Molehill Mountain Episode 134 – Better Than Chex

EZK has the night off so Andrew is all yours…

No timestamps this week but I talk about Activision firing a bunch of its workers after bragging about its best financials in its history, Jump Force’s bad trailers, a Twitch streamer who has maybe decided to stop using slurs, a Chucky VS Annabelle video, and the latest Nintendo Direct.

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Chat Transcript:

6:59 PMmatthew wilson​hi

6:59 PMSusanne Christ​Hi!!! ^·^
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​nintendo clearly has the best line up for the year, the direct didnt even include their 2 biggest 2019 games
7:00 PMaddictedtochaos​Hello
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​yup
7:01 PMmatthew wilson​animal crossing isnt my thing, but pokemon is
7:01 PMmatthew wilson​also astral chain hype
7:02 PMmatthew wilson​aparently its good
7:03 PMmatthew wilson​aparently it sticks prity close to the menga
7:03 PMjack cayman​hello i am here
7:03 PMjack cayman​I miss anything?
7:04 PMjordan thompson​with current events this is as good as time as any to say this, I dont always make it to streams but molehill mountain and the channel shows the brighter side of the world making everthing better
7:04 PMjack cayman​apex legends
7:04 PMjack cayman​it now surpasses fortnite by 157 million
7:04 PMjack cayman​are we seeing a fortnite killer?
7:05 PMSusanne Christ​keep looking!!! ull find something better ^·^
7:05 PMmatthew wilson​respawn
7:05 PMaddictedtochaos​Respawn
7:05 PMmatthew wilson​old cod devs
7:05 PMjack cayman​publisher is EA
7:05 PMaddictedtochaos​Yes
7:05 PMmatthew wilson​yes titanfall devs
7:06 PMjack cayman​and from the context clues, I’m guessing you’re looking for a new job andrew?
7:06 PMjack cayman​man I work some shitty security job
7:06 PMjordan thompson​did you watch the new Nintendo direct
7:07 PMjack cayman​I’m paid $8.10 to watch over drunks
7:07 PMmatthew wilson​I mean BR is the hot genre right now. hell nintendo made a tetris BR, and somehow its good
7:08 PMjack cayman​whatever your current job is, its alot safer than having to work security at a EDM festival
7:08 PMSusanne Christ​that game is so awesome!!!
7:09 PMjack cayman​its just the usual PvP Tetris stuff but on a massive scale
7:09 PMmatthew wilson​its 98 other people, and the more you ko, the more blocks your drop
7:09 PMjordan thompson​the idea of a tetris movie has been floating around for a while, the only decent idea I could come up with was a legal drama based on the copyright lawsuits that happened in the 80s
7:10 PMmatthew wilson​you drop
7:10 PMotritzu​It’s Battle Royal Tetris. The only Battle Royal type game I’m going to paly.
7:10 PMjack cayman​yeah that job seems alot safer, your manager doesn’t tell you to go watch for a guy high on PCP
7:10 PMjack cayman​that night SUCKED
7:11 PMSusanne Christ​haha sounds like how my job handles stuff
7:12 PMjack cayman​PFFFT
7:12 PMjack cayman​didn’t they lay off a ton of people not long after they said that
7:12 PMSusanne Christ​800
7:12 PMjack cayman​”haha WE ROLLIN IN THE CASH”
7:13 PMjack cayman​”hey kid you’re fired”
7:13 PMaddictedtochaos​Translation: we didn’t make ALL the money.
7:13 PMjordan thompson​is brand loyalty, human decency and integrity dead
7:13 PMSusanne Christ​not…”fired”…”let go” lol
7:13 PMotritzu​They looked at their payrolls and said “Holy crap we’re paying these jokers too much.”
7:14 PMaddictedtochaos​Agreed
7:14 PMaddictedtochaos​Bobby Kotick is a cancer on the industry
7:15 PMaddictedtochaos​Some of them will undoubtedly land on their feet at another developer.
7:15 PMjack cayman​I want a viva pinata BR game
7:15 PMjordan thompson​doesnt the term “letting” in letting go insinuate that your getting permission to not work there as if the comany owns you
7:17 PMaddictedtochaos​More like Dragon Ball Xenoverse, with more than just Dragon Ball characters.
