Molehill Mountain Episode 38 – Nintendo and Anime


What happens when we record the podcast without deciding beforehand what to talk about?

Well, we spend the first hour talking about the Nintendo Switch and the second talking about anime.


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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

 6:34 PMeathdemonyou find people doing crazy things in tech. a group of people made a lunix package that acts a a chaching server for steam,xbl, psn and blizzard

 6:55 PMAndrew EisenTest.

 6:56 PME. Zachary KnightHello

 6:58 PMNick BradleyTest.

 7:00 PMGeorgey KnucklesExcited for the switch yet? lol

 7:00 PMeathdemonthe insane zelda scores, what do you think?

 7:03 PMjordan thompsonany opinions on Nintendo making the switch games taste terrible so kids don’t eat them

 7:03 PMeathdemonwhats a mail? j/k

 7:03 PMeathdemonmall

 7:04 PMeathdemonI am annoyed that the press chose to make a joke that jeff did in to a story

 7:04 PM【STASH】Shadewhat is this?

 7:05 PM【STASH】Shadewhat is going on

 7:05 PMAndrew EisenThis… is the Molehill Mountain podcast!

 7:05 PM【STASH】Shadeoh

 7:06 PMkrikoleeanDo you have a nes classic?

 7:06 PMNick Bradleyhi jacob

 7:06 PMeathdemonI am waiting til mario, than I may get one

 7:06 PM13Ucubeit happens every time

 7:07 PM13Ucubei was here like 2 hours

 7:08 PM【STASH】Shadethis podcast is trash literally trash

 7:09 PM【STASH】Shadeive barely discovered your channel

 7:09 PM13Ucubei didn’t refresh for 10 minutes


 7:10 PMeathdemonthey did that in fl a few years ago sad face.

 7:10 PMjordan thompsonknowing Zack is a father it’s charming seeing his kids crash the podcast, though I could see all the fans reaction if some random kids walks through Andrews background yelling daddy

 7:11 PMScottyJayManHow’s this I’m at a restaurant, watching you guys, with my Switch playing Zelda!

 7:11 PMLakster37no, it’s just you Andrew. because you’re literally everything wrong with youtube

 7:11 PM【STASH】Shadeyou should do a reaction to xxxtentacions’ song look at me

 7:11 PM【STASH】Shadejk dont

 7:12 PM【STASH】Shadenot in front of kids

 7:12 PMeathdemonit started with jeff gersman from giantbomb as a joke, than the “games journalists ” started writing about it

 7:13 PM13Ucubedid they put a resistant flavor on the limiting pre-order? That’s left a bad taste in my mouth for YEARS

 7:14 PMLakster37i’m just playing zelda at home

 7:15 PMjordan thompsonit’s the new test your limit licking switch chips like when I was a kid we licked 9 volt battery springs

 7:15 PM【STASH】Shadei am home alone watching this getting ready to watch the UFC

 7:15 PMTatyana Laneew

 7:16 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZamazon delayed my switch but they delivered my zelda collectors edition.

 7:16 PMEddie SantanaArlo unboxing are cool lol

 7:16 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZso I’m here without a switch:(

 7:17 PMNick Bradleynothing has fixed my joycon problem so far i have to be pretty close to the switch for it to connect 🙁

 7:17 PMeathdemonwtf…….

 7:17 PMCyberjincome on Nintendo

 7:18 PM【STASH】Shadewell gtg, i have to watch the UFC

 7:18 PM【STASH】Shadeits lit

 7:18 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZI ordered my switch 9am my friend ordered a day after yet he received his and I didn’t receive mine. what the heck is that about?

 7:18 PM13Ucubeso apparently, you can only use the joy cons in a skiff

 7:19 PMCyberjinisn’t it just the left one that doesn’t work

 7:19 PMEddie Santanano problem here with the joy con

 7:19 PMjordan thompsonso how is it possible to use on a plane all that kind of stuff is on a plane

 7:20 PMeathdemonit seems to be a joycon thing only, no issue with pro controler

 7:20 PMGeorgey KnucklesWhich switch color will you be getting, black or neon?

