Molehill Mountain Episode 175 – Over the (mole)Hill

It’s my birthday. I’m 40.

But let’s not dwell on that.

  • 1:46 – I unbox a birthday gift from my sister
  • 11:38 – Sonic’s new look is fine but the effects are really bad
  • 15:35 – Ethan is rumored to return in Resident Evil 8 and I can’t help but wonder… why?
  • 21.27 – I have opinions on the term “metroidvania”

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes. Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night on RandomTower!
Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:03 PMlittlegittelHappy Birthday!

7:04 PMlittlegittelTold you there would be a story

7:07 PMlittlegittelYay!

7:10 PMlittlegittelHow was the carrot cake?

7:23 PMotritzuMetal+Android= Metroid

7:24 PMotritzuI call ’em Exploration Platformers

7:29 PMotritzuaround 2011

7:29 PMotritzuIf I”m remembering right.

7:30 PMlittlegittelI have a girrafadile stuffie!

7:31 PMlittlegittelOops…. giraffadile

7:34 PMlittlegittelThat’s so sad

7:34 PMlittlegittelOh, Jeremy and I are watching The Boys

7:35 PMlittlegittelMidsommar is on Prime!

7:35 PMNicholas DickeyAny upcoming games or movies or events you are interested in that are coming out?

7:36 PMlittlegittelI want to live there. Missouri dept of transport sucks

7:36 PMlittlegittelGet those people to clear my streets

7:36 PMlittlegittelOscar Sunday is next weekend!

7:42 PMlittlegittelYes, do that video!

7:43 PMNicholas DickeyWell I look forward to that video about your 5 picks then

7:48 PMlittlegittelThis Sunday is Super Bowl

7:48 PMlittlegittelTurning you off now

7:49 PMlittlegittelHaha haha

7:49 PMNicholas Dickeylol

7:49 PMlittlegittelChiefs and 49ers

7:49 PMlittlegittelKansas City

7:50 PMlittlegittelBwahaha

7:50 PMNicholas DickeyYes yes 😃

7:51 PMlittlegittelDammit no

7:51 PMlittlegittelShould have done that rather than Underwater

7:51 PMlittlegittelJust for the ‘event’ of it

7:51 PMNicholas DickeyOf all your review type videos, when it comes to streaming I can see that as a short review

7:54 PMSusanne Christhappy birthday andrew!

7:54 PMlittlegittelYou have Zelda to play too

7:57 PMlittlegittelMaybe out in time for our stream!?!?

7:59 PMNicholas DickeyGood luck with things, see you around!

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