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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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What would it be like working for Dr. Starline? Are there any dangers one should be aware of working for him? How quickly is the door locked behind you?

Diane W.
How would’ve Sticks handled the Black Arms invasion, the Shattered World Crisis, and the War to Take Back the Planet, but not all at once?

You’ve gotten so many “disappointment” questions about Shadow it’s a bit of a bummer. So I was curious to hear what you like about Shadow, and if there’s anything with his current portrayal that you do enjoy writing with, or witnessing being written with him. Maybe any moments in IDW too with him with that you enjoyed?

Scurvy Piratehog (KoFi)
Aside from Sonic, Eggman’s other two most prominent enemies in comic history seems to be Zavok and Naugus. How do you think those two would get along? Would they like each other? hate each other? And who would win in a fight?

In the old SatAM cartoon, Robotnik had a habit of calling Sonic a “miserable rodent.” This struck me as a bit odd, as Sonic is an incredibly upbeat character. Sure, he had his moments of sadness from time to time, but the only character in that show I would say was miserable was Snively (and possibly Antoine). So what’s the deal? I mean… did Robotnik not know what that word means?

Jeff G (KoFi)
I’m a long time Sonic comic collector. I stopped when the Archie series went away, but I’m getting back into comics again thanks to your show! Question: How do you show off all these excellent books? It kills me to keep them in a longbox…

Breezie. Archie comics. Robot or not?

Andrew D.
You’ve spoken on multiple occasions about how SEGA would disagree on something that clearly was plausible such as the Master Emerald effecting the Chaos Emeralds. In those instances, have you ever attempted to call them out on their mistake by providing examples and asking what exactly was happening at that moment instead? I understand not wanting to bite the hand that feeds and that it is SEGA’s property, but I wonder at times if they just need a reminder is all. Unless they’re aiming for a retcon. Personally, if I was in charge of a property and you pointed out something like that, I don’t think I could just ignore it, but that’s just me I guess. Perhaps the difference is I’d care about my property’s consistency when they don’t? Or am I missing something? I’d like to think SEGA cares about their property enough to stay consistent.
Speed Weed
I’ve been getting more and more into the idea of comics based on some video games here and there, especially with games like the Little Nightmares series, Hollow Knight for like one comic, and now even Rivals of Aether. I wanna ask, would it interested either of you to get into writing some comics for a few indie titles if they ever showed interest? And with that in mind, is it a good idea for some indie companies to put out a comic just to flesh out their game’s world and lore a little more, or is it generally hit or miss when it comes to, well, profitability? Would IDW be interested to take on something like what was listed, or do you feel like it would be better for the guys that make the indie games to be the ones that publish them.

Jonathan R.
I’ve been seeing everyone asking for Shadow to show up in the Sonic movie sequels. And I’m just confused why people think that’s a good idea when we still have so much to go over with Knuckles and risk overshadowing Amy’s potential appearance. What do you think could they make Shadow work in a third movie?

Dove (KoFi)
I’m curious, who was your favorite one off or background character in the Archie run? Who is it in IDW, and why is it Nite the Owl?

Grammer Police
Hey guys random question but does cream and charmy go to school also loving the recent video’s

Who are the sonic villains favourite comic book supervillains?

BlazingAndy 18
To Ian: Who do you think is the faster Sonic; Modern or Movie Sonic?

PC-The- Unicorn
​Ian and Kyle, who do you think would win in a fight, Blaze or Knuckles?

Vlad C.
Can Blaze exert control over Red Burst Wisps, or the fire they have? Does stuff like that fall under the blanket of “Hyper-Go-On”-esque flames and therefore not able to be manipulated by Blaze?

Mecha from the 80’s
Anti-Mobius had a Great Peace instead of a Great War. But how did King Maxx, a cruel and evil person, rule during an era of peace and prosperity across the planet?

Which Mavericks and Mega man Zero bosses would you matchup with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Team Chaotix, Team Dark, Tangle and Whisper

Leron M.
​i asked this already but i havent gotten an answer yet. in an issue of the idw comics when sonic was consloing tangle before he went with amy and tails to the tower, he said this thing about calling ​her when eggman digs up a new ancient fighting robot. was that a reference to emerl? and if so why say when eggman dug him up? its never said how he found emerl and he wasnt the one to first discover him is eggman digging him up just a headcanon?

Mecha from the 80’s
What happened to Lien-Da after the end of Mobius 30YL arc? It’s unclear. She rebooted with new memories, died or there was no explanation/no plans and fans can fantasize?

Cr3ppy Infin1te
​Ian, the new Sonic book (Encyclo-Speed-Ia) had or will have any changes in the history and information established in the past in the games due to SEGA’s mandates?

What are the coolest Sonic things either of you own? Do you have any animation cels? I bought some recently from AoStH, they’re pretty cool to have!

PC-The- Unicorn​
Ian, if you were able to write an issue dedicated to the wedding of Tangle and Whisper similarly to how you did with Antoine and Bunnie? How do you imagine it playing out? Also, who’d propose to who?

​Ian, Blaze has pyrokinesis, Silver has telekinesis, If you were to give someone in the cast (Hero or Villain) the power to create and manipulate ice, who would it be?

Tony Corona​
Hello Mr Flynn! I was reading your Megaman comic, and I absolutely loved the way you wrote Protoman! Who is your favorite Megaman character you wrote about?

