KNGI Records presents The NGI EP

Celebrating the 250th episode of Nitro Game Injection and 11th anniversary of the KNGI VGM Podcast Network, KNGI Records is proud to present The NGI EP. With artwork by Otakatt, the album features 8 new arrangements of the theme song of Nitro Game Injection, “CHORD WOMAN” by chiptune composer Rob “AutoReMi-PK” Remy. These remixes have been lovingly crafted by featured OverClocked ReMix artists Joel “Jivemaster” Bird, David L. Puga, Eino Keskitalo, Dustin “DusK” Branscum and Michael “Sir_NutS” Molina as well as chiptune wizards Shannon “Pongball” Mason and Jeff “jmr” Roberts. The album also includes bonus artwork by Chris “glitcher” Reavey, Enn “SLiDER-chan” Carbohydrate, Aleah “Kureejii Lea” Baker, Nate “FoxxDragon” Horsfall, and Randall “FlozaxRollins” Drew. The original version of “CHORD WOMAN” in FTM and NSF formats is also included, along with separated stems for personal usage in remixes and arrangements. The album is available for free download in FLAC and MP3 formats at

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