BumbleKast #91: IDW Sonic One-Year Retrospective


Ian & Kyle talk about the recent year of Sonic – the success of the comics, the hopes for Team Sonic Racing, and the dread over the movie.

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ScruffyMatt Greeting and salutations! I have a question for Ian this episode (sorry, Kyle!). The ending of Sonic Mania, with classic Sonic being whisked away by the Phantom Ruby, very clearly leads into his appearance in Sonic Forces. Then at the end of Sonic Forces, Sonic is returned to his own time, but I’m unsure as to what officially happens next. Both Sonic Mania Adventures and Sonic Mania Plus: Encore Mode begin with Sonic warping back into Angel Island zone before branching off in separate directions. Do you know if either of these is considered the canon conclusion to Sonic Mania?

Arryn what genre you haven’t done yet in your professional [career] that you wanted to do?

Andrew D. If Archie’s Mega Man were ever to return, how would you approach the Genesis Nexus that was created at the end of Worlds Unite, since it was tied into the now defunct Archie Sonic (wow, it feels so sad saying that)? How would Mr. X be handled without the crossover being a part of his background? And if IDW decided to pick up the license, would it be forced to be rebooted? Are the Archie exclusive Mega Man characters owned exclusively by Capcom? And if IDW were allowed to pick up the Archie Mega Man comic where it left off, would we then be allowed to see the Genesis Nexus storyline finished, despite it now being a different Sonic, or perhaps just having the license to each franchise would be enough to have Sonic simply mentioned by Mega Man without them actually meeting again? Basically, I’m really interested in knowing what can and can’t be done in these situations, that is, either Archie continuing the comic or IDW getting the license and either rebooting it or continuing it.  

Almiron R. my question for you, is to know is you want to make a new multiverse for IDW Sonic in the future, like what scenarios you have in mind?
James M. what were Scourge the Hedgehog’s evil plans before the Super Genesis Wave happened?
Liam B. I have a question about Mobius: 30-Years-Later.  I love the Tails and Mina coupling, but why was that chosen?  Is there any backstory for it as to how it happened or its backstory?  If not, why was it chosen, from a writers standpoint?

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