Ian, If you made yourself a Sonicsona, which animal would you pick?

Will we ever see artifical chaos p-100, or “big chungus” again?

Do you think sonic experiences time differently from the regular residents of their universe? His lack of patience will make sense

for Ian: Sally Acorn. Freedom Fighters. no question, I just wanted to say that.

Scurvy the piratehog
Question: If you were a Sonic villain…what evil plan would you make to defeat Sonic once and for all?

hi, ian and kyle! this is incredibly important to me and my friend, we have to know the truth. does scourge like mountain dew?

​For Ian: Is there a chance to develop more about the Babylon Rogues? Like developing the origins of Babylon Garden at all and their alien origins?

is it possible to ever see some gamma

​for Ian: On a scale of least heinous to Eggman (most heinous), who is the most evil egg boss?

Vlad C.
Can other characters, aside from the established few, use Chaos Control? For instance, we know Emerl used Chaos powers, and Gemerl has a Super form, so could he? What about someone like Chaos himself?

Scurvy the piratehog
There’s been stories where Sonic has lost his powers..but how would the other characters handle HAVING Sonic’s powers? Tails, Amy, ETC ETC

wisc cheese
could mephiles return and is he time eater

Ash Williams
Extinction of the Trolls what or who was the catastrophic event that wiped out the Troll race?the comic showed a figure with great power who was that

Scurvy the piratehog
Last question from me tonight since it’s late for me, but..You have talked about Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Amy..but what about..Super Eggman?

Aight I got one for the both of you, I’m also giving a super chat because screw it, why not. But anyways, Metroid stuff: Which antagonist would you want to work with, writing-wise

Sam S.
What if Mimic the octopus was deathly afraid of sharks?
Reask/rephrase: Is Mimic the Octopus afraid of sharks?

I adore Archie Mega Man; if you had the opportunity to continue, how would you have done the Mega Man 9 arc? Its my favorite game and I wish we couldve gotten to that arc.

how fast is idw sonic and could he pull of the feats of archie

Zane P.
​In the Comic Encyclopedia you added two islands we never got to see on Sormeca called Dorcea and Gascarma. I have always been curious to what they are since etymology has failed, can you enlighten us?

I understand that Team Dark aren’t friends, but is it possible for them to work together in a future comic?

Almiron R.
Does the Classic Sonic comics will have any character considered part of the Classic universe?

PC-The- Unicorn​
So Ian, since we’ll probably nerve get to see or know how it plays out, how do you imagine the final showdown between Sonic and Eggman?

Zak Attack​
where does the 4 mini series of Tangle and Whisper fit in the main series. i’m going to start reading the comics.

Ian, I loved Bad Guys. Thank you for writing it. It was awesome. That’s not a question at all. But thank you.

What would Dr. Starline have done if after “helping” Tinker to regain his memories, Tinker would have decided to continue living in Windmill Village instead of returning to his former glory?

Robert H.​
Hello Kyle because you like the fast cars with all the racing games you play I was wondering have you ever watched the really awesome street racing show Initial D?

Sajed Choudhury​
What form or transformation would you give to Sonic with 7 time stones? (abilities, design, name if you will)

How would you imagine a “Sonic-verse” plot would go? (crossover all the Sonics) which Sonic’s would get along/fight? How about The other characters?

wisc cheese
me again, last year mephiles got official merch for the first time, and GE entertainment plushie got the heads up from sega to make him, any thoughts

Are their any non-game lore bits that you would like to see be added or used in present day Sonic, or even the IDW run? (my first thought is to maybe use something from the OVA…)

During the Shadow Saga of Sonic Universe 1-4, two Chaos emeralds were recovered, but both were colored green. Which one was supposed to be the red one?

warthog power
​if tangle had a rival what animal well it be a fossa another primate or something else?

Speaking Archie Emeralds? Were there plans on How the Colors affect Sonic outside of Red Making a “Fleetway Super Sonic” clone?

Green Soda
whats your opinion on the Hard Boiled Heavies? and if you were to give them personalitys what personalitys would you give them?

​Ian? What is your favorite Sonic game?

Chachira10B Lupe
Hi Ian and Kyle! What happened to Tumble’s tail? Could this be explored in a possible Rough & Tumble mini series in the future?
— this echoes Bandanafox​
Are we going to find out what happened to Tumble’s tail?

For the two of you: Who would win in a fight: Shadow without his Ring Inhibitors or….Kermit the Frog?

Green Soda
Scrooge steals the Master Emerald what happens

Tangle vs Michangelo from TMNT, who wins?

BlazingAndy 18
If Sonic and friends ever team up with another video game series who would you choose for me it would be Kingdom Hearts

what do you think the rationale was for excluding Sega characters from future racers ala Team Sonic Racing.

Who the better fashion designer, Rarity or Honey?

Have to say it. “IDW Bring back Freedom Fighters”

Green Soda
whats your opinion on the Hard Boiled Heavies? and if you were to give them personalitys what personalitys would you give them?

Syn Fritz
As we know you’ve been working on the upcoming Sonic Encyclo-Speed-Ia, how has the process been working on that book, have you learned anything new?

Vincent Jerez
Since Ian’s gushing over Homestar Runner has been known it was about time someone asked: Top 5 StrongBad Emails in no particular order? GO!

Ash Williams
which henchmen of eggman from cartoons win in fight?

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