7:18 PMjack cayman​jump force is that fighting game that has characters from tons of other shows n anime
7:18 PMjordan thompson​do any of the JUMP games do 3rd party anime guest characters
7:18 PMjack cayman​if I’m correctly ruby rose is in it and so is some of the p5 cast
7:18 PMaddictedtochaos​Had the game preordered, then saw footage from the game that gave me pause. I’ll buy it eventually once it drops in price.
7:19 PMjack cayman​that’s why you don’t preorder games
7:20 PMjack cayman​well that’s why I don’t preorder them, in always afraid the game will come out shitty or was waaaay below the hype that was built up
7:20 PMaddictedtochaos​I always preorder games I want, just canceled it and moved it to Mario Maker 2.
7:22 PMjack cayman​sounds like a ninja meltdown
7:22 PMSusanne Christ​if you cant twitch nice, u cant twitch at all xD
7:22 PMjack cayman​you can indeed get very creative
7:22 PMmatthew wilson​did you see what atlus did with remake of cathrine?
7:22 PMjordan thompson​yeah I mean theres always the N word
7:22 PMjack cayman​hey Andrew, YOURE A SNOODLING TOE LICKER
7:23 PMaddictedtochaos​George Carlin was my professor of swearing.
7:23 PMmatthew wilson​they doubuled down on homophobic themes
7:23 PMmatthew wilson​in a new ending
7:23 PMjack cayman​doesn’t the new Catherine have a trap in it?
7:23 PMjack cayman​but the most important question is, can we date the trap?
7:24 PMmatthew wilson​sory not homopbic theme anti trans theme
7:24 PMjordan thompson​theres an old art form of social standards called CONTEXT that now a dead aspect of life we need to bring it back
7:26 PMjack cayman​context is bad
7:26 PMjack cayman​according to SJW’s
7:26 PMmatthew wilson​yup
7:27 PMjack cayman​they’re heavily hinting that the third character is a trap
7:27 PMjack cayman​why cant game companies make good LGBT characters?
7:27 PMjack cayman​like look at VA-11 HALL-A
7:27 PMjack cayman​it has LGBT characters in it and they’re all well written, I want more of that
7:29 PMjordan thompson​Andrew Andrew think think real hard name another creepy killer doll than those two its slim pickins im that category
7:29 PMSusanne Christ​the one front twilight series ^·^
7:30 PMaddictedtochaos​The killer Krusty doll from The Simpsons Halloween
7:30 PMjack cayman​actually IMO arcade ganon is probably the best portrayal of a gay character in a video game
7:30 PMjack cayman​but that’s just me
7:32 PMjack cayman​did I just get ddos’d…?
7:32 PMjack cayman​I just missed most of what Andrew said because my internet went out
7:32 PMjordan thompson​I always wanted to see freddy vs pennywise they are similar in nature they both use fear to kill one does it in real life the other does it in dreams
7:33 PMaddictedtochaos​May also be a cultural thing.
7:33 PMjack cayman​yeah that mostly ends up with a LGBT character that doesn’t have a personality besides “he’s a gay character”
7:33 PMjordan thompson​then you also get people that cant help but write stereotypical gay people
7:34 PMjack cayman​like arcade ganon is just a really well written character and it shows
7:34 PMaddictedtochaos​Who is arcade Ganon?
