GameFuel to host 2-part Mega Man X: Maverick Rising listening party! – March 17th & 18th, 9 PM Eastern

Join project director Wesley “Bahamut” Cho and KyleJCrb for a special 2-part episode of GameFuel featuring the music of Maverick Rising, the latest project from OverClocked ReMix covering the entire Mega Man X series! Bahamut will be providing commentary on the tracks and insight into the creation of the project live on the air, and they will be listening to the full project over the course of two days: March 17th will feature discs 1 and 2 from the project, while March 18th will feature discs 3 and 4. Be sure to listen in and join into the chat at Arecibo Radio to chat with project remixers and staff during the show, starting at 9 PM US Eastern Time!

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