GameFuel #153: Eras (Chronicles of Time Listening Party – Discs 2 & 3)


This week, GameFuel spotlights discs 2 and 3 of the MASSIVE 5-disc album, Chronicles of Time! From the team that brought the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Spectrum of Mana comes a huge collaborative album covering the Chrono Trigger soundtrack.

1. Ailsean – Give Time Its Proper Love (arrangement of ‘Leave Time for Love’ from Secret of Mana [SNES] :: Album website)

2. Snappleman, norg, finbeard – Antecedent (A Premonition)
3. Snappleman, norg, finbeard, Midee – One Day at a Time (Chrono Trigger Main Theme)
4. Scaredsim (feat. CarboHydroM) – Rock the Frog (Frog’s Theme)
5. Ivan Hakštok – Norstein Bekkler’s Song of Horrors (Fanfare 2)
6. Kirby’s Dream Band – Epoch ~ Wings of Time (The Epoch – Wings of Time)
7. Marshall Art – the Guide of travellers along the roads of this world and along that leading to the next (A Prayer to the Travelers)
8. Alexander Brandon (Funky Rustic) and Kevin Lin (Materia) – Guardian Angel (Guardia Castle)

9. DROIDEKKA – First Tentacle of Mars (Festival of Stars)
10. Kunal – Deciduous Biome (Secret of the Forest)
11. Arc Impulse – To Far Away Times (Outskirts of Time (Credits)
12. Demonstray and Friends – With Zeal in Their Eyes (Corridors of Time)
13. Somewhere in Time – Temporal Eternity (Schala’s Theme, Life ~ a faraway promise)
14. CarboHydroM – No Adventure Without You (Epilogue – To My Dear Friends)

15. Derris-Kharlan – Eons (Chiptune Medley)

16. Cory Johnson – Morning (Morning Glow)
17. Dale North – Scattering Blossoms (Scattering Blossoms)
18. Ashley ‘SonikBuster’ Watts – Memories of the Past (Green Memories)
19. Two Iron Fists (feat. Kenny Davis) – A Meeting with DStiny (A Meeting with Destiny)
20. GuardianSoul – Melodía de la montaña (Singing Mountain)
21. Super Guitar Bros and Friends – The Gaylord Millennial Festival (Guardia Millenial Fair)
22. Alyssa Menes – March of the Frog (Frog’s Theme)
23. The World is Square – The Biggest, Blackest Omen (Black Omen)
24. Yes, Mayhem – Where the Monsters Hide (Silent Light)
25. William Carlos Reyes – Creeping Through the Sewers (Creeping through the Sewers)

26. Super Guitar Bros – The Brink (The Brink of Time)
27. Shipluss – The Beginning of the Future (The Last Day of the World)
28. William Carlos Reyes – Manoria Cathedral (The Cathedral)
29. Emily Thompson (feat. Rosie Samter) – For Zealotry! (Zeal Palace)
30. Videri String Quartet – Chrono Trigger, Allegro Con Brio (Chrono Trigger Main Theme)
31. William Carlos Reyes – Peaceful Days (Peaceful Days)
32. finbeard & Friends – Kaze No Shokei (Yearnings of Wind (600AD)
33. Cory Johnson – Secret of the Forest (Secret of the Forest)

34. Timo Hellmund (AriesT) – Go Gentle Into The Night (Good Night)


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