GameFuel #142: Velocity (Nintendo November Part 2: F-Zero Special)


GameFuel’s Nintendo November races forward with a long-overdue tribute to the F-Zero franchise. Also features the return of the Source Tune of the Week!

1. NirreN – Moon Over the Castle (arrangement of ‘Moon Over the Castle’ from Gran Turismo [PS1] :: Soundcloud)
2. Sixto Sounds – Falcon DREAM!! (arrangement of ‘Dream Chaser’ from F-Zero X [N64] :: OverClocked ReMix)

3. Playing With Power! – Medley (arrangement of ‘Title’, ‘Silence’ & ‘Port Town’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Bandcamp)
4. VikingGuitar – Mute Ain’t Silent (arrangement of ‘Mute City’, ‘Silence’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Bandcamp)
5. Tansunn – Blue Vacation (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)

6. Ailsean – Flying Hachi-Roku (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Dwelling of Duels)
7. Powerglove – Mute City (arrangement of ‘Mute City’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: VGMdb)
8. Armcannon – Mute Blue Sand (arrangement of ‘Mute City’, ‘Big Blue’ & ‘Sand Ocean’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Bandcamp)

9. Hale-Bopp – Black & Blue (arrangement of ‘Infinite Blue’ from F-Zero GX [GCN])
10. SnappleMan – Break The Silence (arrangement of ‘Dream Chaser’ from F-Zero X [N64] :: Dwelling of Duels)
11. GaMetal – Big Mute Blue City (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ and ‘Mute City’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: YouTube)

12. Magical Trick Society – Red Canyon (arrangement of ‘Red Canyon’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: VGMdb)
13. cyb0rgjeff – Dr Stuard ‘Jeff n Toad Air Team Challengers (arrangement of ‘DR. STEWART’ from F-Zero GX [GCN] :: VGMix Archive)
14. Evan Pattison – Blue Blazes (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ from F-Zero GX [GCN] & F-Zero [SNES]:: VGMix Archive)

15. Spencer Bambrick & Louie Aronowitz – Fields of Fire (arrangement of ‘Fire Field’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Harmony of Heroes)
16. PeeWee and Michiko Hill – FIRE FIELD (arrangement of ‘Fire Field’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: VGMdb)
17. Tony Thai – Fire Field (arrangement of ‘Fire Field’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: VGMdb)
18. Descendants of Erdrick – Mute Blue Silence Field (medley arrangement of music from F-Zero [SNES] :: Bandcamp)

19. Rozovian – Beyond Velocity (arrangement of ‘ZEN (Aeropolis)’ from F-Zero GX [GCN] :: OverClocked ReMix)
20. Lashmush – Breaking Point (arrangement of music from F-Zero GX [GCN] :: Harmony of Heroes)
21. Harmony – The Freedom of Zero (medley arrangement of ‘Mute City’, ‘Select Time Theme’ & ‘White Land I’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)

22. rize – Flying in a Purple Car (arrangement of music from F-Zero Maximum Velocity [GBA] :: Dwelling of Duels)
23. Vomitron – Death Race (arrangement of ‘Endless Challenge’ from F-Zero X [N64] :: Harmony of Heroes)
24. M-H – You Got Boost Power! (medley arrangement of music from F-Zero Climax [GBA] :: Dwelling of Duels)

25. Tom Winter – Mute City (arrangement of ‘Mute City’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Bandcamp)
26. GaMetal – Big Blue Acoustic Short (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: YouTube)
27. Banjo Guy Ollie – Big Blue (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: Bandcamp)

28. JJT – Silent Progression (arrangement of ‘Silence’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)
29. Atsuko Asahi – F-Zero Results (arrangement of ‘Select Time Theme’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: VGMdb)
30. Demetori – Ranking BGM (arrangement of ” from F-Zero [SNES] :: Website)
31. Taro Bando – Goal BGM (from F-Zero X [N64] :: VGMdb)

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