Molehill Mountain Episode 145 – Worse Than the Sonic Movie Trailer

Sega and Paramount can breath a sigh of relief.

  • 7:40 – Two grown men seriously discuss Detective Pikachu
  • 41:01 – Minecraft Earth has a bad trailer and who ever made it should feel bad
  • 51:35 – Nintendo’s voucher program is very Nintendo
  • 1:05:05 – Epic should know that gamers don’t take kindly to idea of buying your way to success

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.
Chat Transcript:

6:48 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone!

6:56 PMaddictedtochaosHello

7:00 PMotritzuEvenin’ guys.

7:01 PMaddictedtochaosSaw John Wick 3 this weekend. Really enjoyed it.

7:01 PMLegend 935Good evening…

7:03 PMLegend 935The Aladdin film is gonna flop… my god… will Smith’s CGI mug creeps me out

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonmost likely sadly

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonwho the fuck asked for a live action aladin?! btw? not me

7:11 PMaddictedtochaosSpeaking of Arnold did you see that someone drop kicked him. He barely flinched all things considered.

7:12 PMAndrew EisenI’d not heard, no.

7:16 PMmatthew wilsonavrage budy cop movie, but pokemon fan service all over, and that is why I went to see it

7:16 PMNightmare NinjaThe good thing it’s in the Pokemon World

7:17 PMmatthew wilsonI will admit I liked the pokaball scene at the start, brought back game flash backs

7:18 PMNightmare Ninjayeah

7:18 PMNightmare NinjaThey even used the Pokemon’s backstory

7:18 PMNightmare NinjaMr Mine was great

7:19 PMNightmare NinjaThe director wanted to cut it

7:19 PMmatthew wilsonw/e you think of the story, its clear the show runners understand pokemon the ip of pokemon

7:19 PMNightmare Ninjayeah it does have pros and cons

7:20 PMmatthew wilsonif they do more movies, story will inprove, but I cant understate how good it is they understand the ip

7:21 PMNightmare NinjaHe’s in a baby chair lol

7:22 PMNightmare NinjaIt feels like they did that for non fans

7:23 PMNightmare NinjaI love that was cute

7:25 PMNightmare Ninjawell the VA of the Pokemon was used when people that is not Tim

7:26 PMNightmare NinjaIkue Ōtani

7:27 PMNightmare NinjaThe director wanted him to be Ryan

7:27 PMNightmare Ninjawell himself

7:28 PMNightmare Ninjait’s not the Pokemon coming to our world because of a portal or some shit

7:29 PMNightmare NinjaI love that Cubone

7:30 PMNightmare NinjaIt made Bill a Pokemon fan

7:30 PMNightmare Ninjascene

7:30 PMmatthew wilsonalso 20 years after red/blue officially, they outright say it in the movie

7:30 PMNightmare NinjaOh yea

7:31 PMNightmare NinjaI didn’t mind Gangar

7:31 PMotritzuGengar is a ghost type, they’re all sorts of F’d up.

7:32 PMNightmare NinjaI rather have Hunter in that scene

7:32 PMotritzuIt is made up of the same stuff as Gastly…just concentrated enough to appear solid.

7:33 PMotritzuDex says they’re at least 28′ in length.

7:33 PMmatthew wilsonlike the magicarp joke

7:33 PMNightmare Ninjasame

7:34 PMNightmare NinjaPangoro?

7:34 PMNightmare Ninjaoh those

7:34 PMNightmare NinjaPeople think it’s Red

7:34 PMmatthew wilsonmy fav pokemon model from the movie was grininja

7:34 PMotritzuOnix and Gyarados are some of the biggest (length) pokemon in Gen 1

7:34 PMmatthew wilson\they pulled off the whole frog/ninja thing well

7:34 PMNightmare NinjaGrowlithe’s ecolved form

7:35 PMaddictedtochaosYou’ve lost me. The extent of my Pokemon knowledge is what is in Smash Bros. Lol.