 7:20 PM13UcubeI’m having serious issues with my horse.

 7:22 PMeathdemonthey should stop marketing the switch as a home console, and just call it a portable aready

 7:24 PMjordan thompsoncan’t wait for the Switch U , XBOX and the PS5, how hard is it to come up with names REALLY I mean REALLY

 7:24 PM13UcubeDo you think they will scale down Wii U like wii mini and release one?

 7:24 PMEddie Santanai love the feel of the system

 7:26 PMchingringIm just here to see if this week gets all political like last week

 7:26 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZWhat’s your opinion on the price of the games and the pro cintroller

 7:27 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZcontroller*

 7:28 PMjordan thompsoncan we ask bucket list questions?

 7:29 PMeathdemonall the switch stuff is 20% more than it should be

 7:29 PMNick Bradley1 2 switch is overpriced….

 7:30 PMjordan thompsonam I wrong to think 1 2 switch should have been the pack in

 7:30 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZhave you heard about the screen getting scratched when people are docking them. I think a screen protector is a must buy I saw alot of pictures on reddit etc.

 7:30 PMeathdemonremove hd rumble, motion controls, ir stuff and it could easly sell for 250

 7:32 PMEddie SantanaZOMB13SLAY0RZ be careful with the dock

 7:32 PM13UcubeZach, have you played a lot of wii u somewhere? how many hours of wii u have you played?

 7:33 PMjordan thompsonI feel Nintendo is never gonna beat Wii sports as a pack in, the only other thing that was equal to it was Tetris packed in with the gameboy

 7:35 PMkhangardso when do you think youll break down and buy a switch?

 7:35 PM13Ucubei want screen protectors on everything

 7:37 PMZOMB13SLAY0RZso when are you both going to purchase a switch?

 7:37 PMeathdemonthe money I was gunna spend on the switch, I spent on my 144hz monitor, so I think I got the better deal

 7:37 PMjordan thompsonokay this may be far fetched but can we talk about the gameboy micro at some point

 7:38 PM13UcubeGames still make systems

 7:38 PMCecil475Hi guys!

 7:40 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyWhat is one game you both want to come out for the switch in the future?

 7:40 PMScottyJayManAnd now I’m back home with the podcast on the PS4 playing Zelda. And wow, the guacamole went great with the cart! Thanks Andrew!

 7:40 PMCyberjinwill you guys play persona 5?

 7:40 PMEddie Santanaeverything on xboxone is on PC lol

 7:40 PM13Ucubei was considering buying a retron 7 but i keep hearing so many mixed reviews

 7:42 PMjordan thompsonhey woodchucks is back in the molehill any other woodlen critters want to show, had no idea the the forest got such great reception

 7:42 PMeathdemongiven the zelda poformance stuff, its clear almost very 3rd party game cant run on the switch, downgrade or not.

 7:43 PMCecil475I’m on the bus a lot so, I like my 3DS.

 7:43 PMCecil475Though I use it as an alarm clock alot.

 7:44 PM13UcubeI only play portable games WHILE i’m driving

 7:44 PMjordan thompsonare you gonna do an update on the Wii u off TV play skit but added with the switch

 7:45 PMeathdemonmetriod is dead team ninja took her out back and put her down.

 7:46 PMeathdemonplatnuim is releasing a game very soon

 7:46 PMNick Bradleyretro has been silent for like 2 years, surely they have something good in the works

 7:46 PMeathdemonjust not on switch


 7:46 PMeathdemonget horizon zero dawn, its mh

 7:47 PMIEienIEw since when was graphics fun.

