BumbleKast #88: Preparing for the BumbleKwest


We hope you enjoyed that bit of April Fool’s fun! If you missed it, check it out here. On this episode, Ian and Kyle go over their very early plans for the next BumbleKast feature, the BumbleKwest!

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Greetings, oh Bumbly ones! A lot of popular video game characters have well known idle animations, where they’ll start doing stuff if you put down the controller and not move them for awhile. Two of the best known are Sonic’s impatient foot tapping, and Mario falling asleep and dreaming of spaghetti and ravioli. What are some of your favourite idle animations? I personally loved Conker, from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Leave him alone long enough, and he’d pull out a Game Boy, a yo-yo, a hacky sack, or just yell at you to, “Stop doing that, you’ll go blind!”


If the Archie sonic comic wasn’t cancelled how many issues would it have gone for and how would it have ended and would it include events mentioned in the Mobius 25 storyline?

Ian, have you ever considered making a sort of “Lost Hedgehog Tales” for the Mega Man Archie Comics series? Is something keeping you from making it? Like hope of a succesor?

Brad Headly
What is going on with cream the rabbit and cheese? They vanished since and including sonic forces, and the comic doesn’t seem to address this. Not even Blaze seems concerned by creams absence after the events of the war she missed. They then appeared on the number 9 cover only to be completely missing from the book and any one after. I am confused,and concerned, have they been “mandated” again? Why is cream always being given the short end of the stick?

Which member of the Coconut Crew was it that Null absorbed in the unreleased Archie Sonic issue that focused on Bunnie? Was it Gardon? And is their any possibility of him and Cortez showing up in IDW seeing as they were never actually used in Archie.

I recently noticed that Tangle’s age has been confirmed as 15. Do the others have ages yet? (Whisper, Rough, Tumble, Dr. Starline?)

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