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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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Bradley T.
Hi! My son, Sandy, is working on a Sonic Christmas play, and wants to know if you have any ideas for dialogue and drama? The plot idea is that Eggman is trying to destroy Santa so that Christmas will not come, causing chaos that will make it easier for him to form his Eggman Empire. Sonic uncovers the plot when he sees Eggman’s ship heading toward the North Pole, with badnicks and Metal Sonic riding on top. Thanks!

Blue Mickey Mouse
I could be way off-base with terminology I’ve probably heard in science fiction numerous times but I have a question about the dialogue in Mega Man volume 5. When Proto Man is first awakened he is asked for a self-diagnostic. He replies that all his systems report “nominal”. I often have to look up words I never end up solidly understanding/remembering but when I searched “nominal” it went into a bit trickier territory than the first few common definitions. I understand it means “as intended by design” but before landing on that I saw that word is used in describing energy capacity in photovoltaic devices aka solar-powered. The comic mentions numerous times that Proto Man was originally built with a faulty solar core (which Wily states to have replaced with a nuclear one, haha, that’s it’s own joke) was there intentional wordplay around that concept?
I’m actually asking this as I read for the first time so sorry if this doesn’t get addressed anyway between the printedmaterial or Q&As. As I’m sure you know this material is hard to come by in physical form.

Diane W.
Would you include the “Eggman resurrected the Deadly Six” titbit and address it fully by showing the full story?

If SEGA decided to add DLC to Sonic Team Racing, what would you like to see as new content?

Andrew D.
If Sally and Antoine were to return to the IDW comics, what animals would you like to see them as, assuming squirrel (according to old Archie material) and coyote are off the table due to being made up by Archie? And would they keep their surnames?

My question is are there any chatacters you’re required to include, that maybe you’d rather not? Or chatacters you’re just not sure how to write?

What was your favorite part about working on New Crusaders and Mighty Crusaders? Did you have a favorite character in either series?

Chris A.
Will the sonic the hedgehog encyclo-speed-ia include sonic’s appearance in the comics?

Joe (via Ko-Fi)
My question is whether Sonic X was canon enough that something along those lines could conceivably show up in the IDW book.

Tik Tik
Should new readers read Bad Guys first and know immediately who the hooded figure is in 33, or should we get the revelation naturally by reading 33-35 first and then go back to bad guys to see how it all went down?

Cassidy J.
In the newest IDW Sonic issue what kind of creature is Clutch? Also, I know Belle is a wooden robot, but what kind of creature is she based on?

It often seems to me that SEGA is trying to forget the period from Adventure to Unleashed ever happened, lately. What’s something from one of those games that you’d love to see return?

The Legendary OU
Are there any plans to add the Off-Panel or any similar gag strip to the IDW series?

Jim J.
Do you have any knowledge or opinions on why we haven’t seen Gemerl and Marine in the Sonic games for over a decade, and do you think we will ever see them again in the games?

If you were given the opportunity to give backstories to the Zeti and the Lost Hex what would be your ideas?

Waffle Wolfe
What was Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic’s relationship while Starline was working for Eggman? Was Starline jealous that it was Metal who awakened Eggman’s memories?

Tony C.
Someone on Tv Tropes wrote that you disliked Shadow due to all the mandates he’s associated with, and you try to avoid writing him. This was deleted due to a wrong source. Could you confirm if this opinion is actually true?

Hektor S.
Do you know who owns the rights to Scourge?

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