Molehill Mountain Episode 114 – Working Title


There was a Nintendo Direct this week. Let’s talk about that.

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Chat Transcript:

1:06 PMMorello 456It works

6:48 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

7:01 PMmatthew wilsonexuding the nintendo online crap, the direct was good

7:03 PMmatthew wilsonare you sure its not a yakuza game?! lol

7:04 PMmatthew wilsonits built in the same engine, takes place in the same place, seems to have alot of the same game play lol

7:04 PMmatthew wilsonjust nick picking I am looking foword to it as well

7:07 PMmatthew wilsontbc the sttatement was a joke

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonalso ezk try out yakuza 0 on pc, it runs on a toaster

7:08 PMmatthew wilsonno for real play yakuza 0

7:11 PMmatthew wilsonthats for the 3ds

7:12 PMmatthew wilsonthe mp is

7:12 PMmatthew wilsonits to late in development to move over to the switch

7:17 PMA Leafholy HECK I’m excited for LM and AC

7:18 PMA Leafoh, I just wanted to mention Andrew, as I had an issue with my joycons recently

7:18 PMA Leaffor a couple months I thought my left joycon was broken, and I was going to replace it

7:18 PMA Leafbut stumbled upon the fix, you see the left analog stick had “drift”

7:19 PMA Leafwhere it registers movement when you’re not touching it

7:19 PMA Leafand I just had to dip a qtip in rubbing alcohol and shove it underneath a flap on the underside of the stick to clean the gunk away

7:19 PMA Leafworks like a charm now

7:21 PMA LeafI don’t mind the mode at all, it feels like an extra mobile game on top

7:22 PMA Leafnot that great, but it doesn’t change the real game at all

7:22 PMA LeafInteresting how they’re skipping a Partners in Time remake, I heard that one wasn’t too good

7:24 PMA LeafYeah I think it’s a VERY Japanese targeted game, I’m not sure why they keep pushing it on the west

7:27 PMA LeafOH yeah, so I was really surprised to learn that the 3DS Kirby port is N3DS exclusive, while Luigi’s Mansion is not. Consider the latter is 3D? Weird. GC-Wii isn’t very different performance wise

7:32 PMA Leafhad to roll my eyes when they showed that arcade game bundle

7:33 PMA Leaffelt like just more of those thousands of niche ports like Neogeo that are already on there

7:33 PMAndrew EisenIt’s filler but not unwelcome.

7:33 PMA Leafyeah

7:34 PMSeakkennedThe capcom bundle is $20

7:34 PMA LeafLORE


7:38 PMA LeafWith any WiiU port, while it IS a tiny advantage, consider this: It’s in full RGB rather than limited as the WiiU was

7:39 PMmatthew wilsonsmash will still be my system seller for the switch

7:40 PMA Leafas with many people, yeah

7:40 PMA LeafI know a few picking up a Switch just for Smash

7:41 PMmatthew wilsonthat and next year’s pokemon (not the lets go crap)

7:41 PMmatthew wilsonI am not a fan of pokemon go

7:41 PMA Leafno kidding, me neither

7:42 PMA LeafI’m really hoping they do not pull similar mechanics with Animal Crossing

7:42 PMmatthew wilsonmy issue is the lose of cloud saves if you stop paying for online

7:42 PMA Leafcan you imagine if they made it nearly dependent on the phone game? And added microtransactions that way?

7:42 PMA LeafI’d scream

7:42 PMmatthew wilsonms gives it for free, sony has a 6 month window, and pc is free

7:43 PMA Leafyeah like, cloud saves are USELESS if your Switch breaks

7:43 PMA Leafonce your service expires, your saves are all DELETED


7:43 PMA Leafit can take many months to save for another system

7:45 PMmatthew wilsonezk nintendo wont allow that way to manny 3ds hacks have been done throw saves

7:45 PMmatthew wilsonthat is why they have locked down saves so hard on the switch

7:45 PMA LeafI’ll be honest I’m excited to play the arcade Mario with online buddies

7:46 PMA Leafthat said this whole service is still a joke

7:47 PMA Leafoh yeah, I learned the NES bluetooth controllers do NOT work in handheld, though not sure why they would anyway

7:48 PMA Leafthey’re also exclusive to online orders through the service

7:48 PMaddictedtochaoshi everyone, sorry i’m late

7:49 PMA Leafsup

7:50 PMA Leafthey DO have the same shoulder buttons the joycons do

7:50 PMA Leaffor some odd reason

7:51 PMA Leafokay so now that’s REALLY weird


7:51 PMA Leafwhen Switch is long dead they will be door stops

7:51 PMA Leafno more service, no more NES games

7:52 PMSeakkennedI heard they only work with the nes games.

