BumbleKast #78: BumbleKastlevania


On this episode, Ian and Kyle discuss some recent Smash Bros. rumors before bumbling their way through one of gaming’s most iconic franchises, Castlevania.

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In the words of the great philosopher Crowley: “Helloo, boooooys…” It’s been a few months and you’ve had plenty of time to play it into the ground, so I’d like your opinions. Who are each of your favourite characters to play as in Sonic Mania Plus, and which do you prefer: Mania Mode, or Encore Mode?

on a recent stream Adam Bryce Thomas mentioned the very first job he did for archie was the off-panels for Eggman’s Dozen… which struck me as weird. I’ve heard that off-panels were one of the very first things made for any given issue, but that’s still weird because those would be 20 issues after the first work ABT did that go published (the off panels for Waves of Change and Great Chaos Caper). Was Eggman’s Dozen originally planned to come earlier than it actually did? or are Off Panels produced out of order?

Malik N.
I’m a big fan but how come you can put sticks in the IDW Sonic comics book without sega permission

is Sonic the Hedgehog ever going to do a crossover with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

Daniel S.
As someone who has written for the archie series, if the cast of archie were anthropomorphic animals similar in nature to Sonic and friends, what species of animals would they be? Optionally, if you are at all familiar with the Riverdale interpretations, would they be different animals?

James M
Ian, my biggest question; Do you like Gojira/Godzilla?

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