Molehill Mountain Episode 39 – Much Better Than the Owner of a Broken Switch


We have a gameplan this week but that doesn’t stop us from spending the last 45 minutes of the podcast yammering about movies, anime, comics, video games, super heroes and other stuff. We can’t help ourselves!

24:23 – The Nintendo Switch’s myriad hardware issues

42:35 – Game companies don’t want anyone fixing their hardware but them

51:23 – Nintendo wins lawsuit against maker of flash carts

57:12 – Valve won’t count your review score for any Steam game you obtained for free

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

5:41 PMCecil475hi everyone! I’m very early here tonight.

6:12 PMTeresa HammondCan I just say that I really appreciate the Yes reference?

6:22 PMAndrew EisenOf course! I’m always pleased when someone gets my silly references!

6:37 PMeathdemonhi

6:57 PMFAZE TOOFHey bro can my channel get a shout out please

6:58 PMAndrew Eisen13UCube, if you’re there… HIT REFRESH!!!

6:58 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.


6:58 PMCecil475Hello!

6:59 PMFAZE TOOFHi bro can my channel get a shout out

7:01 PMeathdemonI am the minority in I like things like item management. I have always liked the idea of prep for the big adventure, but that puts me in the minority

7:01 PMjordan thompsonso is it possible to get the master sword, because if it breaks I don’t know how much I’d want to use it

7:01 PMeathdemonyes, and it doesnt breack it goes on cd

7:04 PMjordan thompsonhey Peter Frampton pass the joint … wait this isn’t Woodstock

7:05 PM13UcubeThanks for the notice

7:05 PM13UcubeI actually just got here

7:05 PMjordan thompsonI don’t believe you show use your underwear … what to far?

7:08 PMjordan thompsonI use wet whips instead of toilet paper so I get a person every other week asking about my kids (that don’t exist yet)

7:09 PM13Ucubehave you heard the story about Cass Clemmer wanting to destigmatize periods with Toni the Tampon

7:09 PMjordan thompsonI bet Zack has stories about a pregnant wife making him a pack mule

7:11 PMeathdemonif gamepolitics was around, you would be writing about the Swedish Politician Who Streams Hearthstone

7:12 PMeathdemonyes there is a ekected opfical who talked policy, while playing haerthstone

7:12 PME. Zachary KnightYes, that would be a story it would have covered.

7:13 PMeathdemonI just find it funny. when I see stuff like that I go wtf what world do we live in

7:16 PMjordan thompsonif you’re doing bucket list questions here’s on “have you ever had a moment where you felt oh I fuc&ed up big time”



7:18 PMMsd8115Pokemon go makes me get off my lazy ass and go walk

7:18 PM13UcubeIf you wipe your touchscreen, it may actually hit the right keys when you type

7:18 PMMsd8115what are we wiping off our screen?~

7:18 PMlittlegittelAnd I STILL haven’t played in a gym.

7:20 PMMsd8115beard guy is best guy tbqh

7:20 PMSuperMetalDave64Hey guys/Kelly, hope you are doing well, good show as usual


7:21 PMMsd8115I feel so special <3

7:21 PMlittlegittelDave!,,,

7:21 PMlittlegittelHello

7:21 PMSuperMetalDave64Hey

7:21 PMlittlegittelAnd yes…Brother knows Pokemon super well

7:21 PMMsd8115I prefer digimon, nothing better than metal Pokemon with big ass laser cannons on their backs

7:21 PMjordan thompsonhave you had your helping of a Nintendo switch SD card today it’s the new health fad ….AHH HUMANS​

7:22 PMMsd8115ash never ages

7:22 PMSuperMetalDave64People are kind of upset with me today, but hey Nintendo fans a touchy bunch, sensitive. lol

7:22 PMeathdemondid you what Pokemon generations? by far the best Pokemon serries

7:23 PMSuperMetalDave64Lol

7:23 PMeathdemonwell that nintendo fans in a nutshell sadly



7:23 PMMsd8115I made a typo °~¿

7:24 PMMsd8115I made another, I want to die

7:24 PM13UcubeI like wii music

7:24 PMMsd8115mad world was a good game

7:24 PMMsd8115and so was the conduit

7:24 PMSuperMetalDave64Vitality Sensor

7:24 PM13UcubeI can’t stand smash. I don’t get why everyone slobs those fighting game nobs