7:35 PMmatthew wilsonwhat did you 2 think od the dito? creapy

7:35 PMNightmare Ninja​People think it’s Red in the video

7:35 PMmatthew wilsonsparow?

7:35 PMNightmare Ninjabraviary

7:35 PMNightmare NinjaThat was a braviary

7:37 PMNightmare NinjaIt felt like Alians

7:37 PMNightmare NinjaAliens

7:38 PMmatthew wilsonI doubt ether of you picked up on it, but I love the inclution of things like the Silph Co logo

7:38 PMNightmare Ninjareally?

7:38 PMmatthew wilsonthats such a subtule refrence

7:38 PMNightmare NinjaI didn’t notice

7:39 PMmatthew wilsonthey could have used real world logos, and I am 100% thankful they didnt

7:40 PMmatthew wilsonthere are roumers of a red/blue movie in the same style

7:40 PMNightmare Ninjathe writers want to d a jigglepuff movies

7:40 PMNightmare Ninjamovie

7:41 PMNightmare Ninjahe wanted to impress a female Meowth

7:41 PMotritzuHe learned to talk in exchange for his ability to use most of his high level moves.

7:42 PMNightmare NinjaThe writer used A Star is BORED

7:42 PMNightmare NinjaBorn

7:42 PMaddictedtochaosSurprised we never got an Ozzy biopic.

7:43 PMNightmare NinjaThere was adult jokes

7:43 PMNightmare NinjaTim ah okay

7:48 PMaddictedtochaosThat should be that tag line for all things Microsoft right now. “Eh, it’s not bad.”

7:51 PMaddictedtochaosXbox is still recovering from the reveal.

7:52 PMmatthew wilsonmy guess we will see it at e3

7:55 PMmatthew wilsonthe 100 nintendo lvls is the least intreasting part of mario maker 2 to me. I want to play the bat shit wilde lvls players make

7:57 PMmatthew wilsonI will likely be buying 2, mm2, fire emblem, astral chain, and pokemon, so I will save $40

7:57 PMScottyJayManno. Mario maker had the 100 Mario challenge, which strings together 16 levels from random levels

7:57 PMotritzuFull price or better. When a game’s on sale you can’t use the voucher on it.

7:58 PMmatthew wilsonnope its every nintendo first party game

7:58 PMmatthew wilsonfire emblem and astral chain, both not out, are on the list too

7:58 PMaddictedtochaosThis is worthless for me. I’ll just buy the games at the store, or I already own them.

8:00 PMotritzuIt’s a bonus for those of us, like me, who already have it.

8:00 PMNightmare NinjaYeah

8:01 PMotritzuI don’t have a nearby game store so they’re handy for me.

8:02 PMScottyJayManmicro SD cards are cheap

8:02 PMmatthew wilsonI mean who has a switch, and no sd card for it?

8:02 PMotritzuI snagged a pretty big micro SD card when I bought my Switch

8:03 PMaddictedtochaosI got a 128GB at Christmas for $20.

8:03 PMotritzuI’d always planned to buy mostly digital

8:03 PMaddictedtochaosI buy physical almost exclusively.

8:04 PMScottyJayManif you’re all digital, its a good deal. if you’re physical, it’s not.

8:04 PMmatthew wilsonagain most people taking this deal, already have online, and own a sd card

8:05 PMmatthew wilsonI mean the switch is mostly a nintendo console for me, 3rd party is pc for me

8:05 PMotritzuThe deal felt almost tailor made for me.

8:05 PMaddictedtochaosNintendo games only drop when they make them Nintendo Selects.

8:06 PMaddictedtochaosAre you going to get Astral Chain?

8:07 PMNightmare Ninjamore info at E3 I hope

8:07 PMaddictedtochaosE3 right around the corner

8:16 PMotritzuAgreed Zach.

8:20 PMScottyJayManValve should reduce their revenue split

8:20 PMScottyJayManNoone talks about that

8:22 PMotritzuChina might be using TenCent to take over games distribution.

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