BumbleKast #77: The Venom Phenom


On this episode, Ian and Kyle talk about latest superhero movie, Venom.

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Hi there, Ian and Kyle. Which is your favourite starter Pokemon of any generation, and why is it Charmander? 😀

Mike D.
in the past, when it came to “cameo” characters (nameless background characters intended to resemble a character from an older sonic property or a non-sonic property altogether), is this usually the decision of the writer, the artist, or some mutual agreement? Have there been any exceptions to what usually goes down? Were there any noteworthy cases of a cameo being turned down or accepted?

Press Select Would Ian want to write a Punch Out comic given the chance? Little Mac & Doc need more exposure.

will the Babylon Rogues have a fight with the Deadly Six in the IDW Sonic comics?

I was wondering if we could ever expect the IDW Sonic comics to get a cartoon? Archie had a TV series in SatAM and I figured there was no problem with there being one for IDW. it could have the same team as Mania adventures and Ian could write for it.

James M
What do you think of SonAmy?

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