7:53 PMaddictedtochaoscan’t stop paying for it if you never start

7:53 PMA LeafIf you actually want a retro controller, buy 8bitdo SNES with the analog sticks

7:53 PMA Leafapparently the only downside to them is the rumble makes a very loud noise

7:54 PMSeakkenned80

7:54 PMA Leafin Canada it’s 100

7:54 PMA Leafso it’s 70 or 80 in US

7:56 PMA Leafbtw I mentioned earlier how I fixed my joycon’s drift

7:56 PMA LeafI’m going to make a DIY fix to the awful sensors on the pro controller dpad

7:56 PMaddictedtochaosthank you

7:57 PMA Leaftake it apart, and put bits of scotch tape over 1/4 of the sensors

7:57 PMA Leafso that pressing left / right wont register as up / down anymore or vice versa

7:57 PMaddictedtochaosno controller should cost what they do

7:57 PMA Leafespecially with such awful dpads, yes

7:58 PMA LeafI’m hoping the issue will be fixed by the time the smash pros are out

7:59 PMmatthew wilsonnot nintendo direct related, but nintendo will be having smash playable at a bunch of collage football games lol

7:59 PMSeakkennedI’m looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion 3

8:02 PMA LeafTown looks very phoned in

8:02 PMA Leafnot interested in Pokemon lite for full price

8:02 PMmatthew wilsonits switch game by game freak (yes the pokemon dev)

8:02 PMmatthew wilsonog deablo took place in 1 town too

8:02 PMA LeafGamefreak died with the 3DS Pokemon games

8:02 PMA LeafHGSS were the last truly good Pokemon games

8:03 PMSeakkennedIf the “town” is really fleshed out,then it could be interesting.

8:05 PMA Leafthey literally took out the battle-whatever island from the Ruby /Sapphire remake because they had a philosophy to treat their fans like phone gamers with low attention spans and not much time

8:05 PMA LeafI LOVE the music \m/

8:06 PMA Leafreally looking forward to Daemon x Machina personally

8:06 PMaddictedtochaosnot a metallica fan then?

8:06 PMA LeafI know you’re asking Andrew but I actually hate Metallica

8:06 PMA Leaftheir singer belongs in a country band not a metal band

8:07 PMaddictedtochaosyes arsenals

8:09 PMmatthew wilsonmunchain

8:10 PMSeakkennedI use to have a lot of fun playing monopoly on ps1.

8:10 PMmatthew wilsontry playing a complex tabletop game having it handle it for you is a big big deal

8:10 PMA LeafAnd there’s less potential for cheating in digital board games

8:10 PMA Leafmaybe that’s good or bad though

8:13 PMmatthew wilsonstarlink you mean star fox lol

8:13 PMSeakkennedThe Star Fox stuff looks cool.

8:14 PMSeakkennedIt looked like a really big insect leg

8:17 PMA LeafI couldn’t stand Rex’s design so I didn’t buy Xeno2

8:17 PMmatthew wilsonwarframe is sooooooo good

8:18 PMAndrew EisenYeah, Rex’s design is one of the worst I’ve seen. Not helped by the fact that there are no new costumes.

8:18 PMSeakkennedThere are new costumes now in the challenge area

8:19 PMA LeafI’ve never actually played a Final Fantasy game

8:19 PMA LeafI’m vaguely interested in Crystal Chronicles though

8:19 PMA LeafI’d like to know more about the gameplay

8:21 PMmatthew wilsonff8 wasnt a great game

8:21 PMmatthew wilsonff8 tried lvl failing and failed badly

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosi’m skipping crystal chronicles, no physical release. XII is getting retail though.

8:22 PMSeakkennedI’m looking forward to VII

8:22 PMSeakkennedThey might as well bring them all

8:24 PMA LeafI don’t play mobile trash personally

8:24 PMA Leafboth because of the quality and monetization strategies

8:24 PMA Leafand because I don’t want Nintendo to invest more in them

8:24 PMSeakkennedI don’t like phone games either

8:25 PMmatthew wilsonissabela in smash

8:25 PMmatthew wilsonI like that trailer btw

8:27 PMA LeafI’ve got the smash pro controller preordered, it looks pretty sexy and I need another real controller to play at my buddy’s place with

8:27 PMaddictedtochaosamiibo festival

8:27 PMA LeafYeah she’s pretty much your Roy to a Marth

8:27 PMmatthew wilsonshe is not clasasafied as a echo fighter

8:28 PMA Leafvery similar, not quite an echo

8:32 PMSeakkennedI’m guessing you guys talked about Luigi’s Mansion at the beginning of the podcast

8:33 PMSeakkennedZachary Get a switch.

8:34 PMSeakkennedNo

8:35 PMSeakkennedIt’ll hopefully get better overtime

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