 7:47 PMScottyJayManConsole sales are dropping in Japan, so I would bet Monster Hunter would be on the Switch

 7:50 PMKingVasukiHi, Andrew and Zachary! First time live. Are you looking forward to something from Monolith Soft?

 7:50 PMjordan thompsonthey had some obscure characters in Hyrule warriors so for mushroom kingdom warriors they could use the toad king guy from Mario 2, Pauline ECT. ECT. plus tons of cool costumes

 7:50 PMTrilinkdamn, caught this too late. wish I lived in America 🙁

 7:51 PMIEienIHorizon is nothing like Monster Hunter.

 7:51 PMEddie Santanaany Prediction for Nintendo E3 ?

 7:51 PMkhangardThink Konami will produce more games for switch if bomberman r succeeds?

 7:51 PMIEienIHorizon does have the gameplay nuance that MH has.

 7:52 PMIEienIsorry I ment Horizon does not have.

 7:52 PMIEienIThat sucks

 7:53 PMjordan thompsonI did have a quick bucket list questions, have either of you two been scared shitless and what’s the story

 7:53 PMeathdemonthey are afraid of people finding a expoit

 7:53 PMEddie SantanaCloud services for saving ?

 7:53 PMeathdemonexploit

 7:53 PMRail Fanningfinally caught you live

 7:53 PMeathdemonfrom nintendo, hell would have to freeze over

 7:54 PMTrilinkas cool as the switch is, do you guys think that the switch may have been released a tad early? it seems the switch would of benefitted from a summer launch as opposed to a spring one.

 7:54 PMIEienISave files don’t touch a gig

 7:54 PMTrilink*if you guys have not already talked about it

 7:55 PMeathdemon@Trilink yes, but if they waited till fall the scopio would crush it.

 7:56 PMmonkeyboiAndrew do you mind if I ask, what do you do as a job?

 7:57 PMTrilink@eathdemon not fall summer when features like online are ready and you can add friend via usernames

 7:58 PMIEienIThe switch had to be released they would be lying to investors twice

 7:58 PMjordan thompsonif it’s not a bother I had a bucket list question, have either of you been scared shitless and what’s the story

 7:59 PMTrilinkyeah I was thinking more along side the other bits and bobs like online, virtual console, joy con issues etc. I am fully on board with the staggered release as opposed to a shotgun launch

 7:59 PMNick BradleyWhat kind of game are you making??

 8:00 PMIEienIThey are pretty thirsty for mobile.

 8:01 PMLakster37zelda style game? that means you can pick up botw and write it off as “research”

 8:01 PMTrilinkAmiibos were making money for Nintendo weren’t they. I mean they sold more than the Wii U, although that can be contributed to the low cost of entry for such cool figures (as opposed to dlc keys)

 8:02 PMIEienIlol

 8:02 PMkj111When will your game be out?

 8:03 PMTrilinka quick questions for Zachary would you ever have Andrews voice in a future game? maybe as a cool dry protagonist?

 8:05 PMEddie Santanalol

 8:05 PMjordan thompsonI write for a living and could release my new book this month but my long distance GF’s birthday is also this month so I’m going to Texas instead.

 8:06 PMTrilinkchallenger approaching?

 8:07 PMTrilink​[message retracted]

 8:07 PMjordan thompsonmy excuse was more money can always be made and more work can always be done I only get to spoil you very few times

 8:07 PMTrilinkZachary’s Son joins the podcast!

 8:10 PMjordan thompson“I don’t like to spend money” or do you really mean “I don’t want Andrew to have my money”

 8:13 PMeathdemonyes it is

 8:13 PMeathdemonthe fact we havent heard anything about the strike means it isnt going well.

 8:14 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyHav you seen get out yet? If so, did you think it is worth the hype?

 8:14 PME. Zachary KnightJordan, what have you published?

 8:15 PMMsd8115will senpai notice me?

