Molehill Mountain Episode 136 – Bethesda Holds THQ Nordic’s Beer

In other news, Detective Pikachu still looks great!
  • 9:26 – THQ Nordic pulls the greatest PR boner in years
  • 26:10 – Detective Pikachu still looks great!
  • 38:23 – Pokemon Gen 8 and the new starters
  • 1:03:12 – Lightning Round: Upcoming movies, the Oscars, super expensive DLC and more!
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Chat Transcript:

6:41 PMjack cayman​I just got home from the rodeo

6:41 PMjack cayman​made it just in time for the podcast
6:47 PME. Zachary Knight​Hello Everyone
6:55 PMAndrew Eisen​Rodeo, eh?
6:57 PMAndrew Eisen​Come to think of it, where are all the rodeo games?
6:57 PMAndrew Eisen​I’ve got it!
6:57 PMAndrew Eisen​Rodeo Mama
6:59 PMjack cayman​ill show you stuff via Twitter after this
6:59 PMjack cayman​it was the Houston livestock show and rodeo lol
7:00 PMjordan thompson​there’s a rodeo game called 8 to glory on Xbox one and ps4
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​that dp trailer, and s&s what a week for fans of pokemon, me.
7:00 PMaddictedtochaos​I think there was one PS2
7:00 PMjordan thompson​I had to google it as well
7:01 PMjack cayman​I had a fried brownie today
7:01 PMmatthew wilson​nah just play overcocked
7:01 PMjack cayman​my Japanese friend wanted me to try the deep fried butter
7:01 PMjordan thompson​cant wait for smash bros : everyone but walaluigi
7:02 PMjordan thompson​if were going with a dark theme how about “cooking humans mama”
7:03 PMjack cayman​Andrew ill be going back to the rodeo next week, they deep fry everything, would you want me to buy something and send you a picture of it via twitter?
7:03 PMmatthew wilson​to serve man moma
7:03 PMjack cayman​we deep fry soda and ice cream
7:04 PMjack cayman​wait is deep fried pickles weird?
7:04 PMmatthew wilson​for a old refrence (og twilight zone for those that dont know)
7:05 PMjack cayman​they were serving deep fried Moonpies and just pie in general
7:05 PMjordan thompson​twilight zone is getting a 3rd reboot now
7:05 PMjack cayman​1/2lb pork chop on a stick
7:06 PMjack cayman​ill upload all the pics I took on Twitter real quick and tag y’all
7:06 PMaddictedtochaos​Deep fried Oreos are really good
7:07 PMjordan thompson​I’m hoping jordan piel doesnt become the tyler perry of horror movies
7:09 PMjordan thompson​cgi mewtwo that is all
7:10 PMjack cayman​@addictedtochaos deep fried Oreos are my top favorite fried food to eat at the fair
7:11 PMjack cayman​CUM
7:11 PMjordan thompson​correct me if im wrong but isnt mewtwo genetically manufactured which means hes one of a kind meaning the mewtwo from the trailers is the one from the movies
7:12 PMjack cayman​yes mewtwo was a experiment
7:12 PMjack cayman​build your waifu the video game
7:14 PMotritzu​The Humanoid mechs do react
7:14 PMotritzu​And the really big assholes are able to be cut into pieces
7:17 PMotritzu​Melee hits make ’em fly away.
7:20 PMpsychadelic snake​8chan isnt bad
7:20 PMpsychadelic snake​its the fact they backpeddled so hard
7:20 PMjordan thompson​ANTHEM!?! WTF not my Bethesda!!!
7:21 PMpsychadelic snake​8chan left 4chan because moot sold us out
7:21 PMpsychadelic snake​then edgy kids took over 8chan and it became a shit hole
7:22 PMpsychadelic snake​if you want a really bad forum, look up kiwi farms
7:22 PMjordan thompson​it would be quite a PR stunt for Nintendo to promote through molehill mountain
7:22 PMpsychadelic snake​RIP hotwheels, his poor website got destroyed by its own fan Base
7:24 PMpsychadelic snake​I used promise 8chan when it was first created, it was a bastion of free speech, now its just..god its horrid
7:24 PMpsychadelic snake​browse*
7:26 PMpsychadelic snake​8chan really needs to be moderated better, if the janitors ACTUALLY did their jobs. half the controversial shit wouldn’t even be on the website
7:27 PMpsychadelic snake​during gamergate, moot starting censoring us
7:28 PMpsychadelic snake​no I WANT 8chan to be moderated, its such a unmoderated shithole atn
7:28 PMpsychadelic snake​spamming isn’t rampant, threads are derailed constantly, illegal activity is rampant
7:28 PMpsychadelic snake​spamming is rampant* im more tired than I thought
7:29 PMjordan thompson​I like to belive I’m a deep thinker thats why I have a mini fidge in my refridgerator
7:30 PMpsychadelic snake​spend half an hour to find a decent thread
7:30 PMpsychadelic snake​only for the thread to 404 because its been dead for hours
7:31 PMpsychadelic snake​8chan and half chan are just garbage
7:31 PMpsychadelic snake​its filled with edgy people who think its cool to use chan websites, and all the decent content gets buried under garbage
7:32 PMpsychadelic snake​the original 4chan was for anime and video games
7:33 PMpsychadelic snake​Hiroshima the new owner of 4chan is just using the website for ad money, he doesn’t care anymore.
