Molehill Mountain Episode 139 – Ask Your Doctor If Stadia Is Right For You

I mean, it’s a pretty bad name.

  • 12:52 – Andrew saw Us and EZK saw How To Train Your Dragon 3
  • 24:03 – Andrew likes Resident Evil 7
  • 34:53 – So far, Google Stadia isn’t doing much for either of us
  • 1:14:09 – Cadence of Hyrule is the standout of the recent Nindies Direct
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.
Chat Transcript:

6:45 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

6:50 PMSusanne Christhiii!! ^·^

6:57 PMaddictedtochaosHello

6:58 PMSusanne Christtired alrdy eisen? lol

6:58 PMmatthew wilsonintreasted in seeing how stadia turns out

6:59 PMmatthew wilson13s are awful

6:59 PMmatthew wilsonff14 is best ff game, since ff9

7:00 PMmatthew wilsonyes thats the mmo

7:00 PMmatthew wilsonits the best ff story in a long long time

7:00 PMSusanne Christall juices mix apple juice into it -_-

7:01 PMjordan thompsonAndrew: ill play games when I’m old. now youre 80 and have all the time in the world to bad about the arthritis

7:03 PMmatthew wilsonI know people who work from home, and somehow get sick and I have to ask how

7:04 PMmatthew wilsonif you havent ckecked out promised neverland, you should

7:05 PMSusanne Christdemand raise >.<

7:05 PMjordan thompsonI’m 24 and we have a faimly curse no man is the past 3 generiations lives passed 60, I got 35 years to go

7:07 PMSusanne Christ90 hrs in 5 days. i feel ya

7:07 PMjordan thompsonbut but andrew you mean youre not our youtube dancing monkey

7:07 PMSusanne Christ80* lol

7:08 PMjordan thompsonwhat do we pay you for …….wait?

7:10 PMSusanne Christi didn’t get the usual notice of molehill mountain today >.< luckily i got it in my calendar lol

7:12 PMjordan thompsonsubs arent the most accurate to rate views, pewdiepie has 90 million you have 11 thousand id have to imagine at least 1000 if not more just forget they are subbed to you and dont pay attention

7:12 PMLegend 935what do you think of giygas from earthbound

7:13 PMjordan thompsonadmit it andrew youre an attention whore

7:14 PMjordan thompsonthe video singing with your dad was pretty good

7:16 PMjordan thompsonI do stand up and when it comes to the audience I get in such a groove you dont even notice the people after a while

7:16 PMaddictedtochaosI just watched “The Dirt” this weekend.

7:18 PMjordan thompsonI just got out of US great concept, good cinimatics, good music, good acting but it was all hype train jordan needed to reveal none or all he tried to do both and by the end it fell flat for me

7:20 PMjordan thompsonsome concepts cant be logically explaind but a surreal explanation has to fit within the benifit of the doubt and US does neither otherwise the film did well

7:22 PMjordan thompsonnot to sound “conterversal” but is jordan peele gonna be the tyler perry of horror films

7:24 PMjordan thompsonlets tame dragons then use them for battle (thats our hero folks)

7:26 PMjordan thompsonyoud have to say villain this time around has a LEG up

7:27 PMmatthew wilsonI saw the first one on a campus movie theatre (how to train your dragon)

7:27 PMjordan thompsonso texas chainsaw but not but is but isnt

7:29 PMmatthew wilsonno jumping out a window?

7:29 PMmatthew wilsonfeel like it shouldnt be hard to get out

7:29 PMjordan thompsonits always a rickity house, old hospital, abandon building ect. I want a survival horror at disneyland

7:30 PMmatthew wilsonso zombieland?

7:30 PMjordan thompsoneh more or less

7:31 PMjordan thompsonhow big can a swamp cabin be???

7:37 PMjordan thompsonare you playing the VR version

7:38 PMAndrew EisenNo, just regular TV version.

7:38 PMmatthew wilsonyour the 10^10000000000000000 person to make that joke

7:38 PMNightmare NinjaThis is my first time hearing about Stadia

7:39 PMjordan thompsongoogle stadia, Atari VCS…..

7:39 PMjordan thompsonI’m still waiting for the SEGA Jupiter

7:40 PMmatthew wilsonswitch isnt bad

7:40 PMjordan thompsonat this point I want little debby to make a game console

7:42 PMmatthew wilsonits the first next gen console 10.7 tfps crushes anything less than a gtx 1080

7:43 PMmatthew wilsona upper mid teir gamming gpu

7:44 PMmatthew wilsonthats their recamanded, they can do it with as low as 15mbs aparently

7:45 PMmatthew wilsonyou can use switch pro controler

7:45 PMjordan thompsonwhat about the Bing lipitrollphisim

7:46 PMmatthew wilson“in the cloud”

7:46 PMNightmare NinjaThis seems like a bad idea on Google’s part

7:46 PMmatthew wilsonwe do, they did a public test last year

7:47 PMmatthew wilsonI doubt a fighting game can ever not be played local, but most other games types can

7:48 PMmatthew wilsonps I am the person that will stick with my high end gamming pc

7:48 PMmatthew wilsonthats using ggpo netcode though (prodictive netcode)


7:48 PMmatthew wilsonsory for caps

7:49 PMNightmare NinjaThat’s okay

7:50 PMScottyJayMan20gb an hour

7:54 PMjordan thompsonpeople have to accept streaming servies strip some movies from paying customers and they never really own a thing as a customer, just imagine sony coming to take back my 300+ blu rays not gonna happen

7:56 PMjordan thompsonmore ways to play means for notirity and money

7:59 PMjordan thompsonstone age, bronze age, dark age, industrial age, digital age cant wait for WALL-E to become real

8:15 PMjordan thompsonspeaking of controllers the resident evil chainsaw controller WRONG WRONG WRONG

8:16 PMNightmare NinjaWhat are your thoughts on Cadence of Hyrule? And the fact Nintendo is giving an Indie dev their Zelda IP for a crossover?

8:16 PMjordan thompsonlabo in 10 years ….. oh look honey costers

8:18 PMNightmare NinjaHer name is Cadence

8:18 PMWarren LewisLate hello!

8:19 PMNightmare NinjaI’m sure the devs were surprised that Nintendo gave them the character and music

8:20 PMNightmare NinjaFast RMX?

8:22 PMNightmare NinjaThat dog game is interesting

8:22 PMjordan thompsoneveryone was to hungover after reggies retirement party and sign off on cadence of hyrule without realizing what they done

8:22 PMNightmare Ninjathat Uder game too

8:23 PMHardensoul 72Cuphead is big because it validates some rumors of Microsoft working with Nintendo

8:23 PMotritzuIt is fun.

8:23 PMjordan thompsonJohn wick does not approve of the dog game

8:25 PMNightmare NinjaYeah Ribbon Girl

8:25 PMjordan thompsonstill waiting for Wii remote warning guy

8:26 PMNightmare Ninjayeah Agree

8:27 PMScottyJayManYou just like twintelle cause she has a big bum

8:28 PMjordan thompsonI want scorpion for smash

8:29 PMNightmare NinjaThe same with KH3

8:29 PMNightmare Ninjathey will replace him in KH3

8:29 PMNightmare Ninjaah okay

8:30 PMNightmare Ninjabye

8:30 PMjordan thompsonsomething controveral happened with drugs lets edit the game, yet watching scantily clad woman on a CRT TV completely okay

8:31 PMjordan thompsonyou should make a video with a creepy thumbnail and name it “I ate my date” get it

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