Molehill Mountain Episode 164 – I Forgot

The journalism ball.  I have dropped it.

  • 0:08 – WGA puts the kabash on the Videogame Writing Award for 2019
  • 5:24 – Let’s talk about this year’s Kunkel Awards! (Better late then never, right?)
  • 24:29 – Kamala Khan joins the Avengers in the upcoming Crystal Dynamics video game
  • 35:37 – Monster Hunter World Iceborne crosses over with Resident Evil 2
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Chat Transcript:

6:58 PMpsychadelic snakenice

7:06 PMpsychadelic snakeoh no

7:06 PMpsychadelic snakecunkle awards?

7:06 PMpsychadelic snake>journalism

7:07 PMpsychadelic snakethat’s very lacking today

7:09 PMpsychadelic snakeoh I saw joker today, it was really good

7:11 PMpsychadelic snakegaming journalists don’t do a good job

7:12 PMpsychadelic snake*flash backs to infamous cuphead video*

7:12 PMpsychadelic snakeMaybe I’m just a pessimist

7:14 PMpsychadelic snakeso like RPG maker? but better

7:14 PMpsychadelic snakeoh you mean like that

7:15 PMpsychadelic snakeimagine going bankrupt and finishing Minecraft story mode first

7:15 PMpsychadelic snakethat hurt

7:19 PMpsychadelic snakehe worked under you?

7:20 PMpsychadelic snakeoooh

7:24 PMpsychadelic snakediscord?

7:24 PMpsychadelic snakemaybe skype

7:25 PMmatthew wilsonhonestly avangers still looks avrage at best, but glad they are adding the current ms marval

7:25 PMpsychadelic snakedepends on how the game is done

7:26 PMpsychadelic snakeI rather not have another deadpool game, but happy thoughts

7:27 PMpsychadelic snakeif I don’t see gameplay i assume the worst

7:28 PMmatthew wilsonthey would have been better going with a cartoony estectic of the ultamate alance games

7:28 PMmatthew wilsonits a live service game

7:29 PMpsychadelic snakeI like games where the story ends, but you can keep playing so you can see the effective you’ve had on the world

7:32 PMpsychadelic snakeI’m kinda wondering why they’re doing a grim dark for the avenger game

7:33 PMpsychadelic snakePLOT HOLES

7:34 PMpsychadelic snakemaybe they’ll try to wave it off as the shockwave hit them

7:35 PMpsychadelic snakeshadow is tsushima, ghostwire and death stranding are my awaited games

7:35 PMpsychadelic snakeshadow of tsushima*

7:36 PMpsychadelic snakeAND FOR MONSTER HUNTER, I got my first MH game

7:36 PMpsychadelic snakeand holy shit its fun, I started my 3 * quests recently and fought a giant bear

7:37 PMpsychadelic snakeI have monster hunter generations ultimate

7:37 PMpsychadelic snakeyeah, it grabbed one of my cats and just tossed him across the map

7:37 PMScottyJayManThat’s Winnie the Pooh

7:37 PMScottyJayManHe likes honey

7:38 PMpsychadelic snakethe one thing ive fallen in love with on MH are the palicos, I love those little cats

7:39 PMpsychadelic snakemy palicos have these little skirts, they wear plague doctor masks ans have gypceros rifles

7:40 PMpsychadelic snakethey look cute, and they kick major ass

7:42 PMpsychadelic snakeI use sword and shield, I upgraded my first weapon today and it shreds through monsters

7:43 PMpsychadelic snakeI checked the downloadable content for generations on my 3ds.

7:43 PMpsychadelic snakethere was a persona 5 palico, and that was just great

7:46 PMpsychadelic snakethe video audio over takes you

7:48 PMpsychadelic snakeit did, we just couldn’t hear you very well

7:48 PMaddictedtochaosHello

7:49 PMpsychadelic snakehey chaos, we talking MH

7:51 PMpsychadelic snakeill have my friends send me stupidly hard maps that I can send to you

7:51 PMScottyJayManWait that means you need a NSO sub

7:52 PMpsychadelic snakeare you planning in any Christmas events?

7:53 PMpsychadelic snakeplay the postal 2 DLC for late night lmao

7:53 PMpsychadelic snakeyour and your entire family livestreams mario party for charity on Christmas

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