7:34 PMjack cayman​also I’m like 30 seconds behind because i think my ISP is throttling me atm
7:34 PMjack cayman​arcade ganon is a character from fallout new vegas
7:35 PMjack cayman​he’s a enclave scientist that joins the followers of the apocalypse and he has a pretty deep back story and has amazing character development
7:35 PMjordan thompson​just waiting for the day everyone is a genderless grey faced and dressed in all grey dystopian future
7:36 PMjack cayman​that’s what SJW’s want
7:37 PMSusanne Christ​unless they are expressly straight…how do u know they arent gay o.o
7:38 PMjordan thompson​just wait till we see a lesbian trans muslem woman in a wheelchair, now thats divercity
7:38 PMjack cayman​well the main focus of a character shouldn’t be that their gay, I feel like their sexuality just comes second,
7:38 PMjack cayman​theyre*
7:39 PMjack cayman​*cough* sonicfox *cough*
7:39 PMjordan thompson​heres how I see it, as long as you dont stuck it in something underage or not your species we have no problem
7:40 PMjack cayman​hey Andrew look up arcade ganon, he’s a really well written character
7:42 PMjack cayman​Andrew cry of fear KINDA does that
7:42 PMmatthew wilson​ok so nintendo direct opinions lets get off this land mine of a topic, should never have brought it up
7:42 PMaddictedtochaos​It’s part 2
7:42 PMjack cayman​you’re only in a wheel chair at the end though
7:42 PMaddictedtochaos​Agreed
7:43 PMmatthew wilson​the quite man was a awful game though
7:44 PMjordan thompson​now I wanna see someone attempt to make a POV video game of a blind person
7:44 PMjack cayman​@Jordan an indie game is doing that
7:44 PMjack cayman​you move around by making sound, the sound waves bounce off objects and that’s how you ‘see’
7:45 PMaddictedtochaos​There was an indie game that did that. For the life of me I can’t remember the name.
7:46 PMmatthew wilson​mario maker 2, alstral chain (new platnuim game), fire emblem, and link’s awakening remake hype
7:46 PMjack cayman​people are mad that the links awakening game isn’t being remade into a gritty reboot
7:48 PMmatthew wilson​give me ability to make world (colection of lvls) in mario maker 2
7:48 PMmatthew wilson​words
7:48 PMmatthew wilson​worlds
7:48 PMjordan thompson​everyone : we want legend of zelda maker or metroid maker /Nintendo : ok how about just a massive update on the last game
7:49 PMjordan thompson​do you think framers play “office job simulator”
7:50 PMmatthew wilson​I doubt building coop will happen, but would be very cool
7:50 PMmatthew wilson​stanley parable
7:51 PMjordan thompson​how did you not address gaymers in the last subject
7:52 PMjordan thompson​well andrew the alternitve is a box with tits andrew a bow seems more family friend in the grand sceme of things
7:53 PMmatthew wilson​just a callout til smash players saying more news is coming
7:54 PMScottyJayMan​Box boy should have a package
7:55 PMjordan thompson​an X rated game disigner you perv
7:57 PMjordan thompson​when is Nintendo gonna deny the existance of the Wii u like they do with the virtual boy
8:00 PMjordan thompson​how did Nintendo expect people to think of the falic nature of the Wii the thing even came with a condom
8:01 PMaddictedtochaos​Dragon Quest looked fine to me.
8:01 PMaddictedtochaos​Came with
8:01 PMmatthew wilson​astral chain (new platinum game) by most of the neir anamata people
8:01 PMjordan thompson​I’m pretty sure mine did I could remember wrong
8:02 PMjordan thompson​no andrew it cam with 😉
8:03 PMjack cayman​Andrew I wanna 1v1 u in roblox
8:03 PMaddictedtochaos​Lost Sphear
8:03 PMjordan thompson​jack where you going with this
8:04 PMjack cayman​I just wanna 1v1 Andrew in roblox
8:04 PMjack cayman​is that so bad?
8:05 PMmatthew wilson​tbf awakening was a 3ds game
8:05 PMmatthew wilson​memory budget guess
8:05 PMaddictedtochaos​Yeah but Fates characters had feet
8:07 PMScottyJayMan​All fire emblem games are 3DS
8:07 PMjack cayman​ive yet to spend money on mobile games
8:07 PMaddictedtochaos​Nope hasn’t been a console Fire Emblem since Wii.
8:08 PMotritzu​Yes it does.
8:08 PMjordan thompson​whats funny id belive that it may actually be the 99th tetris game made
8:08 PMotritzu​’s not like Tetris 99 takes much space, anyway.