 8:15 PMjordan thompsonspeaking of voice acting I had to cancel the special edition of my book so having Andrew play the main character on the commentary track will have to be postponed

 8:15 PMNick Bradleyso do you go to the movies every sunday morning?

 8:16 PMEddie Santanathe get out video was funny

 8:17 PMeathdemonwait go see it

 8:17 PMMsd8115are you going to see ghost in the shell?

 8:17 PMeathdemongo see dr strange.

 8:17 PMjordan thompson@ Zack, mostly news reports right now but I’m releasing my first official novel in April instead so I can afford to see my GF in Texas for her birthday this month


 8:18 PMkhangardare you guys going to see the new power rangers?

 8:18 PMMsd8115>rated r power rangers 😮

 8:19 PMeathdemonlive action white washed version.

 8:19 PMMsd8115honestly i think they’ll butcher ghost in the shell

 8:19 PMeathdemonthey will hollywood always butchers anime, they will never get it.

 8:20 PMMsd8115damn you Hollywood

 8:20 PMTrilinkhave you guys ever watch the British dark comedy Peep Show?

 8:20 PMMsd8115DAAAAMN YOU

 8:20 PMMsd8115you take that back

 8:21 PMMsd8115>:c

 8:21 PMjordan thompsonif you could be play as any character in the marvel cinematic universe that isn’t taken already what would it be?

 8:21 PMMsd8115black spiderman

 8:22 PMMark IglesiaI will donate my Switch to you

 8:22 PMeathdemonkora has higher highs, but lower lows. avatar is far more consistent across the board

 8:23 PMEddie Santanawhat about the new king kong ?

 8:23 PMjordan thompsonthe huntsmans from spiderman

 8:24 PMeathdemon@Andrew Eisen if you havent checked out saga of tanya the evil, you should

 8:24 PMkrikoleeanHey Andrew, why do we only ever see you wear a black shirt?

 8:24 PMeathdemonits a anime

 8:24 PMeathdemona very good one

 8:24 PMjordan thompsonyes

 8:25 PMeathdemonyes

 8:25 PMMsd8115I’m watching that maid dragon anime

 8:25 PMMsd8115black matches his mood

 8:25 PMkrikoleeanyes no shirt please

 8:25 PMMsd8115^

 8:25 PMjordan thompsonbow chicka wow wow

 8:25 PMMsd8115I’d go gay 4 u bby ;)))))))

 8:26 PMkrikoleeanalso no shirt in the kittens video😉

 8:26 PMjordan thompsonyour the most chill goth in history

 8:27 PMMsd8115hey andrew, how come there are so many Russian on counter strike go?

 8:28 PMTrilinkif you want a really good psychological thriller watch Psycho-Pass. definitely a stand out anime with a good concept

 8:29 PMeathdemonthe purge makes no sense. how the fuck does that concept even make sense?

 8:29 PMjordan thompsonafter you let your hair grow out for a year can we get a video of you rennacting the losing Wilson scene from cast away

 8:29 PMTrilinkdefinitely aimed at older audiences thiugh

 8:30 PMmonkeyboiis there a reason you follow 0 people on twitter?

 8:31 PMMsd8115he probably doesn’t use it

 8:31 PMjordan thompsonhave you every seen Idiocracy, the director recently came out and said he never meant it to be a self fulfilling prophecy

 8:32 PMMsd8115CYKA BLYAT

 8:32 PMEddie Santanasound like Parasyte ?

 8:32 PMeathdemonyou should see physcopass

 8:32 PMeathdemonits a must see anime

 8:32 PMMsd8115parasyte is nice

 8:33 PMEddie Santanayes

 8:33 PMeathdemonits now on crunchyroll too

 8:33 PMjordan thompsonthe idea of the purge was actually taken from an actual event that took place in India during the 1800s

 8:33 PMMsd8115citation pls

 8:34 PMMsd8115why do I suck at counter strike

 8:34 PMNick Bradleydo you like one punch man?

