Touhou Tuesday 2015-10-27: Hellaween


It’s called Hellaween because the playlist was hella good. Tonight I featured some music you can actually download pretty easily. The first one was Komeiji Records’ Hina’s Halloween EP, which was put out 2 years ago, as well as as some tracks from cYsmix’s Haunted House album. Both albums are also “free to pay.” The rest of the playlist was full of nice spooky tunes just in time for Halloween. Hope you all have a good one! If anyone feels like dressing up for Halloween and wants to show off I wanna see! Email your costumes to touhoutuesday at and also use that email to send in a request or two for the next show (you should request stuff even if you don’t have a costume)! 😀 Read on for the full playlist:

  1. ランコ – Never Ending Halloween Night
  2. 段階右折の人 – First Suite ~ from far EAST
  3. オーライフジャパン – 太鼓の勝鬨
  4. めらみぽっぷ – マッドパーティー ~A Magusnificent Plan
  5. Foreground Eclipse – Truths,Ironies,The Secret lyrics
  6. CROW’SCLAW – Green Of Green Eyes
  7. Demetori – Heian no Alien ~ Crazy Xenomorph
  8. HertzDevil – Magus Night (FW)
  9. Point4 – Rigid Paradise (Sega Genesis Arrangement)
  10. Komeiji Records – Hina’s Halloween Special
  11. Komeiji Records – Magician Doll Dance
  12. Komeiji Records – DRiVE%!
  13. Komeiji Records – !Zombie!
  14. Komeiji Records – Hina’s October Festival
  15. cYsmix – Haunted House
  16. Syrufit / Vocal.市松 椿, 綾倉 盟 – Hypnotryst
  17. ARM/RoughSketch – Border of extacy
  18. 堕悪祭怪&昼 – Packrie Mackrie
  19. cYsmix – Abandoned Shrine Party
  20. 朋夜 – 夜想曲「幻視螢」
  21. spctrm – Aureole
  22. amo – Folklore of the Living Dead
  23. amo – Vampire illusion
  24. amo – Four little Scarlet
  25. verynezumi – 闇く暗る血い館
  26. Quad City DJs vs void feat. 3L – Slamacle∞Jamacle

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