8:08 PMjack cayman​deltarune was okay
8:09 PMjack cayman​its nothing TOO special
8:10 PMaddictedtochaos​They should have called the demo “Demo X Machina”
8:10 PMjordan thompson​do you think the switch would offer anything that would warrent a decent Mario paint sequal
8:11 PMScottyJayMan​Mario Maker is Mario Paint 2
8:12 PMjordan thompson​do we need a non existant blood code for the mortal kombat switch edition
8:12 PMjack cayman​I want Nintendo to make visual novels
8:12 PMjack cayman​imagine the smut
8:13 PMaddictedtochaos​Ridiculous they are charging $20.99 for FF IX.
8:13 PMmatthew wilson​yup by the neir people
8:14 PMScottyJayMan​Nintendo do own a porno
8:14 PMaddictedtochaos​Rule 34
8:15 PMjordan thompson​do you think Nintendo could make a original I.P. that is strictly adult
8:15 PMjack cayman​Mario! peach yells as Mario sticks his 1-up mushroom into peaches pipe
8:15 PMmatthew wilson​and extra buttons
8:15 PMjack cayman​all while Luigi watched in horror, after all it was his mansion they were defiling
8:15 PMmatthew wilson​the gameboy only had 2 buttons
8:15 PMScottyJayMan​There’s a porno called “super horino bros” with Ron jemery. Nintendo sued and got the rights to stop distribution
8:16 PMotritzu​Almost like Metroid: Samus Returns.
8:17 PMaddictedtochaos​Never played the original Link’s Awakening so I’m definitely getting the remake.
8:17 PMjack cayman​ron Jeremy as mario?
8:17 PMjack cayman​what a lovely visual
8:17 PMotritzu​I’m interested in what they changed when they upscaled it.
8:18 PMmatthew wilson​nintendo has a killer year. my fall release prodiction is animal crossing oct, pokemon nov, links awakening dec
8:18 PMmatthew wilson​pokemon is always nevember
8:18 PMaddictedtochaos​I imagine Luigi, Animal Crossing, Pokemon will be at E3.
8:19 PMmatthew wilson​November
8:19 PMjack cayman​but that’s me being a pessimist
8:20 PMjordan thompson​how much you wanna bet Nintendo makes a new F Zero game 50 years from now when that core audience is either dead, has deminshai or arthritis
8:21 PMmatthew wilson​yup EA
8:21 PMmatthew wilson​and ms does there stuff off theE3 floor
8:22 PMjack cayman​I want a game that lets me go crazy with character customization
8:22 PMmatthew wilson​there is a intreasting thread on resetare, so I will ask it here. should nintendo buy platnuim games?
8:22 PMjack cayman​like c’mon game devs, I don’t wanna play a handsome chad, I wanna make a deformed fat goblin
8:23 PMaddictedtochaos​Yes, Nintendo should.
8:24 PMjordan thompson​I wanna make a game that had an extensive character creator that takes a good while to design your character then in the first cutsence that character dies
8:24 PMmatthew wilson​at this point platnuim is a second party at this point
8:24 PMaddictedtochaos​Nintendo needs a few more devs in their Stable and Kamiya said he would like to be a Nintendo 2nd party.
8:24 PMmatthew wilson​though neir did save platnuim games
8:24 PMmatthew wilson​outright
8:26 PMjordan thompson​its bound to happen when we gonna see Mario vs mickey, Disney vs Nintendo
8:27 PMmatthew wilson​they said as such, neir doing as well as it did saved them
8:30 PMotritzu​Go get some sleep. If you’ve got the bags under your eyes stop and sleep.
8:30 PMjordan thompson​I’m playing through the time eater series know as kingdom hearts currently half way through kingdom hearts 2
8:31 PMjack cayman​Andrew unleash the inner gamer in you
8:31 PMjack cayman​don’t sleep, drink mountain dew and rage
8:32 PMaddictedtochaos​Working on Crackdown 3 myself. Loving it so far.
8:32 PMjordan thompson​no andrew you are my dancing monkey do more podcast and make the masses laugh jk youre awsome
8:32 PMaddictedtochaos​Yes we did.
8:33 PMaddictedtochaos​That game is the reason I bought my Xbox One.
8:33 PMjordan thompson​what do we pay you for
8:34 PMjack cayman​fallout 4 is the only game I know where i can fly via generator

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