BumbleKast Q&A – For July 5th, 2021


What characters did we once hate but now love? The answer to that question and more lie within this episode!

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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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The Shadow Emperor (KoFi)
Let’s say you were adapting Shadow’s game for IDW. Would you have Sonic and friends be morally conflicted about killing the Black Arms? Obviously in the game they don’t seem at all bothered by slaughtering aliens en masse, but do you think that’s consistent with their characters?

What character did you dislike, or even flat out hate in any media that at some point, whether it be through a different interpretation or just a reworking from the source material, you changed your opinion on to be an alright character or even becoming your favorite?

Scurvy Piratehog (Kofi)
After taking a look at the solicitations for the upcoming issue 45 of IDW sonic, it made me wonder…the overall premise ( and the apparent absent of Sonic) makes it seem more fitting for a mini-series or a Sonic Universe like book… so.. overall my question is this. Do you think the IDW sonic series could benefit from having it’s own Sonic universe style book? With how well the comic is doing and how many people love it, I’d assume there is a market there for it, but what do you think?

While were still on the subject of the Deadly Six, which of Sonic’s friends would have their own rivalry with each of the DS?

Speed Weed
So now that Metroid Dread has risen back from the 20 year cryostasis that was its rumored development hell, what are your hopes and expectations from it? What did you like out of the reveal trailer? Anything that kinda rubs you the wrong way? Most importantly, what do you think of the EMMI robots?

I apologise if this one’s been asked before – it feels like the kind of question Ian’s probably answered, but I didn’t see it on the Q & A master list. We all know there was some really shoddy work done on the ArchieSonic comics prior to Ian taking the writing reigns in issue #160 – let’s not dwell on that stuff. But there was some really fantastic work done in the book before Ian too. So my question for you both today is: what are some of your favourite issues, story arcs or moments from ArchieSonic, pre-Birthday Bash?

Fionan M.
If angle island was never on earth dose that mean there was just a giant ring in sonic adventure some where on the train track and that’s how they can get from station spare to mystic ruins. And dose that mean the master emerald shards where hurled through space if some landed on earth

John B.
As someone who got into Sonic through the Adventure games, I just accepted the fact that Dr. Eggman was… Dr. Eggman with the Robotnik name being acknowledged every now and then. What was it like for you two to have the name suddenly change back in 1999 and did the english version of Sonic Adventures attempt to reconcile the name change help with the transition?

Creative Name
I’ve been thinking about that old Mario pitch that Ian did, and while fate decided it was not meant to be, I have to wonder: were there any ideas on how to adapt Mario 2/USA? Would Subcon have been an actual location or just a figment of Mario’s imagination? Thanks for doing the podcast, it really brightens up my Mondays.

Hero of Light 13
Whatever happened to that Classic Sonic short of Tails visiting Amy and talking about his adventures with Sonic, the one with Amy’s scrapbook/fan-comic notebook? It was noticeably absent from the Classic Special itself.

Looking back at the Virus arc, particularly Silver’s role, has me wondering a few things.
At the rate we saw the infection spreading, it’s hard to imagine the world hadn’t completely been overrun by two hundred years. How was Silver able to survive in such a dystopian future? How were pockets of survivors able to hold out and thrive for multiple generations against something even the best of the best in the “present” timeline couldn’t even stand up against?
Did he return to a future timeline where the world was still overrun by the virus, or did he return to an altered timeline playing by Butterfly Effect rules where he now has memories of the timeline he altered and the new one that his actions created? Why is Silver such a convoluted chatacy, and why to time travel plots stink so much?

What would Nega Starline be like?

What is Starline’s age? Is he about around Sonic and co.’s age or is he in his 20s/30s like Mimic?

​So Tangle’s claustrophobia, was it caused by a traumatic event in her life or is it just a fear she naturally has?

Zane P.
Of all the villains ever to appear in any comics, who do you think would be the most likely to be redeemed and the most far gone (excluding not being allowed to change them ie Eggman)?

Robert H.
​Ian how do you feel a good character bible should be formatted?

If you could of made Anti- versions of the Zeti for Moebius what would you have made them like?And would they fight or only try to help people without actually fighting Scourge and crew

Miles_T _Prower
Slightly related to Rivals of Aether, what are your thoughts on Ori as a franchise?

The Big G

Levi C.
​Homestar vs Sonic in a race when?

Tik Tik
Are IDW characters allowed to have classic versions now?

Q: So Ian, I absolutely adored the Bad Guys Miniseries and between that and reading Suicide Squad, this question formed in my mind. If you could write another series like Bad Guys with you being allowed to pick 5 Sonic Villains from across all Sonic Mediums and continuities, which 5 villains would you pair together to form a team?

Since Ian *knows* things about the next sonic game, this question is for Kyle. What are your hopes for this new game, and what did the teaser make you think about?

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