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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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ian, giving you a chance to make some dev out there giddy. obviously you’re working with rivals of aether, but is there some other indie game you’ve seen around you’d go “ay I’d write a comic of that” about?

Alright fellas, you’ve had your practice questions. But now before the movie comes out, I once again must ask you: who would win? Gimme those predictions!

Diane W.
Here’s a fun question to make up for my last one; would Shadow be unable to steal candy from a baby if he finds it too cute?

Scurvy Piratehog
So…We know that Sonic Can’t lose. So that begs the question…who would win in a fight between Sonic….and Sonic? Note. There’s no fake sonic here, they are both real Sonics!

Since Sega doesn’t want to acknowledge certain Classic elements in Modern Sonic, especially those that we will be seeing in the new IDW classic comic such as Mighty and Ray, can you give us a story reason why we don’t see them? I’d hate to imagine they’d be dead or nonexistent, and not being the focus seems strange in some instances like the Metal Virus where it brought in so many characters. Are we to assume they were holding out somewhere, or perhaps they were victims of the virus?

So the Chaos Emeralds are the main Super-Saiyan making gems. There have been other mostly collectable powerful sets, such as the Sol Emeralds, Time Stones, World Rings, Anarchy Beryl, Power Rings, etc. What are your favorites in this B-list category? Any least favorites?

John B.
With Dr. Starline playing a significant roll in both Bad Guys and Chao Races and Badnik Bases did anything have to changed in Bad guys to keep in step with the main book? You have talked about collaborating with Evan before but now that her first big story is out I was wondering if you have more specific examples.

Sony N.
First of all love the show and comics. And I loved the metal virus arc. Simple question. Sonic as there a limit to how dark you went with it? I remember you saying you got away with a lot and the tone I feel was great. Did it feel darker then what you normal write for sonic books even Archie and if you can answer how far did you want to take it?

As it seems SEGA is constantly changing things up a bit with their characters for the Sonic franchise, what is the word on our boy Knuckles? Is he the last of his kind, the last of his clan, or something else now? On top of that, is he still a treasure hunter?

One final question in this vein: If Lost Hedgehog Tales was in Drogune what race would it be?

e g g
can you two give us a list of things you can’t do in the idw series? (a full video explaining everything would be nice)

Ian, If you could bring any 1 character back from the Archie comics, who would you pick, and how would you work them in? Kyle, care to jump in as well?

yellow pig
Ian friend in JCR Crause what is your opinion on the fleetly sonic the comic

Rodimus Prime
Ian & Kyle, what are your thoughts on the IDW Transformers comics?

Vlad C.
Ian, how do you react to moments from your work being posted out of context or played for laughs? Do you take it to heart or play it off? Does it depend on what the content is? Moments that come to mind are Archie Mega Man’s defeat of Air Man in Archie being posted for laughs due to its tone, or stuff that led to backlash like IDW Shadow’s infamous “cowards run, i win” episode.

Do you think Sega would ever let IDW finish SatAM in comic book form with you as the writer? That cliffhanger ending still stinks.

Will we see new characters from Silvers future? I always thought of new animal characters from the future, something we haven’t seen yet.

Steven A.
Having recently read the French Sonic Adventures 1994 comic, I need to ask this hypothetical question, do you guys think that a lot of what happened with those two comics was potentially down to mistranslation, changed plans or poor communication? Because Knuckles appears to be a woman in the first comic who is also a princess with the Grey Emerald in her crown while wearing leopard skin and having a tribe of Echindas and this was JUST before Knuckles was introduced in the games. I only ask because nearly EVERY Sonic comic was it’s own thing (I’m Scottish so I grew up with Sonic the Comic) and I just find that something incredibly cool where every region had it’s own take on Sonic (which would probably give you a headache if you do continuity welding)

Jacob B.
as a comic writer, how does the whole creative process usually start? That is to say, if I were a writer seeking an artist, how much would I be expected to provide off the top? Are we talking just a basic script, or full page breakdowns/panel layouts and whatnot?

I have a very important question. Mr. Ian Flynn, what is your personal opinion on Chili dogs? Do you eat them? Do you like them? Do you have any obligation to eat them because of Sonic?

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