Identity Sequence GRAND Release Party! 2012-12-12


I had the fortune of hosting a release party for zircon’s AMAZING new album, Identity Sequence. During the show I had a conference call with both Jill and Andrew Aversa, the brains behind the album, as well as the lovely Jeff Ball and Chris Gordon, and artist Jessie Lam. We all had a lot of fun and I asked them questions about the kind of amazing effort each one of them put forth towards making Identity Sequence. You can pick up the album for $10 right on his site. Really had a lot of fun hosting this album party, and zircon is allowing me to host the recorded show that includes the album itself and the interview segments. I also started off the show with a few selected tracks from zircon himself. Read on for the playlist!

zircon – Just Hold On (feat. Jillian Aversa ) (2009 Ver. )

zircon, Jeff Ball – Thicket Prism

zircon – Breathing You In (feat. Jillian Goldin Aversa )

zircon – Star Trails (Emotion Mix )


zircon – Genesis

zircon – Arms Open Wide (ft. Jillian Aversa )

zircon – Million Years (ft. Chris Gordon )

zircon – Neurobazaar

zircon – Fabrication (ft. Jillian Aversa )

zircon – Identity Sequence (ft. Jillian Aversa )

zircon – Unity

zircon – Memory (ft. Jillian Aversa )

zircon – Colossus

zircon – The Expanse

zircon – System

zircon – Just Hold On (ft. Jillian Aversa )

zircon – No Regret (ft. Chris Gordon )

zircon – The End


Zircon – Motavian Battlefield

zircon – Warhead


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