Molehill Mountain Episode 206 – Limited-Time Podcast!


This podcast will only be available through next March for no good reason!

  • 5:05 – Why are so many women walking around outside in their underwear?
  • 14:50 – Nintendo’s Mario Direct leaves gamers crying, “but WHY?!!!”

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

Angel GonzalezFirst

Simp SquadHello eharmony


addictedtochaosGuess I shouldn’t mention it is only 65 degrees here.

S.O. BEASTdid she at least have underwear on?

addictedtochaosIt is always the people that should be clothed head to toe that do stuff like that.

addictedtochaosNow you‘ll have a dream tonight where you are running and forgot your pants.

addictedtochaosIn my experience at least.

S.O. BEASTsome people are just like that i guess,ive never ran across any pantsless women in my time,so i wouldnt know.

addictedtochaosI’m guessing they do not.

addictedtochaosProblem with that would be then it would be leaked EVERYWHERE.

S.O. BEASTi wonder why theres no Galaxy 2 in the 3D all stars game.

matthew wilsonxenoblade aint happening and no one cares about kerby

matthew wilson/s

matthew wilsonlack of analog camrea controls not being added to mario 64 is disapointing

S.O. BEASTi wish they would put X on the switch.

addictedtochaosSure they didn’t fix the camera in Galaxy either.

matthew wilsonx requires significent retooling, so not worth it

S.O. BEASTgreat for the kids

matthew wilsonnot for me great for kids

matthew wilsonits 100

matthew wilsonthey confermed that

addictedtochaosProbably fine on carpet like you’d find in an office.

matthew wilsonthough cant wait for the crazy youtube videos

addictedtochaos19.99 at most

matthew wilsonwell a basic rc car,is 30

matthew wilsonI have to assume nfc chips

matthew wilsonyup each person has to bring their own car/switch

matthew wilsonI wont be, but most lily will be dropping 700 on a new gpu this month

matthew wilsonlikely

addictedtochaosThe limited time thing for that is beyond dumb.

addictedtochaosBought 4 copies of 3D All Stars. One for me and giving away the other three.

matthew wilsonagain the thing that makes me most disapointed is lack of analog camrea controls for mario 64

matthew wilsongalaxy 2 is a better game fight me

addictedtochaosJust improved resolution and probably frame rate.

addictedtochaosGalaxy isn’t bad but the camera is terrible.

addictedtochaosFor the record 3D all stars is still available for preorders. So if you want one get it now and don’t pay scalpers.

matthew wilsonthiss isnt the first time nintendo doing a limited time coletors addition, and than never released it later

matthew wilsonnintendo sure loves the disney vault idea dont they lol

S.O. BEASTim tired of it to man.

matthew wilsonyes better galaxy 1

addictedtochaosThe NES classic did get a reissue though

matthew wilsonin nintendo’s defense on the nes clisic, its a gamble rto make physical products, so ?I understand the limited run

addictedtochaosThe initial reason they gave was that they didn’t expect the high level of demand for the NES classic.

addictedtochaosThat is why the SNES classic was opened for preorders.

The Real BuckyShould Nintendo’s console after the Switch be on par in terms of raw power with the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

addictedtochaosNot crazy about the limited time thing, but it will still be shipped till the end of March. Will likely sell millions.

addictedtochaosShould be but won’t be.

matthew wilsonno it will be a switch too

matthew wilson2

The Real BuckyCould Nintendo even make that powerful a console if they wanted to?

addictedtochaosYes they could if they wanted to. They actually have more money than Sony.

S.O. BEASTwhat was the last nintendo game that got you really excited?

matthew wilsonthe switch 2 is a smarter move, they have never won a pure head to head fight, they got slaughtered in the gamecube days

matthew wilsonexcuuuuse me 2 gamecubes taped togeather lol

matthew wilson/s

addictedtochaosThe Wii U is what the Wii should have been power wise.

The Real Bucky@addictedtochaos This!

addictedtochaosThe Wii was basically just the Original Xbox in terms of power.

The Real BuckyWhat would it take for such a big change to happen in Nintendo? Will we have to wait for all a bunch of younger people to come into Nintendo and start making big changes? Will Miyamoto have to go?

addictedtochaosI’m around 160 Switch games.

addictedtochaosThere are rumors that the next Monster Hunter is coming to Switch.

addictedtochaosStill have Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 on the horizon.

addictedtochaosSony is very cocky coming into the PS5.

addictedtochaosThe Wii and Wii U discs were proprietary as well, but were on par with dvd and blu Ray in terms of storage.

matthew wilsontbf og had a extra year, thats why it was stronger

matthew wilsonthe dream nintendo goes 3rd party, wont happen

The Real BuckyNext-gen should be delayed to Fall 2021

matthew wilsonsony and ms are playing a game of chicken price wise

addictedtochaosXbox has no first party games for launch.

matthew wilsonhonestly for both the ps5 and xsx is going to be cyberpunk

addictedtochaosYou need Nintendo around to do all the innovative stuff that Sony and Microsoft later copy.

addictedtochaosSpider-Man: Miles Morales

matthew wilsonif you dont have a good pc, cyberpunk, its gunna run like crap onog ps4/xb1

matthew wilsonyour waering nastalga glasses andrew most console launches are bad

matthew wilsonflight sim is nextgen, but thats on pc lol

addictedtochaosAgreed, that is why I’m waiting for next gen

S.O. BEASTi got shadows of the empire for christmas that year.

matthew wilsonI am not joking btw, I know flight sim is niche, but its tuly a nextgebn game

S.O. BEASThave you fought tempered furious rajang yet?

matthew wilsonits literly a fligghtsim that uses satalite data to make a full 3d recreation of the whole planet

addictedtochaosI’ll stick with Metallica over Beyoncé.

matthew wilsonlike all of it

matthew wilsonlikeevery mile of it

matthew wilsonsame reason people like eurotruck sim. its a zen thing

S.O. BEASTit aint no pilotwings,thats for sure.

S.O. BEASThave an all jem podcast

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