7:34 PMpsychadelic snake​to see my favorite website run into the ground by edgy teens is just saddening
7:35 PMjordan thompson​technacally Hitler wanted a one world goverment and world peace under german rule so the symbol was used correctally just not the actions of the man
7:35 PMmatthew wilson​dp shouldnt work, but dam do I want to see it
7:35 PMpsychadelic snake​haha, well I need to take a shower so ill brb, i hope I dont miss rhe whole stream
7:36 PMmatthew wilson​like wtf it shouldnt work
7:36 PMmatthew wilson​also peckachu is just a child freindly deadpool
7:36 PMjordan thompson​theres also a trailer for a cgi remake of the first pokemon movie out now
7:38 PMjordan thompson​mewtwo appearing was nothing more than fan service cause it doesnt make continuity since
7:39 PMmatthew wilson​mewtwoo shows up in sevral regions
7:39 PMjordan thompson​there is only one mewtwo that exists he was genetically created
7:40 PMmatthew wilson​grinija is my fav pokemon since it was added in gen6
7:40 PMjordan thompson​I hope they adress the free pokemon healthcare
7:42 PMmatthew wilson​nah
7:42 PMjordan thompson​doctor :thats 9000 yen to heal your Pokemon , child : I’m 10
7:42 PMmatthew wilson​they were a gen 1 villain
7:44 PMmatthew wilson​they made peckachu a child freindly deadpool
7:44 PMjordan thompson​I hope jynx shows up just to anger SJWs
7:47 PMjordan thompson​I want a garbage man to accidentally throw away a trubbish
7:47 PMaddictedtochaos​Sonic movie will be a train wreck
7:47 PMmatthew wilson​I wish I was a flie in the room of the pich meeting for dp
7:48 PMmatthew wilson​so uk
7:48 PMmatthew wilson​sword and sheild makes sense given its the uk
7:49 PMjordan thompson​can we spam the chat with Pokemon games names we want to see
7:49 PMmatthew wilson​there were pokemon in shape of x and y
7:50 PMmatthew wilson​scubbal
7:50 PMmatthew wilson​yup
7:51 PMScottyJayMan​Pikachus are probably racist
7:51 PMmatthew wilson​he is the bandage on the face gives it away
7:51 PMjordan thompson​you know theres just a room crammed with 100 Japanese nerds making new Pokemon neverending
7:52 PMotritzu​Incineroar is a Fire Dark type.
7:53 PMotritzu​Tepig is the other one that was a Fire/fighting.
7:54 PMjordan thompson​being obese is now a cultural fad theres statues of obese cereal mascots being made
7:55 PMmatthew wilson​I prity much have been water all the way
7:55 PMmatthew wilson​every gen
7:55 PMjordan thompson​wow racist much andrew
7:56 PMjordan thompson​beerus
7:57 PMmatthew wilson​their personalities match too
7:57 PMjordan thompson​well butter cup is the monkey so who would be mojo jo jo
7:58 PMjordan thompson​scorbunny looks like hes got roger rabbit qualities
7:59 PMmatthew wilson​also the gyms are socor staduims
7:59 PMmatthew wilson​nah fairy was added b/c dragon was op
7:59 PMmatthew wilson​to the point the onlything that could be dragon was a dragon
8:00 PMjordan thompson​how has gamefreak not made an in game knock off of peta just as a gag
8:00 PMmatthew wilson​looks like your from scotland
8:01 PMmatthew wilson​gen5 vilains were peta
8:02 PMmatthew wilson​yup
8:02 PMmatthew wilson​black/white
8:02 PMmatthew wilson​yes
8:02 PMjordan thompson​I know that id be near impossble to get reggie on the show but can you take a shot in the dark and see if it could really happen
8:03 PMmatthew wilson​pokemon in the overworld was the only thing I wanted from lgpe
8:03 PMmatthew wilson​hated lgpe catching michanics
8:04 PMmatthew wilson​I dispise motion controls
8:04 PMmatthew wilson​the swith is the 3ds fallow up
8:04 PMmatthew wilson​the switch is a handheald with a tv, not a console on the go
8:04 PMmatthew wilson​atleast thats my view
8:08 PMmatthew wilson​nintendo merged their dev teams, they arent separating it back out again
8:08 PMjordan thompson​wonder if oversaturation of modern consoles only lasting not even a decade will plumet in stock and it become mainstream to buy older games than new ones
8:11 PMotritzu​The 3DS is being phased out because Nintendo lost a patent lawsuit that would have pushed the 3DS models prices above the Switch’s price.
