Molehill Mountain Episode 41 – Critical With Love


Andrew and Zachary don’t have anything nice to say about the new Justice League trailer or the recent Iron Fist show on Netflix but hey, at least they keep the show to about an hour this week!

17:18 – We badmouth the new Justice League trailer!

37:08 – We badmouth the new Iron Fist Netflix show!

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:00 PMeathdemonI finish nier this week, amazing game

7:01 PMCecil475Cool. I dragged my Wii out of the mothballs, and am playing a Phoenix Wright game on it, and well and Zelda: Twilight Princess.

7:01 PMCecil475as well, not and well. Oops.

7:02 PMPeter GenslerJust finished watching your 3rd party Switch video, it’s incredibly disappointing to realize how much fluff is on that list.

7:02 PMeathdemonzack since your a web dev, what do you think of the google Symantec stuff this week

7:04 PMPeter Genslerhow about your thoughts on that senate thingy about ISPs being allowed to sell our history?

7:04 PMeathdemongoogle is basically revoking Symantec ev cert privileges in upcoming crome versions.

7:06 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

7:10 PMmoinintendoHello Guys !

7:10 PMSuperMetalDave64Nice video on the Third Party situation on Switch, I tweeted out your video so hopefully more see it. Basically no AAA Third Part support is a bummer but it has a lot of indie games

7:11 PMeathdemonwell that crap makes me proud to be using adblock

7:11 PMPeter GenslerI wonder if some day youtube will not allow adblock if you want to view the site

7:12 PMAndrew EisenThanks Dave!

7:12 PMSuperMetalDave64No problem 😃

7:12 PMPeter GenslerOh I’m super perverted so the thought of my history somehow going public would ruin me lmao

7:16 PMTassadarkyYou can hide the number of likes v dislikes

7:17 PMTassadarkyYeah, they still stay there

7:17 PMPeter GenslerDaaaamn that’s a good find.

7:18 PMeathdemonlol

7:18 PMTassadarkyDamn, I remember seeing one of those printers in my local BB back in the day

7:18 PMmoinintendoWow ! When I bought Pokemon Stadium, the box only contained the game 😢

7:19 PMScottyJayManGonna listen to you guys while playing Splatoon 2

7:19 PMeathdemonI played blue on my tv using the xfer pack

7:20 PMGasKanOnFirethat shadow in the back looks like mario holding a beer.

7:21 PMHardensoul 72Gaskan, good catch it does lol

7:21 PMeathdemoncan we just acept that all dc movies will be bad, and be done with it.

7:21 PMGasKanOnFire😃

7:21 PMTrey HolmesThe Main reason i hate the Underworld series

7:22 PMScottyJayManBrown snow is the worst

7:26 PMeathdemonwhile I am very concerned I have more hope for the netflix death note movie, than anything dc will do

7:27 PMChubzdoomerWADDUP Andrew

7:27 PMTrey Holmesi still gotta finish the first season of death note

7:30 PMPeter GenslerYes brown snow is terrible. Edmontonian here. 80% of winter the sides of the street are lined with brown windrows of ice and dirt.

7:30 PMGasKanOnFireI predict 95% chance of brown snow in the Wonder Woman movie.

7:30 PMTrey Holmesam i the only person who liked man of steel?

7:31 PMPeter GenslerI mean it IS WW1, of course there’s going to be dirt and rubble everywhere.

7:31 PMGasKanOnFireIs that the one that had Shaq?

7:31 PMTrey Holmessuperman

7:32 PMGasKanOnFireWasn’t there a superman movie that had Shaq in it? It was part of the Death of Superman BS.

7:33 PMTrey Holmesyea i think so

7:34 PMGasKanOnFireWouldn’t that monstrosity of a logo block the sun?

7:35 PMTrey Holmesi dont like the way cyborg looks at all too much cgi

7:37 PMPeter GenslerI don’t know much about DC so it’s confusing how Cyborg looks normal in the trailer scene but like a cyborg on the poster. Is he disguised Terminator style?

7:37 PMGasKanOnFireIf you want a good Superman vs Batman, watch the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

7:37 PMTrey Holmes^

7:38 PMGasKanOnFireHam fist confirmed.

7:41 PMGasKanOnFireCool I’ll check that out.

7:43 PMTrey Holmesdoes it atleast get you pumped for the 2nd season?

7:45 PMeathdemonwell thats the point. he is a shity person in the comics

7:54 PMJoshua BowmanHarold Meachum was an amazing Villain IMO

7:54 PMJoshua BowmanAbout the only good part about the show lol

7:56 PMScottyJayManIt’s Squid time!

7:58 PMharysan dedoritoWhat does your shirt say?

8:02 PMharysan dedoritoSucks that Rouge One wasn’t very good.

8:02 PMGasKanOnFireForensics Files is the best thing on netflix

8:02 PMPeter GenslerReally? I’ve only seen the scene on the frigate where the rebel soldiers escape on the corvette, and that was great. Saw it on FB when it was trending.

8:03 PMharysan dedoritoSupernatural is the best show on Netflix fight me

8:04 PMharysan dedoritoYeah way better than Episode 7, I agree.

8:05 PMGasKanOnFireIf I was losing netflix I would watch the series finale of Star Treck Voyager.

8:05 PMPeter GenslerLater, good show.

8:06 PMGasKanOnFireSeriously Andrew what is up with the Mario Shadow in the background.

8:06 PMharysan dedoritoI didn’t notice that.

8:08 PMGasKanOnFireGG everyone.

8:08 PMeathdemonyoutube is complex for politicians

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