7:25 PMeathdemonand Nintendo brought back friend codes f friend codes , no seriously f friend codes

7:25 PMMsd8115we don’t talk about the conduit 2

7:25 PMMsd8115a different voice actor and a complete change in direction in the story? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

7:25 PMjordan thompsonstill waiting on the N64 DD in America … Nintendo why you hate me

7:26 PM13Ucubejust unlocked eldin tower at base of death mountain

7:26 PMeathdemonthere was a tar down video, and the left one has a on board atena wtf

7:26 PMeathdemonwhy did they think that was a good idea

7:27 PMMsd8115the st and scratching the screen, Gg no re

7:27 PMMsd8115uhm nope.avo

7:28 PMMsd8115it’s a feature.fallout 4

7:28 PMjordan thompsonME: my Nintendo switch breathes fire and ate my baby Nintendo: And?…

7:28 PMMsd8115is it a feature?

7:28 PM13Ucubeholy crap, i literally just caught on fire trying to get closer to Death Mountain. Looks like I have to turn back.

7:30 PMMsd8115hey cube. just don’t catch on fire lmao

7:30 PM13UcubeI’m pretty sure they scrapped Kerbal Space Program for Wii U but they have yet to pull it off there Coming Soon titles on the website

7:30 PMeathdemondid you see the left joycon tar down videos?

7:30 PMLakster37it reminds me of the 3ds self=scratching screen…

7:32 PMMsd8115we created a new error screen

7:32 PMLakster37yeah the straps for mine were hard to get off, but didn’t get stuck

7:33 PMLakster37i dont like the l/r buttons with it on though, way too mushy

7:33 PMjordan thompsonturned on my switch and it light green screaming ZOOL motherfuc&er … now I’m stuck in limbo with slimer

7:33 PMeathdemonI am glad I spent my switch money on a 144hz monitor instead

7:34 PMMsd8115I don’t know how if its legit or not, but someone on give made an article about how the joycon has bad reception when shoved up their ass.

7:34 PMMsd8115vice* but knowing vice I have no idea if its satire or not

7:36 PMjordan thompsoni got my 360 about a year after the release I’ve left the console running for days by accident many times my console is like 7 years old and still works like a bute

7:36 PMMsd8115ill look for the article

7:36 PMeathdemonthat charging port is video out too, that is why

7:37 PMMsd8115found it

7:37 PMSeiruffandrew i farted and some stool came out

7:37 PMSeiruffany advice?

7:37 PMLakster37isn’t this only limited to wanting to use this in “tabletop” mode? you can still plug in usb c charger if you’re using as a “handheld” to charge it

7:37 PMMsd8115never mind I can’t post it


7:37 PMeathdemonit seems nfc based, so hoping a 3rd party cracks that


7:38 PMSeiruff!!!!

7:38 PMMsd8115eath, they already did, check /v/

7:38 PMSeiruffit’s getting in my keyboard

7:38 PMLakster37yeah, dreamcast was cause of the vmu at top



7:39 PMMsd8115drink bleach to clean your stool

7:39 PMLakster37isn’t a “stool” usually solid? sounds like diarrhea to me

7:39 PMLakster37you should get that looked into

7:39 PMjordan thompsonstill waiting on the Sega Jupiter … sega why you no love me

7:40 PMMsd8115I want Reggie inside me

7:40 PMSeiruff​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:40 PMeathdemonthe switch was rushed, but it kinda needed to be, or it would have been doa

7:40 PMLakster37the jupiter was essentially supposed to be a cart=based version of the saturn, apparently

7:40 PMMsd8115are you from /v/ dude? how did you even find this stream

7:40 PMSeiruffsorry

7:41 PMSeiruff❤


7:42 PMlittlegittelWell like everything, it is more fun to complain than to praise

7:42 PMSeiruffor your sisters?