8:12 PMotritzu​It was, nearly a year and a half ago, I’d have to look it back up
8:14 PMjordan thompson​the actor is covered in gobs of makeup there was literally no reason to not bring back ron pearlman only real reason is its a reboot and people dont want them compared
8:16 PMjordan thompson​so Hollywood ran out of ideas a long time ago weres my bonkers reboot
8:17 PMjordan thompson​critters is gonna get a reboot on shutter
8:19 PMjordan thompson​still waiting for killer klowns 2
8:20 PMjordan thompson​you mean dead or alive : you’re just here for the bazongos
8:21 PMjordan thompson​dead or alive : remember when we had ryu hiabusa yeah neither do we
8:23 PMjordan thompson​not in theaters not worth of an Oscar sorry but a theater is an experience tv is TV
8:25 PMjordan thompson​ok there are some great oscar worthy performances on tv movies these days but they need to set restrictions such as budget, talent, studios etc.
8:26 PMpsychadelic snake​I RETURN
8:26 PMpsychadelic snake​What did I miss
8:27 PMpsychadelic snake​black panther was an okay movie, the main baddie had as much depth as a puddle
8:27 PMAndrew Eisen​Mostly Pokemon stuff.
8:27 PMpsychadelic snake​ah alright, did you touch on the Scottish memes?
8:28 PMjordan thompson​black panther in my opinion had no reason to be nominated other than to pander to the SJWs
8:28 PMpsychadelic snake​YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT
8:28 PMpsychadelic snake​SPAWN
8:28 PMpsychadelic snake​I want a spawn movie
8:29 PMpsychadelic snake​I also kinda want a blade reboot, but idkkkkk
8:29 PMjordan thompson​i love film to death its like a religion to me ill admit killmonger was cool but black panther put me to sleep literally and I almost never sleep at the theater
8:29 PMpsychadelic snake​also Jordon i agree.
8:31 PMjordan thompson​finn from star wars
8:31 PMpsychadelic snake​god the new star wars SUCKKKKKED
8:32 PMpsychadelic snake​rose “NO FINN, DONT STOP THE BAD GUYS, IF YOU SO THAT THEY WIN”
8:32 PMpsychadelic snake​the first new star wars movie tickled me really well
8:32 PMpsychadelic snake​Finn being a well written and badass character
8:33 PMpsychadelic snake​whats the main female protagonist name again?
8:33 PMjordan thompson​han solo got a mortal kombat fatality
8:34 PMjordan thompson​did you know of the ewok movies growing up
8:34 PMpsychadelic snake​HYPE HYPE, I hope they don’t just have thanos get beaten easily
8:34 PMpsychadelic snake​I swear if that happens i will never fund marvel ever again
8:36 PMjordan thompson​I’m super exicited for wacken phoenix joker
8:37 PMpsychadelic snake​just please dont fuck up the movie <:
8:37 PMpsychadelic snake​I was excited to watch suicide squad
8:38 PMpsychadelic snake​I watched it and good god it was bad
8:38 PMjordan thompson​shazam looks like its gonna be a sleeper hit
8:38 PMpsychadelic snake​I wanna see shazam
8:38 PMpsychadelic snake​they fucked up building up to the Batman vs superman universe, but DC can still build up to the injustice universe
8:39 PMpsychadelic snake​DC PLEASE
8:40 PMjordan thompson​why is babies a neat concept for characters I know its a bit warped but I wanna see horror icon babies as a show
8:41 PMpsychadelic snake​I still hope DC is just building up to the injustice universe, it would do SO WELL
8:41 PMpsychadelic snake​CUM
8:41 PMjordan thompson​its in the can thats not sanitary

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