all their stuff was crap

7:21 PMLakster37it’s with a “z”, silly. that’s how you knew they were quality 😛

7:22 PMMixtape TroyZackary’s connection sounds and looks really poor.

7:22 PMmonkeyboiZach sounds like a glitch robot

7:23 PMMixtape TroyYikes.

7:23 PMeathdemondam ezk thats bad

7:23 PMMixtape Troy8 people sharing it can’t be helping.

7:23 PMTrilinkthanks to Breath of the Wild, i can catch this live for once!

7:23 PMeathdemonset up a second acess point

7:24 PMLakster37why are there so many devices on wifi? I thought your family was a sham. aren’t you alone?

7:24 PMCyberjinget extenders for your wifi

7:24 PMMixtape Troylol

7:25 PMMixtape TroyYeah I hear that’s where all their money went

7:25 PMLakster37I guess that makes sense for them to want to publish a game w/ so many peripherals… did they ever publish any other games?

7:26 PMNick BradleyJust came in and so far Ive heard nothing about Nicki Minaj…

7:26 PMeathdemonI have just ignored peta, they are just begging for attention

7:26 PMLakster37… that game is just called “Milk” …?

7:27 PMMixtape Troy@Lakster37 if ARMS is just called ARMS…

7:27 PMLakster37does that stand for something?

7:28 PMLakster37for some reason I always thought it did, maybe it doesn’t

7:28 PMMixtape TroyDon’t think so

7:29 PMLakster37Are your udders ready?

7:30 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyDoes anyone actually take PETA seriously?

7:30 PMMixtape TroyPETA’s trolling is growing more and more obvious as time goes on.

7:33 PMNick BradleyLol there is no way they wrote that, that is insane

7:33 PMLakster37do they emphasize “switch” in their written statement?

7:34 PMAndrew EisenHere’s the link if you don’t believe me:…

7:34 PMLakster37you could see how many almonds are in a cup… that you shake around to make almond milk?

7:34 PMeathdemonwell peta is insane, someone get peta some peta bread

7:34 PMCyberjinthey shouldn’t be taken seriously

7:35 PMCyberjinlosing credibility

7:36 PMNick BradleyHoly cow, that is udderly insane.

7:36 PMLakster37nah, they just do these things for publicity. I don’t think they actually care about most depictions of animals in games

7:38 PMLakster37(Japan – are they anywhere else?)

7:40 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyI love woodchucks, and I have no problem with how they were poorly represented in the video game “Over the Hedge”

7:41 PMLakster37but no one would have ever read it

7:41 PMeathdemongood example prison architect

7:42 PMlittlegittelWait, games don’t represent reality? You mean there aren’t fire breathing flowers in the sewer?

7:43 PMkratos3821p.e.t.a “people enjoying tits and asses ” , that’s the reason why they’re bad at taking care of animals

7:44 PMeathdemonspec ops the line

7:45 PMLakster37no kratos, if they’re busy doing that, then they can’t be abusing animals

7:45 PMLakster37or… at least not as much

7:47 PMeathdemonthey cant anyway most of the web is h t t p s btw, all they can see is domain names nothing else

7:48 PMHoqZz-Hello its hoqzz- here

7:50 PMHoqZz-Hello andrew eisen and e zachery night

7:51 PMHoqZz-Typo

7:54 PMMixtape TroySo… what effectively is happening?

7:54 PMMixtape TroyThere’s a lot of conflicting info

7:55 PMLakster37I get specific ads from Google based on specific searches and stuff I’ve done, though

7:55 PMLakster37but that DOES actually happen NOW

7:55 PMLakster37if you go searching for semen, there’s a good chance you’ll get semen ads…

7:57 PM13Ucubenothing is actually changing because Congress doesn’t ever ACTUALLY do anything

7:58 PM13Ucube… except spend money they don’t have

7:58 PMMixtape TroyOkay. I was thinking they were going to be selling data now

7:58 PMLakster37they can now

7:58 PMMixtape TroyOh so Comcast and Time Warner and their ilk lobbied for this

7:59 PMLakster37definitely

7:59 PMLakster37so does Google not sell that search info? they just use it for themselves? or do they sell to other advertisers as well?

8:01 PMMixtape Troy(Big) Business as usual in America.

8:01 PMLakster37you’re hampering the free market, Andrew

8:02 PMMixtape TroyYour connection has improved though, Zack!

8:03 PMLakster37idk why, I’m surprised they haven’t completely shut of ezk’s internet with what he’s been saying

8:03 PMeathdemonif I were king for a day, I would force line sharing

8:05 PMSheriff Texasandrew is epic 🙂

8:05 PMMixtape TroyWow my god your reading voice was perfect

8:06 PMeathdemonjust make the tools ver acounts get avalable to all, if it costs to much have people paay $5 a month for people who want them

8:06 PMlittlegittelVery Marie Antoinette of them. “We don’t have bread” ” let them eat cake.” Eggs are harassment.” “Change the icon”

8:08 PMLakster37I think “not all eggs” is a perfect description

8:09 PMLakster37corn rows, Andrew

8:11 PMLakster37I’m pretty sure Wii U used something similar to blu-ray… not DVD

8:11 PMScottyJayManWii U disc was proprietary, holds 26gb

8:12 PMLakster37right, just like Wii, but Wii was basically DVD. Wii U is very similar to bluray, at least from my understanding

8:12 PMLakster37only Australians cared about this?

