BumbleKast #85: Nostalgia Trip


On this episode, Ian and Kyle reminisce about how things weren’t quite as good as they are now.

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Hey fellas, how’s it going? Imagine that Sonic and Mario had to fight, and Mario knew that Sonic already had all the Chaos Emeralds on him. If Mario could take any of his game power-ups into battle with him, which should he use? Fire flower, tanooki suit, metal cap: what do you think would work best in a fight against Super Sonic? Alternatively: if Mario used Cappy, who or what should he cap-ture to use in this fight? (No trying to cap-ture Super Sonic, that’s cheating. 😛 )

Which member of the Coconut Crew was it that Null absorbed in the unreleased Archie Sonic issue that focused on Bunnie? Was it Gardon?

How has working with Sega on the IDW version of the Sonic comic differed from working with them on the Archie version? Are they more then just receptive to ideas?

Brad H.
What is going on with cream the rabbit and cheese? They vanished since and including sonic forces, and the comic doesn’t seem to address this. Not even Blaze seems concerned by creams absence after the events of the war she missed. They then appeared on the number 9 cover only to be completely missing from the book and any one after. I am confused,and concerned, have they been “mandated” again? Why is cream always being given the short end of the stick?

Andrew D.
I remember seeing Proto Man’s hair changing in the comics. What was the reasoning for this aside from the fact the games did the same thing? And is the comic still on hiatus or officially cancelled? What are the chances of it coming back? I miss that comic so much!

James M.
Ian, will you get on with finishing Lost Hedgehog Tales?

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