 8:35 PMeathdemonPSYCHO-PASS is hardcore scifi

 8:36 PMTrilinkbased on what you just said, you would definitely enjoy Psycho-Pass as it ticks all the criteria you listed

 8:36 PMEddie SantanaTokyo Ghoul

 8:36 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyI’ve never watched any anime before, what do you recommend be my first anime?

 8:36 PMjordan thompsonthe only cool way I see dragon Ball Z finally ending for good is the earth is torn to pieces and it cannot be restored with the dragon balls the only two left to Goku and Vegeta so they Duke cont.

 8:37 PMjordan thompsonit out one last time and as they speed twords each other about to throw punches the frame freezes into a painting of the two about to fight

 8:38 PMMsd8115watch boku no pico

 8:38 PMMsd8115its a very nice romantic anime

 8:39 PMMsd8115don’t watch boku no Pico andrew

 8:39 PMMsd8115you’re too pure

 8:40 PMjordan thompsonI’ve been wanting to watch oreimo but I can’t find it anywhere

 8:40 PMEddie SantanaBoku no Hero Academia

 8:40 PMMsd8115oreimo is borderline incest

 8:41 PMeathdemonhave you seenMob Psycho 100? if not its another one you should

 8:41 PMMsd8115lolicon

 8:42 PMMsd8115I know a anime that did worse

 8:42 PMMsd8115what is sword art online

 8:43 PMjordan thompsonsamurai Jack is coming back

 8:43 PMMsd8115>porn

 8:43 PMMsd8115>’story’

 8:43 PMMsd8115suuuure andrew 😉

 8:43 PMTrilinkSteins Gate is another brilliant Sci-Fi anime with time travel,

 8:44 PMEddie SantanaSteins Gate OP

 8:44 PMeathdemonnope season 5, the final season

 8:44 PMMsd8115feamle villains

 8:44 PMMsd8115female*

 8:45 PMMsd8115I have no life

 8:45 PMjordan thompsondid you see my longer comment earlier

 8:45 PMCecil475😃

 8:45 PMeathdemonwow you have missed some must watch anime dam

 8:46 PMMsd8115hey andrew off topic question and I’m years late. but did you know postal 2 got a DLC?

 8:46 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyI really enjoy this podcast, you guys are great at keeping conversation going

 8:47 PMMsd8115^

 8:47 PMeathdemonpsycho pass, stien’s gate are considered must watch by almnost every anime fan I have ever meet

 8:48 PMMsd8115paradise lost

 8:48 PMjordan thompsonif you woke one day and everything looked like it was stylized as an anime how back would you freak

 8:48 PMeathdemonI am guessing you havent seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica ether?

 8:48 PMMsd8115this is actually my first live podcast

 8:48 PMTrilinkHunter X Hunter Is a masterpiece is the making shame that the author is always on a hiatus 🙁 but watch the 2011 anime

 8:49 PMMsd8115I just got here ;~;

 8:49 PMeathdemonwwatch the 3rd epasode

 8:49 PMjordan thompsonDEADMAN WONDERLAND

 8:49 PMMsd8115aw

 8:49 PMNick Bradleybyebye and goodnight

 8:49 PMMsd8115l8ter d00d

 8:50 PMEddie SantanaGood night all

 8:51 PMMsd8115woo ive been with you since the postal 2 video

 8:51 PMMsd8115can I call you beard guy Zack?

 8:51 PMjordan thompsonin the deep trenches of the earth pink killer bunnies feed on the souls of forgotten cartoon and drink the blood of discarded çandy bars

 8:52 PMMsd8115hot damn

 8:52 PMMsd8115monotone man and beard man

 8:52 PMCecil475Goodnight!

 8:52 PMMsd8115byebye

 8:52 PMMsd8115I’m gonna go cheat on tf2

 8:53 PMjordan thompsonwho wants to keep the chat going till next week

 8:54 PMCecil475I could try. 😛

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