8:15 PMeathdemonits not solid state, its faster than a disc, but slower than a ssd

8:16 PMLakster37my thought was, maybe it was just something that was leftover from ps4 or xb1 box?

8:16 PMeathdemonin fact digital foundry found internal memory to be the fastest way to load games

8:16 PMJacks 47My

8:17 PMLakster37it may be slower, but I’m pretty sure it’s still solid state…

8:17 PMLakster37you could call n64 carts solid state

8:18 PMeathdemonits solid state, but not a ssd

8:19 PMScottyJayManPsp go was 🙂

8:19 PMLakster37it’s pretty much a proprietary flash cart isn’t it?

8:19 PMLakster37haha ^

8:19 PMCarl KingI expected twerking guys 😊

8:19 PMScottyJayManDepends on the time zone

8:20 PMLakster37so that means you’ve tried?

8:20 PMCarl King👍😋

8:21 PMCarl KingTrump 2020

8:22 PMCarl King🗽

8:22 PM13Ucubewhat’s your idea for 24 hr game a thon that you say you are going to probably forget??

8:23 PMLakster37We want for everything but Switch

8:23 PMScottyJayManMore of you watching kitties 😳

8:23 PMLakster37why doyou need patience for Let’s Plays? There’s not much editing at all… just record and upload

8:23 PM13Ucubebtw Zachary thank u for subscribing!!

8:24 PMkratos3821nintendo it’s just not being supported by aaa and the few games they’ll get are gonna cost 10 bucks more…. Nintendo fans “2017 and still damage controlling”

8:24 PMCarl KingI subbed because you masturbated to kittens so don’t know what i expect lol

8:25 PMMixtape Troy@Lakster37 syncing game audio and voice audio, cutting of certain footage, lowering white noise levels, etc

8:26 PMLakster37I think people would most want you to do ASMR btw, Andrew

8:26 PMMixtape TroyWatching, re-watching, editing levels, re-watching

8:26 PMMixtape TroyLots goes into Let’s Playing

8:26 PMLakster37yeah, most Let’s plays don’t do that… maybe dividng it up in 20 min parts

8:26 PMLakster37but that’s not that difficult, especially if you just record it that way

8:28 PMLakster37yeah, I completely understand that most videos require lots of editting, I was just saying: Let’s Plays are one of the few types of videos that really don’t…

8:28 PMLakster37just set up everything the way you want, record it that way, and post

8:29 PMMixtape TroyAgree to disagree Lakster. Try it out if you haven’t, lot more to it than you would think.

8:31 PMLakster37If you want to go through the process of editing out boring bits, yes I agree. But if you’re literally just showing everything, like a live stream divided into parts

8:32 PMLakster37which a lot of Let’s Plays do, it’s not that hard

8:32 PMMixtape TroyYou were presenting facts, not pandering to Nintendo, Andrew.

8:32 PMMixtape TroyThey get like that.

8:33 PMLakster37it’s nowhere near 3 dozen is it?

8:34 PMMixtape TroyMore like one dozen Lakster

8:34 PMLakster37yeah let’s what I’d say lol

8:36 PMLakster37see that sort of thing starts getting into what I would consider more of a review, maybe with lots of gameplay. but to me the benefit of Let’s Play is people experiencing a game with their audience

8:37 PMMixtape TroyChuggaconroy’s level of quality is unreal

8:37 PMLakster37alright, fair enough

8:39 PMCarl KingYou need to get voice over work bro i think even Alex Jones made about 800k one year from it and your voice is better 🗨😮

8:43 PMCarl King50 shades of Trey Gowdy 😎

8:43 PMLakster37shapes of grey? were you saying words you wouldn’t want to repeat on the podcast?

8:43 PMMixtape TroyDamn that sucks Andrew

8:44 PMLakster37well most people hear their own voice lower than they do. for you, it’s not possible to be lower Andrew 😛

8:45 PMMixtape TroyBarbershop Quartets?!

8:47 PM13UcubeWe need more barbershop vids Andrew

8:51 PM13UcubeDescant is so fun

8:51 PMCarl King😂

8:52 PM13UcubeAnyway the wind blows

8:54 PMMixtape TroyIt’s interesting to hear you guys explain the things I hear in your words

8:56 PMMixtape Troy6k views and counting on that video

8:56 PMCarl Kingloved it guys i need to do pull ups on the neighbours stairs anyway 💪✌

8:57 PMCarl KingHaha

8:58 PM13UcubeAre they ever going to restock the Classic edition

9:00 PMLakster37that’s more than 1 bit on controls…

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