Molehill Mountain Episode 304 – Madisynn Is Best Avenger


Madisynn and Wong, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!

  • 1:50 – The forth episode of She-Hulk features Madisynn which makes the forth episode of She-Hulk the best episode of She-Hulk!
  • 15:10 – There’s an utterly delightful reason the Thor: Love and Thunder shadow monsters are so well-designed!
  • 25:31 – The new visually enhanced and accessibility featured version of The Last of Us, a 10-year-old game, is being sold for $70
  • 34:51 – While overpriced, The Kaito Files is a solid piece of DLC and shows RGG Studio is getting better and better with the detective aspect of its Judgment games
  • 42:54 – RGG Studio is announcing new stuff next week. Will we finally get localizations of Yakuza Ishin and Kenzan?
  • 49:25 – After learning what it is from video games and anime, I finally watched a few manzai stand up comedy routines
  • 53:07 – Disney, like nearly every other studio not named Nintendo, is very bad at digital video game presentations

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Chat Transcript:

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