7:42 PMSeiruffshe is THICC

7:42 PMjordan thompsonwhat are we 5. Andrew : Seiruff that’s a no no

7:42 PMSeiruffgood god is she THICC

7:42 PMlittlegittelJust block Seiruff completely please

7:42 PMMsd8115from what ive heard, out of the millions of units sold, only a select few is facing problems like this

7:43 PMSeiruffi love you

7:43 PMEddie Santanathe blue screen is fake

7:44 PMjordan thompsonI was wondering if you where doing bucket list questions

7:44 PMMsd8115anime

7:44 PMMsd8115wait no we talked about anime last week

7:45 PMAndrew EisenNo bucket list questions tonight, sorry!

7:46 PMMsd8115woah woah

7:47 PMMsd8115kotaku? isn’t kotaku the place where they called most gamers sexist?

7:47 PMAndrew EisenNot that I’ve seen.

7:47 PMMsd8115probably a difference website that gamergate was against then

7:48 PMAndrew EisenGamergate’s not a fan of Kotaku. That’s true.

7:48 PMlittlegittelUm, we had free HBO *cough cough*

7:48 PMLakster37I swear… octoroks are the worst enemy in this game…

7:49 PMHardensoul 72Yes, it was a thing. we have someone gave us cards for satelite for all channels

7:49 PMHardensoul 72for like $50

7:49 PMMsd8115its been awhile since ive been on 4chan, mainly because I’m life banned from it

7:50 PMMsd8115Hiroshima ftw, by far the worst website owner I’ve ever seen

7:53 PMMsd8115Canada isn’t the place to be atm

7:53 PMMsd8115the prime minister says that if you fight back against terrorists they win

7:54 PMLakster37money is supposed to be paper, not plastic, and not smell like maple syrup!

7:54 PMLakster37*proceeds to use plastic credit card for all transactions*

7:54 PMMsd8115plastic is better though, its cheaper and the currency lasts longer and isn’t easily destroyed

7:56 PMLakster37to be fair, most flash carts are MARKETED for piracy

7:56 PMMsd8115^

7:56 PMLakster37I love using them for what I consider legitimate purposes though

7:57 PMLakster37I wouldnt know ANYTHING about that site…

7:58 PMMsd8115the pirate bay isn’t the best to use anymore in my opinion, but I torrent porn and movies, so my opinion isn’t worth much

7:58 PMLakster37btw msd, I was just joking about the plastic currency thing, I mostly agree

7:58 PMMsd8115its okay <3

7:58 PMeathdemonI like the changes

7:58 PMMsd8115really? I cheat on tf2 I’m positive that valve doesn’t care about the community

7:59 PMeathdemonthey made it, so steam codes dont count 6 months ago

7:59 PMMsd8115valve just cares about money now, which would explain the csgo skins and crates for tf2

8:00 PMeathdemonits becouse some devs were exploiting rthe system for higher scores

8:00 PMMsd8115^^^^^^^

8:00 PMMsd8115can we talk about how rampant hackers are on valve games?

8:01 PMeathdemonits to stop devs from inflating scores

8:03 PMMsd8115I mean..hackers are everywhere on valve games, ive been cheating for a good week now and still haven’t been banned and my boyfriend has cheated for far longer

8:04 PMMsd8115just look at your main profile

8:04 PMeathdemonhovor over libery

8:04 PMMsd8115Andrew go to profile

8:05 PMMsd811540

8:05 PMeathdemonwtf I mainly play pc games and only have 142

8:06 PMMsd8115why does everyone have more games than me?

8:06 PMEddie Santanalol

8:07 PMMsd8115hey Andrew can I add you on steam? so I can never talk to you ever just like every other steam friend

8:08 PMeathdemonwhat do you think of the fact that switch dev kits are $500 from nintendo

8:08 PMMsd8115well my steam name is the same as my name

8:09 PMMsd8115msd8

8:09 PMMsd8115sir_easyknight?

8:10 PME. Zachary Knightsir_ezknight

8:10 PMeathdemon$2500

8:10 PMMsd8115Andrew I found you

8:10 PMeathdemonfor the ps4/xb1

8:10 PMEddie SantanaNS is the indie heaven

8:10 PMMsd8115request sent, now for zach

8:11 PMMsd8115it fuels my fan boyism

8:11 PMMsd8115Zach I just added you as well

8:12 PMMsd8115hmm. I’m having an error adding you andrew

8:12 PMlittlegittelPut electrical tape over it

8:13 PMeathdemonso it seems you have been enjoying some anime this week?

