BumbleKast #84: Gaming Myths, Legends, and Hoaxes


On this episode, Ian and Kyle reminisce on old videogame fables.

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Priority Q&A
I’d just like to once again congratulate Ian (and the rest of the IDW team) on completing the first season of the new Sonic comics! Ian, how do you feel the first twelve issues went, and can you tell us anything about what you’re hoping to accomplish in season 2?

Do you Flynn have any project for Honey the cat for the IDW comic ? I really loved how you used her previously in the Archie comic so I’m really looking forward to see her back !

When creating a new Sonic character, how do you decide what animal they should be? Do you usually have a species in mind from the get-go? Do other members of the team offer their input? Has any character changed species during the design process?

Standard Q&A
I wonder… @IanFlynnBKC, does Eggman have a garage filled with nothing but attachements for his Eggmobile?

Hi I’m a big fan of your work in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic and I had a quick question. You remember Jacque and Bell, Bunnie and Antoine’s kids, characters you created from Mobius 30 years later? I was wondering were Jacque and Belle born with their robotic limbs and did they get them when they were older?

RL ozermelamed
Hi Ian and Kyle! Thank you two for your podcast. I have been listening to it for 2 years.
My question: as writers and consumers, what style in story telling do you prefer:

  • Original and unique, but full with plot holes. You know, the sinemasin’s victims.
  • Or stories that make full scientific and logical sense?

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