8:13 PMMsd8115oh well

8:13 PMMsd8115or im blocked

8:13 PMMsd8115since I now have Zach added, its time to get on my alt and cheat on tf2

8:15 PMlittlegittelThat’s how I get dates 🙂

8:15 PMlittlegittelAnnoy them into submission

8:15 PMLeandro MoreiraHi you two, it’s nice to see you again! (PS: I wish I could buy a broken nintendo switch, they won’t arrive down on South America anytime soon… )

8:16 PMMsd8115I think I got vac banned

8:17 PMMsd8115hey Andrew and zach, what’s your opinion on hackers in online games?

8:19 PMLakster37is south america also handled by noa?

8:20 PMGFY AHHey what up

8:21 PMMsd8115I broke my cheat

8:22 PMeathdemonthe ww movie seems 20 years too late

8:23 PMMsd8115I moved my cheat menu too far to the top and now I can’t move it back down

8:25 PMeathdemonI still think they should have done it in the 90s with the actress that played Xena

8:25 PMGFY AHwhat about batman?

8:27 PMEddie Santanano one can touch nolan

8:28 PMeathdemondc is better at games, but sucks at movies, and marvel is the opisite, though that deal with square might change it

8:28 PMGFY AHIt was ok

8:29 PMeathdemonhirst class is the best xmen movi

8:29 PMeathdemonfirst class

8:31 PMlittlegittelUgggg, Gotham was terrrrrrrrrible

8:31 PMlittlegittelDidn’t even make it thru the first season

8:31 PMSuperMetalDave64Gotham was very boring, if they make a new Batman series, make it about BATMAN lol

8:32 PMlittlegittelTouché

8:32 PMJimothanrice 33French Montana

8:33 PMlittlegittelI could play medusa…no CGI needed

8:34 PMLakster37gorilla or guerilla?

8:34 PMJimothanrice 33Monkey @lakster37

8:34 PMSuperMetalDave64Jedi was just a bunch of muppets…..

8:34 PMEddie Santanaany one seen breath of the wild vs horizon zero

8:34 PMSuperMetalDave64lol

8:36 PMeathdemonseasson 5 of samurai jack starts tonight

8:37 PMJimothanrice 33I had to drill in my finger with a drill bit

8:37 PMlittlegittelMilan!!!

8:37 PMeathdemonat that point, your talking about kh anddrew

8:37 PMGFY AHWhat do you think about Archer?

8:37 PMlittlegittelThanks EZ. Me loves Mulan

8:38 PMScottyJayManThis sounds like a Robot Chicken skit

8:39 PMSuperMetalDave64Robot Chicken did the best Star Wars parody’s ever, love it

8:39 PMJimothanrice 33Leaving out the black princess from them princess and the frog i see..

8:40 PMJimothanrice 33The*

8:40 PMeathdemonI like that shows concept

8:40 PMeathdemonI like the whole battle with god thing it does

8:42 PMeathdemonin ww1

8:42 PMeathdemonwith magic


8:45 PMSuperMetalDave64good show guys

8:45 PMLakster37oh i forgot to ask. Andrew, what’s your opinion on the Iron Man movies? 😛

8:45 PMGFY AHThanks guys take care

8:45 PMSuperMetalDave64Remember that Nintendo hyped Third Party support guys, the reality though?

8:46 PMJimothanrice 3350 shades of grey?

8:46 PMlittlegittelDinosaurs!!!!!!!!

8:46 PMJimothanrice 33Cgi in 50 shades of grey was impressive

8:46 PMlittlegittelAnd Chris Pratt, heehee

8:49 PMEddie Santanafast rmx is amazing

8:49 PM13UcubeFlying guardians while climbing in rain…IMPOSSIBLE to pass

8:51 PMLakster37frozenbyte is trine right? I hope all 3 comes to it

8:52 PMLakster37loved it on wii u

8:52 PMJimothanrice 33We need fps on the switch

8:53 PMLakster37thq nordic! that means darksiders (hopefully)! still looking forward to the possibility of 3

8:53 PMHardensoul 72you wouldn’t hear anything from Platinum until a publisher announces their games.

8:54 PMEddie SantanaNier for NS

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